How to Grow Your Email List for Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies for Small BusinessTo grow your email list, you need to try out the proven ways so that you can efficiently carry your work. Often beginners fail to increase the growth of the number of subscribers in their email list as they think that simply downloading a sidebar opt-in form on their website will help them to increase subscribers.

How can you make your email list grow faster?

Table Of Contents

  • How can you make your email list grow faster?
    • 1. Ask for Feedback
    • 2. Promote an Online Contest.
    • 3. Remarkable Content Creation.
    • 4. Use Pinterest to grow your email list.
    • 5. Multiple Lead Pages.
    • 6. Use YouTube.
    • 7. Gamified Campaigns.
    • 8. Create bonus content.
    • 9. Create a Blog.
    • 10. Encourage existing subscribers.
    • 11. Social Proof.
    • 12. Contact forms.
    • 13. Publish Links.
  • What tools do you need to create your email list?.
    • How to start your email list?.
  • Why is growing your email list important?.
    • Here are some reasons to build the email list?.
  • Ending Note.

 Here are 13 proven ways you can use to grow your email list faster.

1. Asking for Feedback

Feedback asking is a very efficient way to grow your customer base. This feedback proves that you are ready to correct the incorrect things and you can confront the wrongdoings as well. This proves that you are responsible as well. Feedback, if concerned with the subscribers, tend to fill it up because the feedback form will certainly concern them.

Firstly, You can create a form where they will be able to answer freely. Secondly, You can also arrange for a live tool that will encourage the visitors to visit more often and give feedback on whether they are liking the coordination provided by you. And finally, you can simply ask them to sign up for your email list while readers are leaving feedback.

2. Promote an Online Contest

Social media is a great way to increase subscribers to your email list. You can simply arrange for a contest where the visitors will be told to sign up by providing the necessary information and their respective email address.

Once they sign up with their email address, they land up on your list and if anyone of them gets a reward for connecting through email, then they will certainly be interested to become your subscriber. In this way, you can reach many people as no one would not mind providing their email addresses for a lucrative gift.

3. Remarkable Content Creation

Content Creation is an extremely important aspect of growing your email list. Content is the only way through which you can reach up to your visitors on your email list. If you want people to be linked on your email list, then certainly you need to buck up and create remarkable content for visitors on your email list.

Note: For this method to work, you need to have an existing list of email addresses.

Create such content which can affect the visitors and also force themselves to send or forward the emails to their closed ones or friends. This can be an efficient way to build your subscribers list as they will enjoy the visual content very much.

4. Use Pinterest to grow your email list

Pinterest is a great source for hosting visual content. The only way for you to coordinate with your visitors would be the contents that would be available on your page so that people can get interested to visit your page again and again. By creating new boards on your email, you can get new leads and as a result, you will get more subscribers.

It will also help you to track down your subscribers whether your subscribers are on your list or not. It will also help you to hold your subscribers and your subscribers will also hold to your email list and in this way, you can grow your subscriber’s list as well. You can use other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram with a similar concept but different approaches.

5. Multiple Lead Pages

The incentive you can offer to potential buyers in exchange for their contact addresses, for example, email addresses, the phone number is called the lead magnet. The blog posts which have content locked, premium contents fall into the category of lead magnet category.

The lead magnet pages help to hold subscribers to your email list. In this way, you can add new subscribers by getting the email address of your potential clients as well.

6. Use YouTube

One of the most potential social media platforms and the second-best search engine on the Internet is YouTube nowadays. If you are using YouTube as your marketing strategy tool then you can simply use YouTube to grow your email list. YouTube is the only tool by which you can grow your email list by adding up more subscribers.

There are YouTube action cards by which you can use on your video to grow the subscribers on your email list. You can also use the YouTube videos to add a call to action and you can easily link them to the lead magnets on your website. In this way, you can increase the subscribers on your email list.

7. Gamified Campaigns

Gamification helps to boost user engagement. You can use the gamified content to increase the subscriber list on your website as well. For example, you can use “Spin in a wheel” gamified campaign to hold the subscribers on your email list. But this does not apply to all niche or all types of business.

Finally, You can also increase your subscriber by boosting eCommerce conversions. These campaigns will also help to attract the new subscribers and they will also understand the importance of being present in your email list as well.

8. Publish bonus contents

Not all contents will be related to all of your visitors. As a result, you may lose some of the visitors who were planning to come to visit your website. Or your previous subscribers who tend to get free or new content all the time in their inbox.

To gain the attention of your viewers, you need to offer them with free content. You can simply start by creating a blog post that will offer visual content to those visitors and they will simply be attracted via free content for obvious reasons.

9. Create a Blog

Whether you are a blogger or business owner, having a blog site helps to get more customers using content marketing. The more visitors you have, there is always more chance to convert them into customers or subscribers for your email marketing list. Here is how it works.

A blog post helps to high up your search engine ranking. By getting interested in your attractive blog posts, you can simply attract more subscribers who will be coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo. You can add sign up form on the sidebar or at the bottom and asking readers to sign up. A pop-up window can also be utilized for readers to sign up. But the blog must be relevant enough compared to your website. By creating regular blog posts, your subscribers won’t even have the thought of going to another’s post.

