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Hello and welcome to About-Tech.

About-Tech. is an online free resource for beginners to grow and make money blogging.

At About-Tech, my goal is to provide my valuable readers all the tutorials and “how to” about WordPress, SEO, Marketing and Make Money online as well as Web Hosting.

My Story

Hi, my name is Andriyansah, I am the founder of About-Tech formerly known as Yottabyte.

I am currently living in Jakarta, ID. My blogging journey has begun about a 2 month ago. Not too long ago.

When one of my IT consultant project got ended and I was sitting idle for little over a month.

If you are an IT consultant, you know what I am talking about.

I was thinking if I would have extra income from somewhere then it would help a little on my monthly expense.

So I have started researching to do something online. I found out that it is possible to make money online in various ways.

First thing came on my mind was building a custom software to run an online forum for all tech people.

Then I realized there are lots of online forum and it will be hard to compete and also will take lot of time to build the system when I will be in my regular 9-5 jobs.

So I decided to create blog instead where I can start writing whenever I feel like.

But when I started researching about the blogging platform, getting traffic to read your blog articles, I see there a lack of good information on all these areas.

That’s when I decided to blog about blogging, picking the right platform, hosting, and getting traffic through marketing or through search engine optimization.

So here I am a part time blogger and a full time IT consultant. I am trying to provide all the information to my readers, I have learned through researching.

Also I will share all the knowledge about anything I will learn in my journey to make bloggers life easier to grow and make passive income or extra income while they are doing their regular job.

Thanks for your support and visiting.

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