How to boost SEO rankings 41% more with Image Attributes

Do you know you can increase your SEO rankings by just tweaking some image attributes? Let me tell you How to boost SEO and how you can boost your SEO rankings using image attributes.

Images are the most significant SEO ranking factors we have in 2020. An attractive image or infographic receive most of the People’s attention towards the link. If your article has more than a thousand words, then you should use at least two images. Images will work as page Breakers and reader spend more time by reading your infographic.

Do you have to care about Search Engine Optimization in 2020?

You should.

The only organic method which can sky-high your sales and which can increase your business growth is none other than search engine traffic. The more search results you get in search engines the more you are gaining the potential to increase your business ranking.

Most of the people use Black hat SEO which will be a temporary success formula, but if Google finds you, then you are out of Google. Don’t try to go with this kind of techniques to pull the search engines and instead don’t lose your website.

Content is the only strategy you can drive millions of traffic to your website. Social media will boost up your traffic, but it is not only the way to get visitors to your website. So before going with this informative article make sure that you know some of the basic SEO things.

You can spend time in learning Search Engine Optimization and SEO techniques but as a beginner, you have to update your content regularly, and in the process, you should learn Optimization.

What are Image attributes

Image attributes are like the definition to the Image. Title tag, alt text, description are considered as the image attributes. You should know clearly about this image attributes and before working on these things you have to know one more thing that you should only use free images in your blog articles.

You can find the best royalty free images from some popular sites as well as from Google image advanced search. Those premium quality images can be used anywhere for free.

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Here are the list of Image Attributes How to boost SEO Rankings

Title tag

The title tag is the first attribute of the image where you can give a name to that image. Generally, if you upload your images from your local storage, then the file should be renamed before uploading or after uploading into WordPress Media Library. The reason why you have to change the title of the image is when people search with the images then your image should appear in the Google image search engine results which will take the reader to your article. When you include the keyword in the image title tag, then the chances of increasing your SEO rankings will be accurate.

This is how people come to your website if they find your image on Google image search results. If you don’t have the image title tag with the keyword they are searching then probably visitors may not see your image in the gallery. Just make sure that even the process will affect the search engine rankings decidedly less you have to make it SEO friendly in every minor thing.

Use this for the sake of search engine friendly images and please keep in mind that don’t overuse it by repeating the keywords in the title. The next attribute in image attributes Optimization is an alternative text.

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How to write a perfect title?

When you are going to write a perfect title, then you should know that you can place your keyword at the beginning of your title. It is always recommended that using your keyword in title tag will grab the attention of people as well as search engines.

For Example,

A boring title: How to increase your conversions

A good one: How to increase your conversions by 117% in 30 days

A better one: 25 actionable techniques to increase your conversion by 343% More.

This is how you can create curiosity with your title, and people look for the numbers you used in the title, and they will simply follow the link.

Alternative text

The alt text is the text appears when the image is not loaded. That means if image breaks or purple correction if image failed to load then the all the text will appear in the place of the image. This is the perfect place to add keywords including your title.

How to Increase SEO Rankings

The screen reader of your Google or any search engine will read the alternative text when crawling the pages. The alternative text should not contain any spammy keyword stuffing and unusual words. You should only include your keyword one time with or without a title. The alternative text should attend the reader what this images about.

Why is alt text important?

The first and the best use of alt the text is SEO. It will create a better leader experience for the users and as well as the search engines when search engines are crawling your pages. Search engines cannot identify every image, and they cannot tell what the image is about. Especially if the image is blurred, then it will be very difficult to read the image. This is the case where you have to include your alternative text to tell the search engine your image details.

Do I need to change the attributes of every Image I uploaded?

Yes. You can change the alternative text of images even if you upload a long time ago. The alternative text won’t affect SEO rankings, but you can give a try.

How to write a better alternative text?

  • Use keywords
  • Don’t use ‘Image of’ or ‘Picture of’
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Keep it short and simple.


This is the place where you can give several sentences on which topic we are going to cover. This will be easily recognizable by the search engines when they start crawling your web pages, and images and also this will help to know some details about your topic. Don’t forget that you included your primary keyword in the description tab.

How to write the perfect description to an image

You can follow some simple techniques by using the keyword in the description, and you have to create some sentences which will grab the people’s attention. Moreover, the description of the images hidden but you can give a try to intimate the search engines on your topic.

You may use the description tag or you may not. It depends on you to write an amazing title and alternative text in the image. You have to optimize your page properly, and these techniques will boost up your SEO rankings. Without your proper content and explanation, you are not going to achieve the number 1 ranking in Google or any search engine. Just focus on the content and write an excellent blog post and let Google do its work.

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