Best free Blogging Platforms to earn money

Best free Blogging Platforms to earn money in 2020 – pros and cons

When it comes to blogging, choosing the right blogging platform is a bit confusing decision to make, especially for beginners. Don’t worry. You are not the only one. I was in the same position when I started my blogging journey. I feel the pain and that’s the reason I am here to help. So today, I am going to discuss pros and cons for some best free blogging platforms where you can earn money.


Table Of Contents
  • What is a Blogging Platform?
  • Mostly used blogging platforms/CMS in the world
  • Best free Blogging Platforms to earn money in 2020
    • 1.
    • 2.
    • 3. Blogger
    • 4. Wix
    • 5. Tumblr
    • 6. Medium
    • 7. Joomla
    • 8. Weebly
  • How can I start a blog and make money blogging?
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Best free Blogging Platforms


Before I jump into the comparison of blogging platforms, let’s see what is a blogging platform?


What is a Blogging Platform?

For those, who have no idea about blogging Platform, it is the place/website from where you will create and operate your blog site.

It is a blogging software or service where we publish our post articles from. It’s a content management system (CMS).

In more easy words, it is a software platform that allows you to create your blog post without any knowledge of programming language, is called blogging platform.

Let’s go over few widely used blogging platforms around the world.


Mostly used blogging platforms/CMS in the world

There are many blogging platforms out there. Some of them are free and some of them are paid blogging service provider.

Here is a chart of mostly used blogging platforms usages around the world.

Blogging planform CMS Usages


Best free Blogging Platforms to earn money in 2020

Here, I am going to show you pros and cons of some best free blogging platforms in terms of cost, popularity, usability. In addition, I will also discuss the best blogging platforms where you can make money.


1. blogging platform

Not only in 2019, is one of the best blogging platforms of all time. Is it going to keep same position in 2020?

In 2020, it will even standout more as it has added more security features and keep adding new features. WordPress is currently hosting more than 33% websites in the internet. It is very easy to use and manage blogging platform.

Besides, it has huge helpful user community. You will also get guidelines of using it including the users manual. is open source software and self-hosted blogging platform.  This is also the best blogging platform to make money. You cannot sign up with them directly rather you need to sign up with a hosting company and install WordPress software.

Is it hard to install?

Of course not. It is very easy to install. As a matter of fact most of the hosting company does it for you with a single click. They call it 1-click installation.


  • One of the most widely used popular free blogging platform software
  • You can build any type of website, personal blog, commercial, online store, forum, news sites anything you name it
  • Thousands of premium and free themes on WordPress for your website design
  • More than 54,000 free plugins for WordPress to customize your need
  • Very SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly
  • Responsive mobile sites
  • High performance with high security
  • You can have custom themes or plugins; even you can develop your own theme to fit your needs.
  • Gutenberg blocks editor
  • One of the best free blogging platforms to earn money with your blog


  • Since is self-hosted blogging platform, you need to manage your blog website yourself
  • For example, taking backup regularly and setting up security.

Cost is free blogging software to use but you need a hosting provider where you can install and start building your blog, and also need to get your domain name.

There are lot of hosting providers out there.

Hosting usually cost 2.75/month depending on the hosting service provider. You can go with any one of those service provider as a beginner. They are all recommended by, they will even give you free domain and free SSL certificate.

RecommendationBluehost is one of the best and widely used by bloggers hosting company to host your WordPress sites. If you sign up with them you will get a domain name for free.


2. blogging platform

Before you get confused, I would like to mention that and is two different platforms for blogging. is the CMS where you develop or host your own blog with a hosting service provider. On the other hand is similar to other free blogging platforms where you create your blog on their site.

Almost every beginner prefers to start their blogging with WordPress.

Blogging is free on but you need to buy premium services and your own custom domain name by paying premium charges.


  • This platforms does not require any setup
  • Easy to use and manage your blog
  • Mobile and Desktop apps to update site from anywhere
  • You own your content, so you can switch anytime anywhere
  • Free Jetpack essential features
  • 3GB storage space


  • Limited options
  • You cannot run your own advertisement on this blogging platform
  • Does not allow to add Google AdSense
  • Only way to earn money is WordAds.
  • Your account can be closed anytime if you violate their terms and condition, means you don’t own your blog.


