How to Bring Your Blog on First Page in Google

Who doesn’t want to be on the Google first page? Everyone. Because most of the visitors does not go to second page. And that’s the reason we need to rank higher on Google search.

The whole online world is a great ocean of information that reveal itself by the touch of our finger. Websites are the branch of that ocean of information.

There are various kind of information on various types of websites, but can the online visitors visit all the websites for their desired content and specific information? The simple answer is “NO”

So search engine became the best choice for online visitors. Users just type in the search box what they want and hit search.

Almost all the visitors visit those sites for their specific information that comes on the search engine first page. Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we can bring our site to Google first page.

Let’s discuss what are the ways we can improve google search ranking.

Tips on how to be on Google’s first page

1. Unique Content

This is not new anymore that “content is king”. This is one of the first thing you need to consider for your website ranking.

Think from visitors point of view, what you want when you search something in Google or any other search engine. So the primary condition of success of any blog is the high quality unique content. Search engines always give the highest priority to unique contents.

Here is why you need unique content for your page rank. A low quality content or copy paste article was also able to come on the top of Google search result throw huge backlink.

But recently because of Google panda and penguin update you can not bring a site to top page of Google by numerous backlink. Rather creating additional backlink can be consider as spam site, and Google discards those site from it’s index that use extra backlinks.

So it is really important to understand the importance of high quality unique content. Generally a post is better with 1000-1500 words that contains relevant and necessary information for its viewers.

But when a writer write a post, he keeps SEO in his head and use a lot of keywords so that the keyword density increases highly. If you think this will help your article rank higher, then you are wrong. “These types of posts also do not get importance in search engines.”

So when writing a post keep one thing in mind and that you are writing for online visitors not for search engine. you can write a natural post and avoid additional keywords.

If you think this will help your article rank higher, then you are wrong. “These types of posts also do not get importance in search engines.”

So when writing a post keep one thing in mind and that you are writing for online visitors not for search engine. you can write a natural post and avoid additional keywords.


2. Finding the right keywords

Find out the keywords that are relevant with the content you post on your website ranking. You can take help from Google AdWords or Google console to find out the keywords that people are using a lot to search.

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You can also use keyword finder tools to find the right keyword to use to improve google search ranking.

However, do not use excessive keywords as it will consider as spam nor less. Keep in mind that the keywords balanced things are always best.

Here is simple rule to follow to use your targeted keyword for better page rank:

  • Use the keyword once in your post title
  • One time in headline
  • At Least one time sub headers
  • 2- 4 times in content
  • More than 1 time in image alt
  • More than 1 time in image name
  • and 1 time in meta description

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3. Guest Post/Guest Blogging

Guest blogging plays very important role to bring your site to the Google first page or any other search engine. You can get many benefits at the same time from guest blogging.

First of all, you will get backlinks for your site from some reputed sites that can be good for your site. As well as it will increase your sites domain authority and your contact with the blogging community.

Guest blogging can help you to find some targeted visitors for your site as well. The visitors of that site where you are writing as guest can get a positive impression about you and your site and start visiting you. So you can understand the importance of guest blogging.

You can directly contact the website’s webmaster and offer guest posting. You will notice some website even has a link to submit guest posting. Just make sure it is related to your blog niche. You can’t just guest posting on a travel site when you are running a tech niche.

If you do it right, it will help you to boost your site to rank higher.

4. Long Tail Keywords

We already discussed about keyword. But what is long tail keyword?

Any keywords or phrases which has three and four keyword and which are very, very specific to whatever you are targeting or selling for are considered to be long tail keywords.

Now think that you are going to write about Android Smartphone, so you selected the keyword, “Android Smartphone” for your post. If this is the main keyword for this kind of post then other bloggers will also use the same keyword on their site.

So coming on the Google first page will be comparatively difficult for your website. It will be clever to choose long tail keywords. In the place of “Android Smartphone you can use “New Android Smartphone” or “Best Android smartphone”.

These keywords are a little long but similar to the topic. If you use this type of keywords then you will not face huge competition, rather you will face a little keyword competitions which will help you to get your website rank higher.

5. Importance of Backlinks

Earlier, We have mentioned about backlinks which hurt your website’s google ranking. It only hurts when you are using aggressive amount of backlinks on a page for blog page rank or if the quality of the backlinks are not that great.

But backlinks actually helps in SEO for google ranking and definitely we need it. Creating additional backlinks for a site can be considered as spam by search engines.

To create backlink you can use social bookmarking, Guest Blogging, Forum posting, Directory submission, RSS Submission etc. You have to keep in mind that these backlinking must be of moderate level. Like, 5 social bookmarking, Relevant blog comment, and other media that you want to use.

Moreover, after publishing any post you should try to create some authority backlinks on the permalink of that post. You can do this through guest blogging and from my personal point I always suggest guest blogging.

Note: If your website is related to business then submit detailed business profile to site to improve google search ranking. Google search all the business profiles on this site. It helps to bring a business site to show on Google’s first page.

If you follow these tips then you will get success on ranking on Google first page. Don’t forget to share your posts on different social networking sites also.

It helps you to get noticed and someone might link your article form theirs which will give you a natural backlink to your site.

If this post helps you in any way please share with your friends and let them help others.

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