Growing Best SERP tracking tools (Steal your competitor analysis EASILY)

In this articles, I will go over features, pros and cons for few best serp tracking tools in the market. These tools will help you to rank higher on search engines, help you to build backlinks, monitor all the keywords you are ranking for. In addition, it will help you to check your competitors keywords as well as ranking so you can plan how to beat them.

When it comes to rank keywords higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page), you actually do not need any tools. No tools will guarantee you to rank on google first page. But it does help to do analysis about lot of matrix which helps or guide you to work such a way which will get your keywords higher on SERP. That is the reason, you need some tools.

Some people claim SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is easy. Is it?

Well, it is easy if you are targeting low competitive keywords and you have some authority on your domain. But I would say SEO is not easy when you are dealing with high competitive keywords. You can not rank higher without knowing how your competitors are doing and how they are doing it. In addition, you also need to know what are the backlinks they have using these SERP tracker software.


What are these SERP analysis tools do?

Using these top SERP analysis tools, you can see competitors’ best keywords, research keywords including their difficulty, backlinks, traffic analytics and more.

If you have the good keyword knowledge and if you can research for a brilliant keywords then you are doing a great job already.

But there is no such tool which can give the exact value of Keyword searches and the exact competition. Google has the data, but it won’t show up to the users.

Here you are going to learn how to take your keyword research level to the next Big lesson. And by using these SERP tracking tools, you can easily analyze your competitor’s behavior, track competitor serp rankings and their strategies to make your own idea.

Once you have the correct phenomenon of choosing the keywords and research in the competitors’ analysis, then you will crack any keywords to rank on the first page and the first position. Google and other search engines are now looking for informative content than the lengthy content.

For that reason, you should know the topic, and you should research the topic you are writing about. In addition, you have to cover every possible information reader is looking for.

So what is SERP tracking or SERP checking?


What is SERP in SEO?

Whenever you ask the search engine to show something, then Google and other search engines will show a page where you can get the results.

It is known as the search engine results page for the search engine ranking page. A lot of people are trying hard to show their page in these top 10 search results. Because only the first page will get maximum hits.

If you are ranking your keyword in top 10 already then you have to move it to the top 3 positions. Only the top 3 results from the search engines have the highest impressions and CTR rate.

The definition can be “a search engine results page (SERP) is the listing of web page results buy a search engine in response to the query.” The query can be a short tail keyword or a long tail keyword, or it may be a voice search.


What’s is SERP tracking?

If you are analyzing the first page of webpage results and you are tracking the results of web page for a specific key phrase, then you are tracking the SERP results. SERP tracking has been an integral part of the SEO marketing campaign.

No one can easily track any quantity of rank tracking. But these SERP result checker tools made it easy for those who are looking to improve the quality of their traffic and also to increase the value of SERP tracking for agencies, SEOs, marketers as well as for website owners.

Most of the business people like to spy on their competitors’, and they should steal the ranking factors the competitor strategies they are developing.

With the help of SERP tracking tools, you can explore an idea about their strategy and brand factor. If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to analyze the brand value. In addition, you should increase the reputation of your brand. It is possible if you track competitor serp rankings using one of the best serp keyword rank tracker tools.

There are so many advantages if you track your competitors’ keyword position. and keyword rank tracking is important for every business and website owner. Everyone wants Google traffic because it is free and unlimited.

To steal your competitors’ keywords and to implement your own strategies to leave your competitors behind in the search page results, you need these SERP tracking tools.


How to choose the best SERP tracking tool?

Selecting a Keyword tracking tool or SERP tracking tool is not as easy as you think. There are so many online tools you can try, but all those tools are expensive. The best recommendation from “” is SEMrush. You can try SEMrush Guru trial version for 7 days.

FREE 7-day Guru trial

Get access to Premium Features for FREE for 7 days!

Why am I recommending SEMrush as a SERP keywords tracker?

It is one of the best serp tracking and backlinks analyzing tool, and you can try this tool for free for 7 days. Just cancel the membership before trial ends, so you don’t get charge. But if you think it is a good serp keyword checker, then you can sign up. there is nothing to lose, right?

There are lot of SERP tracking tools you can try for 14 days or even for 30 days for free. This trial period made easy to pick the right rank tracking tool. If you like then only you can purchase the tool. Why other bloggers and we recommend using premium tools? Because if you spend money in growing your blogging career, you will earn money quickly.

Blogging is like a business, the more you spend on premium tools and Advertising the fastest your site will start making money.

Never hesitate to who invest in something where you can get 10x in return.

How to choose the perfect SERP tracking tool? Here are some simple and important factors before choosing any SERP tracking tool. That’s because we are not going to waste your time and money.