Basic account is free but it will have advertising and banners. With 4/month which is billed yearly, you can have your own domain and removed WordPress branding Ads. Premium costs 8/month and business cost 25/month. Does not matter which plan you pick, all plan billed yearly.


3. Blogger

Blogger Best free blogging platform

Blogger is another wise option for free blogging platform. It has a vast collection of themes you can use on your blog for free. It is also known as best blogging platforms for beginners. Again by paying charges you will be able to get premium services.

If you use this blogging platform, your domain address will be unless you pay for your custom domain name. Doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a student, this platforms is right choice for you to start.

Blogger will let you put advertisement as long as you are approved for Google AdSense, even on their free plan. So this is one of the best free blogging platforms to make money with Google AdSense.


  • Blogger is free blogging platform
  • It’s easy to use and manage – no coding necessary
  • Allows you to put Google AdSense to earn money
  • This is one of the free blogging platforms to make money


  • limited options to grow
  • No plugins or extensions to improve site’s functionality
  • Design options , themes are limited
  • Your account can be closed anytime if you violate their terms and condition, since you don’t own your blog.
  • Expanding your site is limited, as you grow and starts making money


Blogger account is free with limited options as long as your site name is under their domain name, but you have to pay for your custom domain name.

Opinion: If you are looking for free blogging platform and make money at the same time with Google AdSense, Blogger platform is your best bet.

Here is the instruction on how to create a free blog on Blogger.


4. Wix

Wix_com Blogging platform

Wix is another popular blogging platform option for you to create a free blog. Like any other platforms you can start a blog/website for free but to gain your custom domain name you will need to buy premium plans. You can find out more in details if Wix or WordPress is better for blogging.

Wix doesn’t let you put your own ads like when you are on free plan rather they run their own ads.


  • Wix is easy and quick to set up
  • You can drag and drop element to build the site with their “Wix Editor”
  • Mobile optimized
  • SEO friendly
  • Dynamic page – you can create a single design for 100s of pages


  • Free account has limited options
  • Wix will display their Ads on your website
  • Once you choose a template, you cannot change it.
  • Not enough free 3rd party apps
  • Even options are limited for e-commerce websites
  • Not a good blogging platform to make money on free plan


The most basic plan is 5/month with Wix brand ads and limited bandwidth. 14/month for their most unlimited plan and VIP plan cost 29/month.


5. Tumblr

Tumblr Free Blogging platform

Tumblr is free micro-blogging and social networking website. With social networking enabled which makes it different blogging platform than others. You can post multimedia and follow other users’ blog.

In Tumblr platform you can get approve for Google AdSense if you have custom domain name. But doesn’t let you put your own add when you are an author on that blogging platform.


  • Tumblr is free and easy to use.
  • It has integrated social networking
  • Allows you to post multimedia in a short-form blog


  • Tumblr has limited features to expand your sites need.
  • It’s hard to add additional features – lack of plugins
  • Not easy to move your post to other platform when you decide to go with or any other platform.


Tumblr is free but you have to pay for custom domain name for your blog. Also for third party’s app and themes, you have to pay for it.


6. Medium

Medium is one of the well-known publishing blogging platforms for writers, bloggers, and journalist. It is free for bloggers but cost readers to read articles. There is a membership fee for readers.

On Medium you cannot put your own ads unless you have custom domain. It’s similar to Tumblr platform. But there are ways you can make money on medium by writing articles. a Medium member for $5/month or $50/year and get unlimited access to the smartest writers and biggest ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

Now, you wonder why there is a charge to read the articles.

Why do medium charge a membership fee?

This membership fee supports writers who write on medium. This money gets distributed among writers based on how much member engages with their articles. Also based on the member’s applaud for writers work.


