5 Effective Ways to Use Facebook to Generate Traffic to Your Blog

As a blogger, you must know that social media platforms is one of the most important part to boost your blog marketing. When it comes to Generating Blog Traffic among all the social media, Facebook is the most important tool; and if utilized properly, it will generate huge traffic to your Blog.

So today, I have decided to jot down step by step process for you to follow so that you will have the idea about what to do when it comes to marketing on Facebook. So, let us move ahead with discussion on How to Use Facebook to Generate Traffic.

5 Ways to Use Facebook to Generate Traffic

1 . Create a Facebook Page

Create your Facebook existence to gather your target audience. This the first obvious process to generate Facebook traffic. So create a Facebook page with the name of your blog. Remember, if you want to build a brand then you create a page with that brand name. But just creating a page is not enough.

Right after you create the page, decorate the page and make sure that you give it a standard professional look. Use a high quality image that is designed according to your brand name of your blog or the niche it covers.

For example, if you blog about various food recipes than design the cover photo with the images of a few well decorated foods and also position your blog/brand name in the middle of the image. For profile photo, you can simply use the logo of your blog.

2 . Create Interactive Post in Your Facebook Page

The basic purpose of a Facebook page is to interact with your target audience. So, make regular posts in your Facebook page regarding your blog and the type of content you are publishing.

For Example, whenever you are publishing a new content make a post on Facebook about the type of article you are going to publish, the time you are going to post and paste the link to your blog with the post.

3 . Use High Quality Images

Make sure that whenever you are posting something, use a high quality image. Keep in mind that the image you will use should relate with the theme of your post. This image could be your feature image for that particular post. The recommended size of your image which looks really good on Facebook is 1200×628 px.

4 . Sharing and Comment

Also, whenever you post the content on your blog, share the content on your Facebook page. After regular sharing you will start getting comments on your Facebook page. Make sure that you reply to your Facebook comment and be humble with them.

If they criticize you, take the criticism positively and modify your content according to the demand of your audience. If you get hate comment try avoiding them wisely, don’t take it to heart. But, be most careful about the people who love and like your content. Always reply to them in a humble manner and be thankful to them. Post valuable content to keep them engage.

In that process, you will gain a loyal Facebook fan base and they will always wait for your content if they like it. They will share it among their friends and you automatically reach a huge follower base.

5 . Participate on Facebook Group

There are lots of Facebook groups you can participate, but find couple related to your niche and join the group. Usually people who are part of the group, clicks on like comments and sometimes they do share with others or groups.

Of course you have to follow the rules and regulation of each group. Like some group does not allow to post any affiliate or add links. Follow the rules, otherwise you will be removed from the group by Admin.

By following these processes, you can utilize Facebook to generate traffic on your blog. Now, I have a tip for you. Normally these processes takes time. But if you want to make the process fast then you can use paid campaign to boost your Facebook post. You can also arrange give away contests on Facebook to gain huge Facebook followers on your page.

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