  • The number of keywords: Always look for a tool which can explore the more number of keywords. Your SERP tracking tool must monitor all your keywords simultaneously. The more number of keywords your tool can analyze the better SERP tool can have a chance to try.
  • Accuracy: Hunt for that SERP tracking tool which can give you the maximum accuracy. Search engine results positions are pretty accidental on Google. If you see a  result today, you may not see it tomorrow. Every second people are trying to rank their keywords and they are building backlinks and updating the content more efficiently.

This is the reason why your keywords are also changing the positions in search engine results. If it cannot guarantee the accuracy of any keywords and pages then you don’t have to think about the tool.

Let’s go over the list of best SERP rankings tracking tools.


Affordable and Best SERP Tracking Tools

Here is the list of Best SERP tracking tools you can give a try to check the analysis of your competitors to track the keywords. Most of the bloggers suggest SEMrush as the keyword tracking tool.

SERP Checker and SERP Watcher
AWR – Advanced Web Ranking

All these premium tools are capable of monitoring and reporting the performance of your sites. As well as your competitor’s sites in the field of Keyword rankings and backlink analysis.



Best SERP tracking tools - SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush is a premium and super fantastic keyword Research tool and Backlink Analysis tool. They have over 200 Million keywords in their US (United States) database. This is a great tool for serp first page results tracker.

But what we recommend is instead of buying separate premium tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, keyword tracking, and spying your competitors, you can choose the only tool SEMrush.

It will become the most valuable and wanted digital marketing suite soon. But what if you cannot afford this tool. Not to worry because I also have enlisted few other tools.

This is preferred SERP tacking tool for SEO agency who is working with many clients with multiple sites.

Only the people who are earning more than $1000 can afford to purchase this keyword tracking tool by spending $99/Month.

So this is the biggest disadvantage of this software. But for those who are into the business and also having a good revenue can try this tool for sure. Trust me you will be amazed.

Tracking is needed to accelerate your SEO techniques and to get rid of your SEO failures. Ranking improves your business margin and can communicate with the customers regularly if you are getting enough organic traffic.

SEMrush rank tracking tools allow you to watch The day to day progress under rank changes of your competitor website and also your site.

SERP tracking tools - SEMrush domain overview screenshot

You can track the positions of keywords where you can monitor the daily rankings of the targeted keywords on multiple devices across the world. That tool updates daily and offers downloads so you can follow the impact of your campaign even if you are offline.

This magic keyword and backlinks analyzing tool will provide the information that progressively powers the SERP tracking function.

Features of SEMrush

  • Analyze Long Tail Keywords using Keyword Magic Tool
  • Keyword research on your competitors
  • Keyword position tracking
  • Search engine penalty monitoring
  • Optimize Your Site’s Technical SEO with Site Audit
  • Monitor Your Brand Outreach using Brand Monitoring Tool
  • New Link Building Opportunities with Link Building Tool including Backlink audits.
  • Social media monitoring
  • Content audits
  • And lot more features.

Enter your domain, Keyword or URL below to check out this SERP tracking tools.


SERP Checker & SERP Watcher From Mangools

SEO tools - Mangools pricing screenshot

SERP Checker and SERP Watcher are the ultimate SERP Competition analysis and rank, keyword tracking tools available at affordable price. You can get this through Mangools combined tools, and the price will be basic.

Instead of spending $99 per month on a SERP tracker tool like SEMrush, you can you buy this rank tracking tools for $29/Month in the basic price. Using this SERP tracking tool, you can look up 100 SERPs through SERP analysis. In addition, you can track 200 keywords in the rank tracking tool that means in SERP watcher.

This is very cheap and best SERP tracker tool compare to other one I have mentioned above.

In the basic price version, ranking updates will be daily, and you will get specific metrics every day. Most of the tools where if you buy a basic plan they will update weekly once.

And that is the reason why these tools from Mangools perfectly work at a basic price, and if you go with agency plan where you have to pay 79$/Month, then you can track up to 1500 keywords in Rank tracking feature in SERPwatcher. Mangools tools will also offer one of the best keyword research tools KWFinder.

Pricing and Features


  • 100 Keywords
  • 100 SERP Lookup
  • 2000 Backlinks rows
  • Sign Up


  • 500 Keywords
  • 500 SERP Lookup
  • 7000 Backlinks rows
  • Sign Up


  • 1200 Keywords
  • 1200 SERP Lookup
  • 15000 Backlinks rows
  • Sign Up

Best features of SERP checker and SERP Watcher

  • It will give the critical rank tracking data.
  • It daily updates the keyword position updates and interactive reports with localized results.
  • The tool will track overall progress and represents unique traffic.
  • It tracks the desktop and mobile results.
  • Best tracking limit in basic plan (100 SERP analysis/Day).


