Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in 2020

When it comes to marketing your business or products, 2019 was something a whole lot different. Nobody gave to much attention especially when it comes to email marketing. People exchanged over 300 billion emails in 2019. Marketers have said back then that there will be a lot more in the following years. Did you know only 2 years ago an average office worker exchanged over 100 emails per day? Now that numbers escalate to more than 500 emails per day. Don’t you think the difference is pretty clear? And that is the reason, I am enlisting a few email marketing tips that will boost your sales.

In 2020 there will be a lot of changes in the field of Marketing and effective strategies. You were probably wondering when and where you could find tips and tricks and if you were aware of them at all. When it comes to email marketing tips and techniques we will go through them all, just in case you missed something. First, let’s remember all the previous campaigns we have used.

In 2019 email marketing was all based on personalization among other things. Marketers only wanted to cut to the clutter and connect the brand with real persons. They would have a closer look at their customer lists.

What are Email Marketing tips to boost your sales?

Here are some top practical email marketing tips which are very effective and work like a charm. Use these email marketing ideas and increase your sales.

Use welcome emails to build strong relationships and deliver-ability

This is simple but very effective. The welcome email is the single and most effective message you can send to your customers and subscribers. When we checked the last data of companies the results are different. Average open rates are above 80% and their click-through rates are closer to 25%.

Welcome emails help you keep your list clean and deliverability improved. Confirmations of successful signup reassure your new email recipients that the information they want and signed up for is on its way. Plus, your customers help you connect with potential subscribers. This is one of the powerful actionable strategies in email marketing tips.

Here are a few concepts to use on your welcome email template for new customers:

  • Greeting with customer’s name
  • Call to Action (CTA) like what to do next
  • Ask subscribers to follow you on social media
  • Ask them to add your email to the safe list
  • Ask them to complete their profile
  • Eye-catching images

Offer something free, something valuable, and something with a great story at the start of their journey and watch your click-through rise.

Send emails at the right time to increase your conversion rate

Like every successful marketer and business in digital marketing, you want your emails to be on top of every inbox, but this is hard and almost impossible. Yes, you can surely update your spot even more, closer to the top.

If you want your email marketing campaigns to be more successful you should consider the time when you are sending them. Statistics show that two-time slots have the best average email open rates. Between 9-11 am and 3-5 pm are the best times for sending those emails and it’s been proven the best way for a minimum of two years. But then you need to consider the right days. The only rule is to stay away from the weekends.

These are all global results that are taken into account. Each industry has another customer base that needs to be analyzed.

Chances that your audience will respond to campaigns are different. It depends on your market, their preferences, and trends. Start using algorithms that will pick the best time for your emails.

Get the frequency right to grow a healthy and engaged list

Getting the frequency right is very important in an email marketing campaign. The best email practice is the perfect moment to stop contacting your subscribers, and that can be a tricky task we know. Statistics show the mailing frequency data get the highest average open and click-through rates when sending just one newsletter a week.

Around 19.5% of marketers send a maximum of two newsletters per week but 9.32% sends more than that. But you must take into account some other factors as well. For example, you can generate extra leads when sending an extra email campaign. You need to find what works for you.

If you don’t send emails, your subscribers are missed leads with missed shopping opportunities. We can’t tell you the most optimal and the best mailing frequency. It’s depending on your industry and there isn’t any clear winner in general.

The primary email recipients on your customer’s list were able to tolerate, in a medium level of tolerance, up to about five emails per week from a specific brand before they influenced their complaint rates increasing dramatically.

So what is email frequency you should follow for your email marketing?

If you ask me, that number is a bit extreme and I wouldn’t suggest that you go out and start sending your email campaigns five times per week.

This is all depending on your market and the products you are selling. If you divide your audience into just two or even more groups then see if sending one extra email campaign boosts your results both in the short and long term or the rates are going down.

If you’re not into experimenting, just ask your audience through social media and next emails to manage their frequency and just select and start using an email preference center.

Remember that while it’s easy to control how often you email, it’s often harder to see how many triggered emails are sent to your contacts each week – especially if they’re sent in response to an action.

Watch your deliverability and avoid the spam folder

Every email content should be high quality and deliverability is you want to influence your customers and subscribers. If your subscribers don’t see them or they don’t find them interesting enough, they won’t convert. Many marketers think only their email service provider handles email deliverability. But it goes beyond that.

You should consider a statistic after each email marketing campaign to confirm your strategy was the best one possible. Check for bounce rates, complaint rates, and list churn date. After every email marketing campaign check for possible improvements.

