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120+ Verified Blog Directories to submit you blog for Insane GROWTH in traffic


Do you know blog directory submission is one of the coolest methods in the process of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)?

It will push the ranking of your blog post by sumbitting your site to directory submissions sites. There are number of directory sites available which accept blog submission for free. Therefore, you can easily improve your blog sites ranking.

Directory submission is still a good SEO practice and one of the effective ways to get your conversion rates for higher. In addition it will help to increase your website traffic. The reason is the ranking depends on the quality backlinks and not based on the number of backlinks.

If you ever want to try a new method to get engagement to your blog post. Then you must try submitting your blog to different good quality directories. This will help your site to increase SERP result.

Let’s talk in details about the blog directory submissions and the list of blog directory sumbission sites.

What is blog directory submission?

The blog directory submission means you are submitting your blog site to new audience. That means by submitting to different directory you are reaching new readers.

Have you tried so many methods to boost your ranking or getting traffics?

If you are already struggling to get organic traffic then this method will help to bost your rankings. Moreover, if you are already getting decent traffic then the blog directory submission will help you to increase the authority of your blog. In addition it will help your site to get higher domain ranking.

When you have strong domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA), the chances of displaying your website at the number #1 page will be higher.

There is no use to submit your website to directories with low DA & PA directory websites. Because it won’t impact your rankings. Rather Google will be waiting for your wrong step. If you take wrong step by giving your site to low AUTHORITY directories, you may get penalized by Google.

How to Submit blog for directories?

Do you know how to submit your blog for traffic to blog submission directories?

Let me explain you how to do it.

Firstly, find your topic friendly blog directories. I mean find those blog directories which is relevant to your site niche.

For example, if you have a blog about food then you can search for food + directories.

Like this you can find directories for any niche you are writing. Find those blog directories which will work better as related to your niche. You can submit your blog to any of the directories mentioned below but the same topic related directories will work better just like forums.

Once you find the reputed blog submission directories, just read the guidelines of the site policy. Of course you have to follow the guidelines, else site submissions will be rejected.

If you feel that the submission directories are good, you can submit your website URL. the next procedure is creating an account via your email. For every blog submission you need to create an account using a valid email address. They just want to make sure robot is not making any bulk submissions to web directories for spamming. They just want to make sure human being are submitting the blog sites.

What to do after blog submissions?

After submitting your blog, confirm your submission from your email address you provided. That is the reason, it is important that you provide an email address which is valid and you have access. You don’t have to do anything after submitting your blog to web directories. Google will crawl and detect your blogs backlink from those directories site.

To make the algorithm simple “Google will look for back-links” of your site. Not only Google, every search engine will look for the high number of quality backlinks to show the results in their first page of results.

That’s the reason, most of the bloggers care about the backlinks at the beginning. But they will ignore once Google is continuously showing the results in top page. Even though building backlinks are important.

Once your site is appearing on the first page of search results, people will start linking your blog. That is how your site’s natural link building starts to grow.

Importance of Blog Directories submission

It will be harder if you start submitting your blog to the directories in no time. But you have to make sure that you don’t spam those submissions. Google should believe that your submission is natural.

To make this possible you have to submit your blog day by day to a group of directories. That means if you choose to submit your blog to 10 blog search directories, you can submit your blog to those 10 directories today. Then wait 3- 4 days for the next batch of 10 directories submission.

The best recommended time gap is 4 days. Always wait for your time and submit your blog in time gap. Moreover, It will hardly take 30 – 40 days to complete the listing and after 40 days you will notice improvement of traffic stats.

These are the important factors to consider for blog directory submission.

  • The process is easy and you can notice the change in organic traffic.

  • It helps you to get quality backlinks from other website

  • It helps to reach the new audience and it will connect more people related to your topic

  • And undoubtedly, it will increase the ranking of your URL and domain.

  • Finally, it helps to increase your blog traffic and it will give you the target audience.

The more quality backlinks your site has, the more chance to get appeared on first page of search results.

Quick Tip

How to submit your blog to Multiple Directories?

To save your time, here is the quickest method to make it easy. Avoid the difficulty and here is my method to submit the blog to 100+ directories in little time.

  1. Create a Notepad file and copy your all blogs URL (you want to submit).
  2. Now for each URL write its description and title (It must be tricky).
  3. Save the file.
  4. Open blog directories and now just copy paste URL, title and description in each blog directory’s submission page.
  5. And now you successfully submitted your blog to the directories. Wait for few days and repeat the process.

Let’s take a look at the high quality online blog directories list where you can submit your sites and get the high quality backlinks.

List of 26 Free Blog Directories

Here is the quick list of blog directory submissions sites to submit your website.


This is the quick list of 26 blog directories where you can post your blog for free.

I have listed best 25 web directories with high DA and good trust flow (TF) below where you can successfully submit your blog.

Do We Recommend to submit your blog to these directories?

Unless you want to rank an event blog, NO.

It is a big NO and we have the reason.

Most of the directories have less traffic and trust flow.

If you submit your blog to all of these directories at once google may recognize your blog as a spam.

So what should you do?

Is there any high quality blog directories to submit your blog?

Yes. there are some high qualities directories where you can submit your website. Let go over each of those below.

25 High Quality Blog Directories in 2020

  1. SEO Review Tools
  2. Mondovo Submit
  3. MySiteAuditor
  4. LocalSEOChecklist
  5. SEOMator
  6. ResultFirst
  7. Coronationim
  8. Rankpay
  9. SupremacySEO
  10. SEOPlus
  11. SEOTechyWorld
  12. 99Signals
  13. PageOnePower
  14. ReadWrite
  15. iAmWire
  16. TechWyse
  17. TGDaily
  18. TechCrunch
  19. Engadget
  20. Gizmodo
  21. AllTechTrix
  22. Content Marketing Institute
  23. HubSpot
  24. Outbrain
  25. Copyblogger

These are blog directories which work to get you decent traffic and recognition. If you are struggling to get organic traffic then you may try submitting your blogs to these online blog directories.

Most of the people say that, article submission and video submission works better but blog submission is also an effective way to get recognition from new audience.

Take the help of domain analyzing and SERP tracking tools such as Ahrefs, MOZ or SEMrush to check the spam score and authority. When you feel you can submit your blog to this directory then you can.

We Recommend:

As we mentioned above, don’t try to submit your blog to all the directories within a day. Every blog directory submission needs time. And minimum recommended time is 4 days. First, try to submit your blog only to the 25 high DA blog directories we mentioned above.

Most of the blog directories in the list of 100 have low traffic and low domain authority which will affect your blog rankings.

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