AWR (Advanced Web Ranking)

AWR pricing web ranking SEO tools


Advanced Web Ranking is a keyword tracking solution built on framework and they claim that the rank tracking is made easy with the tool using AWR. Most of the agencies using this tool and with the help of this SERP keyword tracker it is made simple to track any keyword.

It is also one of the best and accurate rank tracking tool where you can give your investment. The name itself defines the developers of this tool is clear that AWR is more advanced and more reliable compared to the other regular SERP tracking tools.

And most of the agencies and bloggers admit that that developers are working very hard and they achieved what they said. What if you can crawl through more than 10 search engines results at a time.

Isn’t it great?

Now don’t get astonished because this advanced SERP tracker tool will crawl through 3000 search engines across 130 countries. To be clear, you can easily track your keywords and your website, and you can easily diagnose them across all the search engines across all the locations.

Now you can define your country and targeted audience so that you can increase the search visibility in a particular country. The best thing is without a credit card you can try this tool for 30 days as a trial period.

Best Keyword tracking tools - AWR screenshot

The keywords ideas will be huge, and you will run out of your ideas because of AWR’s exponential and Limited features. This is the best tool if you have to replace your SEMrush for rank tracking purpose.

You can also enter, or you can also use the special characters in keywords because it supports foreign languages too.



SERP Analysis tools - Pro Rank tracker pricing screenshot

Pro rank tracker is another dedicated SERP rank tracking tool which gives the detail report about SERP results. It is not as advanced as AWR, but for the price range, you can give it a try.

This is one of the lowest SERP tracking tools for the efficient keyword position tracker.

This tool is trusted by over 60,000 agencies, SEOs, SEMs and website owners. With Pro Rank Tracker you can track your rankings on all Google sites, all Yahoo sites, Videos on YouTube as well as all Bing sites. When I said all sites, that means all international site for those search engines.

For example,,, etc. In addition, you can also track Amazon listing on Amazon site (this is awesome).

Basically, Pro rank tracker supports over 32 Bing versions, over 35 Yahoo sites, plus over 187 Google sites. And another thing which can be noticed is it covers both PC and mobile devices.

It will be the perfect choice for websites that are running video marketing campaigns because it will track the video SEO things.
When it comes to the pricing, Pro Rank Tracker starts giving the features at $25 per month where you can track after 200 terms and unlimited URLs.

You will get daily updates which is the best thing about any rank tracking tool, and you can do site audit for a single site in Yemen which will be difficult if you have more than one sites.

The Limited features are available in the starting and basic plans. The basic plan starts at $25 per month and the startup plans start at $49 per month. In standard plan and you can track up to 2018 words per month and 10 site audits with 250,000 pages.


500 keywords: $49
1000 keywords: $89
2000 keywords: $129

Above pricing are based on monthly but if you sign up for whole year there is a discount up to 10%.



AccuRanker Keyword analysis - plan and pricing

AccuRanker is one of the fastest and accurate keyword rank trackers as they claim. This is one of the SERP tracking tools which is trusted by more than 20,000 agencies, SEO professionals and brands.

Accu Rank can track local as well as global rankings with multiple locations and countries. You can easily see competitors’ ranking position for a target keywords and measure your progress in desktop as well as in mobile rankings.

One of the best features of AccuRanker tool is, you can integrate with 3rd party tools. For example, it can be easily integrated with Google search Console, Google Analytics, Databox, Adobe Analytics and more. That means you can track everything all in one place from any device.

Keywords usually updates every 24 hours but can be updated on demand. It has easy drag and drop report builder with custom templates. Moreover, it has reporting via scheduling function.


1000 keywords for $79 monthly and $71/month on yearly billing (discounted by 10%)
1500 keywords for $99 monthly and $89/month on yearly billing.

AccuRanker offers 14-day free trial, all you need is an email address to sign up. No credit card required to track your SERP positions for 14 days.


Frequently Asked Questions about SERP Tracking Tools

So, Finally what’s the best SERP tracking tool in 2020 at affordable price?

Ans: SERP Watcher and SERP Checker tool from Mangools as well as AWR SERP tracker are the cheapest price.

What is the best SERP and Keyword tracking tool?

Ans: Even though the price is high for certain bloggers but SEMrush is one of the best tools for serp tracking, keyword analysis, backlink checker and more.


Final Words

These are the affordable and best SERP tracking tools available in the market right now. There are so many tools which offer SERP analysis, but you don’t want to confuse yourself with more than these tools. Because if you have an idea what is SERP, then you can easily get to know that every tool will show the results.

But it depends on the updating frequency and keyword tracking limit. As you can see SEMrush, it is the best tool to provide backlinks report, keyword tracking, keywords suggestions and top SERP up analysis. But most of the people are beginners, and they cannot afford this brilliant tool. You can try Mangools tool instead.


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