How to Create a Free Blog with Blogger/Blogspot

A lot of people are blogging with blogger because it is a popular free platforms where anyone can easily create a free blog. Blogger platform is also known as blogspot. In this article, I will show you how to create a free blog on Blogger in 4 easy steps.

Do you want to make money by creating a free blog using blogger? There are so many bloggers who are making more than $1000 every month with google blogspot.

It is possible to create a free blog, you can also get AdSense approval even without a domain but if you have a domain the chances of increase in search traffic will boost up.

The only downside with the Google Blogspot is you cannot use premium themes and plugins. But still, for micro niche sites, an event blogging Blogspot is a great medium to start on.

You may see most of the movie downloading sites for lyrics site built using blogger. Blogger(blogspot) can handle a lot of traffic at real time.

There is no specific rule that Blogspot blogs cannot rank better. In fact, if you have great content and good layout with brilliant user interface, then Google will choose Blogspot over WordPress.

  1. Setup Your Account with Blogger
  2. Selecting Blog Site and Title
  3. Create/Publish your Post
  4. Design Your Blog

Before we jump on to these steps, Lets see what is Blogging?

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a way of raising a topic on the website for readers to learn or to comment on that specific matter.

In short, blogging is writing about anything, especially a specific topic on blogs or any other website. It could be a food blog talking about recipes or a blog about tech where talking about new technologies.

A company who is selling products or services can also have a blog talking about their products features, educating the customers how to use them.

These blogs help the customers to get more knowledge about the products or services, at the same time these blog contents helps company to get more traffic on their website.

There is a lot of blogging niche you can write a blog on, topics such as technology, travel stories, fashion, food. product review , finance or even writing about a variety of topics from your life. A blog can contain “how to” related topics where helping people to solve their problems.

If you haven’t select your niche yet , read this article how to choose a niche.

OK, let’s move on to today’s topic on how to create a free blog with blogger.

4 Easy Steps to Create a free blog with blogger

Why lot of people are blogging with blogger?

Here is the reason they are blogging with blogger – blogger is not only free, it is also easy to setup and maintain. You can also setup with Adsense when you are ready to make money.

Here are 4 steps to create a free blog and can earn money so you can start blogging with blogger.

1. Setup Your Account to Create a Free Blog

First of all, you need to create an account with blogger to create your free blog. Just got to and click on ‘Create Your Blog’ which will take you to Google Sign In page. Just Sign in with Google account. If you don’t have a google account, create one at Its free.

Blogging with Blogger Sign In - Create a Free blog

After you sign In, you will see a page like the screenshot below.

create a free blog confirm page

You have to choose one profile option. So, if you want a blogger profile then click in create a limited blogger profile. Or if you want to start with Google+ account then click on create a Google+ profile button. This profile will work as your identity in about me section. So pick a profile which you want to display.

Now you will get a page to complete your Google+ profile. Choose your name and gender then click on Create Profile button. And you are done.

create a free blog profile

Blogger site will welcome you and ask you to confirm your profile. Click on continue to blogger button. Your both Google+ and blogger account has been created.

2. Selecting Blog Site and Title

In order to create a free blog, you need to select an address and title of your blog. Click on “Create New Blog”, then agreed to the terms.

create a free blog term

Type a title of your blog and an available web address.

Note: Since you are creating a free blog with blogger, your website address would be yourname could be anything as long as it is available.

If you want a custom domain name like as your website address, then you need to register a domain name.

You can host that custom domain with Blogger platform, if you would like to blogging with blogger. Or you can buy hosting plan and start a blog with Self-hosted which is another best blogging platforms. If are interested using self hosted WordPress then read this article where I have full guide on how to start WordPress blog on WordPress self hosted platform.

A lot of people also choose WIX as a blogging platform but there is a difference between Wix and WordPress.

Lets move on with blogger platform…

After choosing the title you can select a theme from here. Just select any theme for now because there is only some limited templet here. You can change it later.

