Best WordPress Backup Plugins : Keep your hard work safe

Creating regular backups for your WordPress site is crucial. If your site accidentally lost data or get hacked then backup will save your work by restoring the pages and data you lost. Backup gives you peace of mind where you can settle free about website protection. So, in this article I will enlist some best WordPress backup plugins in 2020 to protect your WordPress site.

Imagine your site gets hit by malware or a DDoS attack or server crashes, you may lose your web files and stored data on your hosting. All your hard work may be lost. You also may lose your post articles, if you accidentally delete the data from your servers too.

Believe it or not, many people lost their access to files while they were transferring their website to a new web host. In these scenarios, you may lose the data, and you’ll never get back.

Imagine if you built a website over a year and your website has excellent traffic, and an unexpected move deleted your entire website.

Isn’t it painful? All your hard work and time never hit back to you.

So the question is how do I backup my WordPress site for free?

Well the answer is using one of free WordPress backup plugins. I just mentioned few reasons above why you need to back your site regularly.

So let’s move on to the list of best WordPress backup plugins and compare them. So you can pick the right one to keep your hard work and files safe.

Best Backup plugins for WordPress

Here are the lists of some top WordPress backup plugins which will save you from major attacks and which will keep the data secure. Some of these WordPress plugins are free and some of them are paid.

Let’s go over free WordPress Backup plugins first, I will come back to paid version of WordPress backup plugins later.

Free WordPress Backup plugins

Free version of WordPress backup plugins has lot more features which are more than enough in the beginning of your blogging life. As your site grows, you need more flexibility to back your sites. That’s when you can upgrade to pro version of these free WordPress backup plugins.

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Duplicator Migrations and Backups made easy

Active Installation: 1+ Million
Ratings: 4.9 out of 5.0

Duplicator backup plugin, by Snap Creek, is the best plugin in the list. This also my favorite WordPress plugin when it comes to back up WordPress site and merging websites.

Many bloggers use this plugin only for migration of their website. This backup plugin is very handy to maintain to protect your site data.

The plugin can back up your database and also it is the best plugin to move any WordPress site to the new host. It allows you to create manual backups and also scheduled backups on your WordPress website.

Even though plugin is popular the only disadvantage the plugin has is, it only backups the WordPress database. That means you have to back up your media files (images and Videos) manually and if your WordPress site doesn’t have many photos and media files, then you can use this plugin as your primary Backup plugin.

However, this plugin doesn’t suit some website which has many images and videos. It is a useful plugin if you cannot access your phpmyadmin from the control panel and the plugin creates clean backups of your website.

Duplicator Pro has some additional features like Scheduled backups, Cloud Storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP/SFTP. Also has Multi-threaded to support larger web sites & databases.

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UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Active Installation: 1+ million
Ratings: 4.8 out of 5.0

The next plugin in our list is Updraft Plus. This is a free plugin which offers free backups of your website. The plugin provides multiple options to save your data, and you can even select which files you like to back up.

It automatically sends the backup file to the email. It can also saves the data to Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive and several other cloud storage.

The paid version also backs up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage and more. Updraftplus WordPress plugin has more than 1 Million users including GoDaddy, WPmudev, Dreamhost and so on.

The plugin interface is easy to use that allows you to back up and restore with a single click on schedule. This plugin performs manual backups and automatic backups according to your settings.

The best thing about the plugin is you can also schedule the backup for every 4 hours. WordPress control panel supports the plugin, and you can restore the data directly from the WordPress control panel. With the plugin, you can also clone, migrate and move your website.

This will be the complete WordPress plugin to your website and for migration, cloning and moving.

BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

BackWPup - WordPress Backup plugin

Active Installation: 8+ million
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.0

The name itself is Backup WordPress. This free plugin allows you to completely backup the data on your site. It will store the saved data on Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, local computer and even send you the email.

The plugin is very simple and easy which allows creating multiple backups manually. You can also set the schedule backups to your site according to the site’s updating frequency. The resort from the plugin is also simple, and with a simple click you can restore the entire WordPress site.

Even the plugin is free, for some cool features like premium support and saving the file on Google drive, you need to buy the paid version. For security reasons, you may have to buy the paid version of the backup plugins to get the complete features.

This is the simple WordPress backup plugin we have in the plugins directory. You can encrypt the files with the pro version and also you can restore the encrypted file with ease. Like other plugins, the BackWPup  pro version will give access to the multiple sites to use.

Backup WordPress

BackUpWordPress plugin

Active Installation: 200,000+
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.0

The plugin is created by the group of friends, and this is another plugin which gives the complete WordPress backup in the service.

BackUpWordPress will back up your entire site including your database and all your local files on a schedule you assist.

The only disadvantage with the plugin is the free version does not allow you to store your WordPress backups to your cloud storage. You have to go with the premium version of the plugin to save the file.

If you want to store your backups on Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc., then you will need to purchase BackUpWordPress premium version. The plugin had good installations and reviews and solved 3 out of 8 problems in the past two months.

Now let’s go over few best premium WordPress Backup Plugins.

Premium WordPress Backup Plugins

Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy - the original wordpress backup plugin

BackupBuddy, by ithemes, is the most popular and widely used premium WordPress plugin for backups. With the plugin, you can schedule your backups daily, weekly, or monthly. It can also store your backups to Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, stats and will send the file to your email automatically.

The plugin features some premium add-ons like support forms and cloud storage to your backup. BackUpBuddy is the plugin which can also duplicate, merge and migrate your websites easily. This is one of the best WordPress backup plugins.

It backup your entire WordPress sites including pages, posts, comments, widgets, plugins WP database, media files and more in a single zip files to restore back when you need it.

They have an add-on called BackupBuddy Stash Live which is included free with BackupBuddy version 7.0+. It actively traces real-time changes, creates a snapshot of your site and store your back up off-site.


VaultPress real time backup plugin

Active Installation: 70,000+
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.0

VaultPress was designed and developed by Automattic. This plugin is the part of the jetpack and to use ValutPress, you need to have Jetpack subscription. This plugin is not a free. The subscription starts from $3.5 per month.

VaultPress backs up every post, comment, media file, revision, and dashboard setting on your site to their servers

The plugin offers automated backups of your websites, and the data will be saved on cloud storage. We recommend using this plugin only if you like to pay for backups.


These are some free and paid WordPress backup plugins, and from the list, you may choose anyone to back up WordPress site. You can try all free plugins if you are just a beginner and then you can decide which plugin is easy to use.

We recommend using UpDraftPlus WordPress plugin for backup. The plugin is free and straightforward to use with most of the premium features in its free version.

And here is the instructions on how to install plugins in WordPress 3 easy methods.

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