Use a memorable sender name

We all know the first impression matters. So does in email marketing also. But you can’t even imagine how much. If your brand and email address have a memorable name, your clients will be satisfied. You are making their search for you so much easier and they don’t need to copy-paste all the time, Google uses similar names and hopes they will find you. Your name should say value and with the perfect subject line, A/B test then and you are ready to go.

Would you open an email sender name that is not familiar or wired? I will not open those emails, they are spam. In addition, you might get viruses once you open and click on something by mistake.

Here are some email sender names suggestions you can use to boost your product sales:

  • Use a short name which reflects with your brand
  • Or you can use Brand Name
  • You can add one or two additional words along with your brand name

Here is what I mean with additional words. For example, as you see my domain address is my brand name “About-Tech”. I can use as follows as email sender name:

  1. About-Tech
  2. About-Tech Newsletter
  3. About-Tech Account Service
  4. About-Tech Order and so on…

Be authentic, seek feedback and ditch the [email protected] address

Every marketer will swear their customers are the center of their business, they are paying close attention, etc… and after a successful opt-out subscription, your email marketing customer receives an email saying no [email protected] address which as statistics show makes more damage than anything. They show your disrespect. Try to avoid them as a sender’s name in email marketing.

Use something that makes sense when you are picking the sender’s email address. For example, [email protected] or [email protected] Always use an email address from your main domain name. Try to avoid subdomain if possible.

Pro tips: Never use Gmail or Yahoo email address when sending email communication with your subscribers.

Craft and test your email subject lines for higher opens

According to recent studies, 50% of subscribers say that the subject line is a really important factor when deciding to open an email or not. Be creative with your email subjects; don’t leave it as an afterthought. Also, emojis and personalization show positive effects on the average opening of emails.

So, how to increase sales using perfect email subject through email marketing?

B2B email subject line examples to increase sales:

  1. Start with a question on the subject line with a goal so the subscriber is curious to open the email to find out the question and answer
  2. Subscriber Name and a question – it gives them a personal touch.
  3. A benefit for the customer, like savings of X amount or strategy which will be helpful for them
  4. Tips/ideas for their problem
  5. Referral name on subject line how you found them
  6. Insert emotion along with an offer to help. For example, “feeling sad, let me help you.”
  7. Here is the info you are looking for Or here is the info I promised you
  8. And more…

Use confirmed opt-in to build a better list

There is an old good one: “Quality over quantity”. And it also stands for your email campaign tricks. Pay attention to your email quality and not quantity. Did you send the right message but didn’t cross that thin line between good and bad emails that are ignored? Industries that use confirmed opt-in more often usually outperform those who don’t.

So ready to build your email list. Follow these steps to grow your email list faster.

Use lead magnets to grow your email list faster

Having a successful Email marketing campaign is hard since you have a lot of sources to choose from. But, still, people like receiving emails like in older days, it seems personal. But you have a brand that is abusing this and start with “spam” emails that no one likes. To avoid this, use incentives or also known as “bribes”. If your clients like your freebies, organize a giveaway. They will sign up for your form and subscribe.

For example, use a landing page where users can subscribe and get something for free like download free e-books or how-to instruction guide as PDF. Use the subscribe form at the sidebar of your page or at the bottom of your post. These are just a few clues to build the e-mail lists.

Subscription form to build email list for email marketing

The technique for Small Business to collect email address

There are so many other techniques you can use, it all depends on your niche and type of business you are running. For instance, real estate agents can easily build their email list from the people who come to see open houses. Another example for restaurants owner. Restaurants can offer free food when customers sign up for their store gift cards and complete the profile, or offer a simple survey where you can gather email addresses.

As I mentioned there are so many ways you can build, just use which works best for you.

Email Marketing Tools

You can use email marketing tools like Mail Chimp for free. with their free plan, you can build your email list of 2000 contacts. There is another popular email marketing platform Constant Contact. They do offer a free trial but do not have a free plan.

Other blast email marketing tips and techniques were:

  • Segment lists based on buyer personas;
  • Consistency;
  • A/B testing of emails;
  • Following the email marketing regulations;
  • Automate Emails Using Workflows;
  • Use Compelling Subject Lines;
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile;
  • Improving with reporting.


Email marketing campaigns are created by all marketers and others like them to help small businesses so they can help everyone like you or them. You are probably like all of the people out there always in search of getting tips and tricks of effective email marketing. You don’t need to look further. Moreover, You don’t need an agency for creating amazing strategies to develop your small business even better.

All you need is a will and devoted time so you can use these email marketing tips to improve and start uprising your brand. You will see success in turnarounds on average of 2 months, even faster if you are committed.

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