10. Encourage existing subscribers

When you are about to send marketing emails to your subscribers, make sure you add at least one button among the two options which are either email to a friend button or share button. In this way, the subscribers will be realizing the fact that you asking them to share their emails with their friends as well as followers.

As a result, you can be able to track down the emails of your subscriber’s friends and families which could create a big customer reach for your email list as well. You can also add the subscribe button in the forwarded emails so that the people getting your emails would be encouraged to subscribe to your site.

11. Social Proof

Using social proof will encourage your subscribers mentally and psychologically as well. This will be a social proof for people where they will be able to determine whether to trust you or not based on your previous customer satisfaction reports. The email marketers use this social proof as a trick to ease the mental condition of the worried customers and to give them relief so that they tend to drop by your email address only. You can maintain this usage of social proof in many ways.

First, you can simply post reviews of your previous customers on your sign up page of your website or platform you are using to grow your email list. You can also attempt to post testimonials and the number of subscribers as well as social proof.

12. Contact forms

Every single website out on the net has a contact us page. The reason for that is, you can use the contact form to satisfy the questions done by your audience. You can easily ask for someone’s email address by the contact form purpose.

Well, that’s a mandatory field for any contact form along with names and other fields. Just add a checklist box to ask them to sign up for the newsletter. You can use the WordPress form builder to create forms for getting the email addresses of subscribers.

13. Publish Links

The best way to increase the number of subscribers on your email list is to publish links via your Facebook or other social media account. You can post links the same way you do with your blog posts.

Also, you can publish the links in the relevant discussion of LinkedIn as LinkedIn has a professional customer base. So it would not be difficult to increase the number of subscribers on your email list as many people might be interested in your website as well.

So this is how you can grow your email list, once you have some subscribers you can start sending your campaigns for lead generation.

Do I need any tools to implement this strategy to grow my business email list?

I am glad you asked. Let me tell you what you need to get started.

What tools do you need to create your email list?

Doesn’t matter how long you have been running your business for or running your blog. You need to have one or more email lists. when I said one more what does it mean?

It simply means one for each purpose. For example, I can have an email list that consists of subscribers who are willing to learn how to create a WordPress blog and earn money from it. I can build another email list who wants to learn about marketing. Are you ready to start your first email list?

How to start your email list?

To create your first email list you need to sign up with an email marketing service provider.

Why do I need to sign up with a service provider?

An email marketing provider who will help on the followings:

  • First of all, it will help you to create different custom sign up forms to capture your reader’s emails address and store them into a lists.
  • Secondly, a service provider will let manage that email lists
  • Third, it will help you create or design amazing emails or newsletters
  • Finally, it will let you distribute those emails to all of your subscribers in no time

Moreover, this email marketing software provider will let you create email automation, which means you can automate the process to send an email when a new subscriber signs up (as welcome email) or automate the weekly, monthly newsletter and promotions.

Is there any email marketing service company I can recommend?

Yes, there is an email service provider out of many which I recommend, is Constant Contact. I highly recommend them whether you are new or you already have an existing emails list.

If you already have an existing list you can transfer to them. Constant Contact is more than happy to export/import all your email lists.

Here are a few reasons why I like Constant Contact

Its really for free for 2 months to try it out and that includes all the features no restrictions, no risk. So test it out for 2 months to build your email lists, create emails, and set up automation, any way you want. Once the trial period ends, its only $20/month and if you pay 12 months in advance you will get a 15% discount.

Hopefully, by the end of the trial period, you will be able to grow your email list with more than 1000 subscribers and will be able to make money to cover the cost.

  • Easy to use email marketing tools

This is one of the best reasons why people use Constant Contact. Their email marketing software is so easy to use that you can simply drag and drop the element to create amazing emails. Or you can use their template library to create your distributions with simple changes like adding a logo, add few images.

  • Advanced Features with Reporting and Tracking

As I mentioned earlier, there are no restrictions on features. That means you can start using premium features from day 1 even you are on a free trial. For example, you can send unlimited emails, automate the process, track how many emails were opened by subscribers. Also, you can check what are the links were clicked, bounce rate, and more. easy to view all these reporting right from your Constant Contact dashboard.

Finally, you can easily integrate these email marketing tools with your WordPress websites, Facebook, Shopify, Salesforce, and more.

So, These are the reasons I love them and I recommend them when it comes to grow your email lists and start sending out all the campaigns.

Why is growing your email list important?

If you are not participating in email marketing, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. That’s because returns on investment (ROI) on email marketing is 4400%.

$44  for every $1 spent

That means you can make $44 for every 1 dollar you spent on email marketing. That’s a huge ROI, isn’t it?

Here are some reasons to build the email list?

I just want to mention a few reasons why you need to start building an email list.

Email is the best way to sell a product or service

It helps to build trust by presenting your brand in front of your readers

Also, It helps to grow your traffic as well as SEO.

Email subscribers are more likely to be product buyers

Finally, Email is a great way to grow your other social media channels by listing them at the bottom of the email

Ending Note

It can be very challenging to grow email lists subscribers as many people won’t be ready to share their information with you. Many people might not want to receive your marketed emails in their folders.

But is it the end then? The answer is No. That is the only reason why I have jotted down all the necessary steps to increase the number of subscribers.

I hope this article will help you to increase the subscribers on your email lists.

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