Where to get Free Images For Blog or Social Media Posts

Where can you get royalty free images for your websites? Well there are many resources to get stock images for free. In this article, I will talk about some resources where you get free images for blog.

Images are an amazing tool for grabbing the attention of your audience. Just by using a perfect image with your content you will make it look much beautiful in the eyes of your audience. For example, you are writing an article over the history of coffee then using the image of coffee beans or a cup of creamy coffee will make it look much beautiful.

But hey! you are not a photographer and surely you will not start a photography course to click the best photo that goes with your content. So, what’s the solution? Well, Google has solution for everything. You will just Google HD image of coffee beans & you will attach the best looking photo on with your content by downloading it. Isn’t it a good idea?


Every photo on internet is not for free to use. There is something called copyright or fair use law in which someone has exclusive rights on an image and you need his permission to use that particular image.

Seems like another issue to make you worried as you don’t want to pay for an image you are going to attach just beside your content. Stop getting worried because in this article I have enlisted some amazing websites which will provide you royalty free images to use on your blog or social media posts. In the end of the list I have some bonus too.

List of resources for free images for your blog


Pixabay free images and royalty free stock

This is one of my favorite resource to get free images. The German based website founded by Hans Braxmeier & Simon Steinberger. PIXABAY has a very large collection of high-resolution photos which are copyright free. In addition, they have copyright free videos to use. You can just go to the website and search the type of photo of you want. Choose the photo you like, download the photo in your required format. In that site, you can get images, vectors and also videos for free.

Images from Pixabay can be even used for commercial purpose without asking for permission or giving credit to photographer. you don’t even need to sign up for any account. you can download them without login to their website.


FREEIMAGES for royalty free images

FREEIMAGES is another amazing website for getting copyright free images. You can just simply get your desired photo by typing the type of photo you want and using it by download is free. But, according to their terms & conditions of use you need to provide them attribution credit for the photo while using it for commercial purposes.

They have over 18000 images to use for free in your websites, printed media, products and anywhere you need a photo to showcase your expressions.


Freerange also has a huge collection of photos contributed by photographer all over the world. By visiting their simply free registration process you get access to huge collection of stock photographs. Just grab your one. Use it anywhere you want, for free.


Another great source of stock photos is Pexel where you can get royalty free pictures. They have good quality photos and photos almost about any type can be founded here. Photos are being contributed in this site by the photographer all over the world.


Picjumbo is also a good option to get free images for websites. They have a good range of high-resolution photos you can get access to. You can download a lot of images to use for your purpose. They also have option for premium member in case you want the premium service. This site has a cute option named “buy me a coffee”. The feature is for those who want to donate some amount to Picjumbo.

But wait, where is bonus I was supposed to give you. Here are 5 other website you may also consider using to get free images for your blog.

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