  • Medium is easy to use and no setup required
  • Easy to handle interface
  • It is free to use


  • Features are very limited
  • If you use their free blogging platform, you cannot run your own Ads to make money from this blogging platform
  • Medium control the followers and post, so if you lose the account, you lose your followers.


Even though Medium is a free blogging platform but custom domain will cost a lot.


7. Joomla

joomla blogging platform

Joomla! is similar to Free open source software or you can call content management system which has over 6% of the CMS Market Worldwide.

Joomla is mostly used by most of the small business, non-profits and large organizations. It has nearly 2 million active websites. They also have Joomla extension (similar to WordPress plugins). This is also a free blogging platform.

Using Joomla platforms you can run your own advertisement just like Means Joomla is one of the blogging platforms to make money with ads easily.

They also have lot of themes and plugins like In this article, you can get some best selling Joomla templates from monster templates.


  • Free open source software
  • Search engine optimized out of the box
  • Awesome design features
  • Great core functionalities and good security
  • Since it is open source, this is also a good option for making money on this platform.


  • Since it is similar to (self-hosted blogging platform), you need to manage your blog website yourself similar way.
  • Joomla community is smaller than WordPress community
  • Limited developer around the world.


You need a hosting provider to host this self-hosted free blogging platform. Please refer to cost section in above.


8. Weebly

weebly blogging platform

Weebly is another free blogging platform rather I would say it’s a blog site builder platform. This is also one of the best platforms for online stores. But with basic plan (free plan), you will not be able to run eCommerce business.

For Weebly shopping cart feature you need to upgrade to either Pro or Business plan.

Basic plan offers free SSL security, 500MB storage, but it comes with subdomain. If you want to have your own domain identity then you need to have one of their premium plans.


  • Easy to setup with drag and drop interface
  • Free blogging templates
  • SEO optimized
  • No coding necessary
  • No maintenance required since its under their sub-domain
  • Easy media and 3rd party integration to expand your blog’s functionality


  • Features are very limited if you go with free plan
  • Limited space if you are thinking to upload media like lot of images and videos
  • You are not free to run your own ads to make money with your blog site. Instead they will run their own ads on your account.
  • No phone support for basic plans
  • It’s not easy to move to another blogging platform if you ever think of moving out.


Pro plan is 12/month when paid annually and Business plan is 25/month which comes with free domain and lot of other features.

Opinion: Just because they are offering free blog, you should not create one, unless you are setting up online stores and selling products.


How can I start a blog and make money blogging?

Based on above comparison of the best free blogging platforms, in my opinion, is the best free blogging platforms to make money from your blog. You are free to run your ads as well as you also have control over your content.

Even if you start with another platform, I bet you will come back to platforms at one point. As you grow with your blog with lots of posts and traffic, you will be switching to this. At least, you will transfer over to get the freedom of running your blog.

Here is the next step to follow:

  1. Choose a blogging niche
  2. Pick a platform
  3. Pick a domain and hosting plan
  4. Monetize your blog

Here is an ultimate guide to create a blog in WordPress. This article has all the details I just mentioned above step by step.

So which blogging platform is best for making money?

It all depends on your needs and budget. If budget is not an issue, don’t use free plan. Go with a platform which is reliable, easy to setup and has good support.


Frequently Asked Questions about Best free Blogging Platforms

What are the best free blogging platforms for beginners?

If you don’t want to buy hosting and domains, then blogger platform is best choice to start as a beginners blogging site. This platform is absolutely free and you can run Google AdSense when you are ready to monetize your blog.

Which blogging platforms are easy to make money with Google AdSense?

Some blogging sites will allow you to run google AdSense like but recommended blogging platform to earn money is You are free to run any ads not just AdSense.

What are other blogging platforms?

Sqarespace, Yola, Contentful, Jekyll, LiveJournal and Ghost are other blogging platforms.

What are the best blogging platforms in 2020? (self hosted), Blogger and WIX are the best blogging platforms. But if your intention is making money then I recommend picking platform to start your blogging.

Best blogging platforms for business in 2020?

WordPress and Wix platform will be the best pick if you are running a business like eCommerce and small to medium store.

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