Click on create blog and your blog website is ready.

create free blog create new

3. Create A Post

You will get a window like the picture below. You can click on New Post then type in your content. Add images as you like and click publish.

Give a title, and write content to get views.

create free blog post

4. Design Your Blog

When you setup your site name and title, you selected a theme. Lets not use that theme. I will show  you how to get more customizable and good-looking theme which will help you to arrange your blog the way you want.

Download Needmag free version Theme

How to download NeedMag free theme? The answer is very simple. Just search in Google and you will find number of options or you can take a look from here.

NeedMag Free version is stylish and proffessional design theme for blogger. The free version provides lots of features.

Since this article is about create a free blog, why spent money on theme?

Nope, we are not spending money, we will use Needmag free version theme.

Let’s download needmag free version theme. You’ll find a lot of free and paid temple here. I prefer to start with a free template . Later you can buy one if you want. NeedMag is a well-known template for personal blogging. You can check the look of this templet by clicking on Demo: See It Live button.

This templet can be used for free or if you want more feature you can update to Needmag premium version with $9.95.

create free blog needmag

Extract the NeedMag zip folder you downloaded and go to theme option of your blog and click on backup/restore option. You’ll get a window like below:

create free blog upload theme

Click on choose file and select the NeedMag folder you have extracted. Select NeedMag Free Version.xml file. Click on update button and your temple is ready to customize.

create free blog theme

Customize Need Mag BloggerTheme

Click on Customize option and customize Needmag theme as you like.

Now click on go back to blogger then go to Layout option and it will take you to a window like below:

create free blog widget

In Favicon option you can choose and upload a logo that will be shown left to your website title in the browser.


Set menu of Top Navigation and Main Menu. You can create 5 or more pages for top navigation like About Me/Us, Contact Me/Us, Disclaimer, Privacy & Policy and Terms & Conditions. For main menu it depends on your topic of Blog. For example, I have created 2 menus like Featured and Literature. I will add more if I need it.

create free blog menu

To add menu go to Main Menu -> write your menu name and URL on New Site Name field. Then enter your New Site URL then click on add link as shown below.

create free blog add menu

Drop Down Menu:

If you want to add a drop down menu then just put a “_” then write drop down menu name. The menu will add under the main menu.

Logo and Social Media Profile:

There is a logo option, you can upload your blog logo there. In Social Top add your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

To add social media click on edit menu-> write the Social media name in New Site Name and profile URL in New Site URL then Click on add link and then save the change.

create free blog social

The other setting is easy to set up as you can see, just click on edit and set it as you want.

The last thing we are going to learn is how to set the footer of your blog website. There is 3 section that you can see, Left section, Center section and Right section on below screenshot.

create free blog add footer

You can choose what you want to show here for your visitor but it is better to set your profile in the Left section.

To do that just click on edit a new window will come with Save, Cancel, Remove. Remove the widget and add new gadget-> select Profile and your Google+ account will be shown in this particular section.

The Social Media Icon will be the same that you have set up before in Social Top.

Customize the theme as you need to look better.

So this is how you can create a free blog website and share your knowledge to help people. If you want to earn money blogging you can do so but make sure you have quality content posted regularly and promote your blog in different social media platforms. You can even put your AdSense account on Earnings section.

How to make free blog and earn money?

Well, You can apply for AdSense even with your free blog, and you can earn money with the free blogger blog. And If you have a domain, then you can migrate it in Blogger platform.

There are so many different paths other than Google AdSense to make income. After building your side and forgetting huge traffic then you can sell directors by contacting the small business people.

Literally, you are going to get 10x more than AdSense if you can sell direct ads.

Where can I get free hosting for my blog?

Blogger itself is a hosting platform from Google. You can ‘create a free blog with a free domain name’ on blogger.

If you think this blogging with blogger article is helpful please share with others. Leave a comment for any suggestions.

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