5 Common Blogging Mistakes That You Must Avoid

common blogging mistakes

Yes, today I will be talking about few common blogging mistakes beginners make.

As a beginner, we make a lot of mistakes which may hamper the growth of our blog. Blogging is a huge career with full of opportunities & by taking the right steps you can take your blogging career in a whole other level.

For some people blogging is another ways to make extra money. But the path of becoming a successful blogger is never easy, making mistakes is pretty normal.

But as our target is to always help new bloggers by providing useful information. In this article I have enlisted 5 biggest  Blogging Mistakes That You Must Avoid while trying to become a successful blogger.

But before we move forward I would like to mention that in the end of the list I have given a bonus tip which actually the most important tip to get a successful blogging career.

So, without any more babble, let’s start with list of common blogging mistakes.

1 . Using a Free Blogging Platform is one of the big blogging mistakes

This is one of the very basic common blogging mistakes beginners make. Most of the new blogger assumes that, let me start a free blog with blogger/ Blogspot/ Wix but this is not a wise decision.

When you don’t have a customize domain name or there is a (.blogger) free domain you are using then people feels hesitate to connect you. They feel that you are not serious and they stop taking you seriously. The second thing is free blogging sites are not safe as you don’t have your full control over the existence of your blog.

So, it is best for you to start with a paid domain and web hosting service and monthly cost will not be more than 3 USD per month.

Here is a step by step guide on how to setup WordPress blog site

2 . Take Proper Marketing Steps to avoid mistakes

Believe it or not, most of the potential bloggers make this mistake. To make a successful blog, you have to become a Good Marketer along with becoming a Good Content Creator. You have a very useful blog and plenty informative articles that can change the whole world but what’s the point if they don’t know about your blog.

Take proper marketing steps, position your blog to the right audience with the right marketing approach.

3 . Don’t Become an Anonymous Blogger

This is another important Issue to consider. Don’t just anonymously post your contents with an expectation of becoming a viral. It is a rare accident to happen with you. In this era of internet, people love to stay connected with their favorite person.

If they like your content they will love to connect with you and if they like your approach they will go for your content. So, try to connect with your audience.

4 . Choose The Proper Niche For Yourself

This is another major blogging mistakes people make. If you write about the topics you are interested about that will be much easier with you instead of writing over the topic that goes viral but you aren’t interested.

For example, tech bloggers have much audience it doesn’t means you should start a tech blog. If you are a tech head then start a blog on tech. If you like fashion then start a fashion blog.

Choosing the right niche is always important. So do some research on this before you start.

5 . Not Maintaining a Schedule For Making Post is another mistake

When you have a stable audience engagement with them is extremely important. One of the best ways to do that is posting regularly and posting in schedule. If you are someone, who is posting 50 contents on a month and posting no content on the other month then surely you are not doing it right.

What you should do is taking a weekly routine of posting content and stick to it.

This was the list of common blogging mistakes that you should avoid when trying to become a successful blogger, It is high time for the bonus I was supposed to give you.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Lose Your Hope, Stay Motivated

Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You must understand that the case is same with other things too. If you want to make a successful blog it will take time.

You will make small mistake but you have to learn from your mistake. In your blogging career, you will go through continues development process. You have to put in your time, effort and hard work. Day by day, with small steps you will reach there.

So, no matter what happens, become a self motivated person and chase that big dream of 10 million readers of your blog.

You have my best wishes, you can do it.

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