How Bloggers edit their photos

How Bloggers edit their photos – 8 Stunning and FREE tools

What are the tools bloggers use to edit their photos?

Featured images are one of the most important things bloggers and YouTubers have to look up. When they have beautiful content and great information, then bloggers will write the awesome content but to share it in social media and other image pinning sites, they should have the premium look featured images.

So how can you edit these images?

And how bloggers edit their photos?

Here is a list of some free online photo editing tools you can take the help to edit your photos. Not only bloggers but also YouTubers, anyone can edit their photos using these free image editing online tools. To make your album more prettier, you can add these edited images to your wall post.

Most of the top bloggers and YouTubers like to edit their featured images and thumbnail images by giving premium tools, or they will hire some graphic designers to edit the images they use.

The cost will be expensive, and most of the beginners cannot afford the price. That’s the reason why you have to learn how to edit your pictures using online tools or offline software also.

It will take roughly 20 minutes to edit premium look featured image for your blog posts.

Adobe Photoshop is still the best photo editor to create stunning images with effects, but it is expensive. You cannot afford hundreds of dollars to use Adobe Photoshop.

That’s the reason we have come with me completely free photo, online editors. Most of the websites don’t need an account to use, and the best thing is they don’t remind me to download the software.

You can use those tools online, and you can edit your pictures before publishing your blog post or videos or presentations.

Why photo editing is important?

Photo editing is important because you can attract 80% of the people with your stunning picture. It is true that out of 10 people who read your blog post title, only two people will click your link even if you have a viral title. And photo marketing, video marketing are going ahead of content marketing.

If you have the quality content and you are not getting enough traffic, then there is no use to keep on writing. You cannot make sales with no traffic and less tropic.

To increase your sales and traffic, you can try different methods, and photo marketing is one of the effective ways to create a stunning conversion rate.

You have a decent photo attached to your blog post whenever you share the link on social media platforms then the image should capture the people attention and readers should click your link.

A normal image cannot drag the people but yeah an edited image with proper ‘clickbait’ icons or the viral title will definitely engage the people.

Online tools to edit photos for free How Bloggers edit

Here are some online tools bloggers use to edit their blog photos for free.

  1. Pixlr
  2. Photopea
  3. iPiccy
  4. Fotor
  5. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor
  6. Picozu
  7. Snapstouch
  8. BeFunky

Let’s take a look at each online photo editor with their features and some pros and cons.

1. Pixlr

pixlr online photo editor

The first tool in the list is Pixlr. Pixlr is a free online photo editing tool which supports tons of customization options than any other tool. The software is easy to use, and the interface will be easy.

You can edit your pictures in full-screen mode which is the unique option from the tool and some of the things like layer styles, filters, and image adjustments are supported with Pixlr.

Also find some premium features like red-eye remover, clone stamp, color fill, magic wand ok selection, and crop tool. You can create a new image from the scratch, or you can upload your downloaded image from your computer.

And you can also send your pictures online in the same to you can export them to your local storage.

What We like? Useful, easy-to-use features.
Users can move interface elements
What We don’t Resizing an image can be tricky.
User must download stickers, borders, fonts, etc.

2. Photopea

photopea online edittor to edit photos

The next photo editing tool on the list is Photopea. This is my favorite tool because it provides a lot of customization options like Adobe Photoshop. Cloning the images will be difficult, but this online tool has so many features from which we can create stunning images and also featured images with premium quality.

To create any image which looks stunning, you have to download some vectors from free sites, and you can use them in your featured images.

Always look for the top options where you can download the free vectors and graphics in the PNG format and upload them in any of these tools to edit. You can start from scratch with the Canvas of a custom size or you can choose which works perfectly for a variety of circumstances.

If you know the Instagram image and Twitter cover photo or a Pinterest image dimensions, then you can select the photo size. Photos can be imported from URL or from your computer. You can save your pictures in a variety of farmers including PSD, PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, and others.

What We like? Easy-to-use.
Doesn’t require Flash.
Easy for photoshop users
What We don’t Ads
Lacks advanced filters and operations.

3. iPiccy

How bloggers edit their photos

This will also allow you to create stunning images from scratch and make them beautiful with the beautiful customization options the tool provides.

iPiccy is one of the easy and effective online photo editor tools we have now and eid you can access all the options from this tool from the sidebar of the screen. Tools for a specific task are also available such as blemishing, brightness, and adding mascara.

You can also remove wrinkles and many more from this tool which is free. You can import images from any URL, or from your local storage are from your webcam directly.

Edited images can be saved to your computer or you can share them directly to Facebook.

What We like? Intuitive interface.
Can share images directly to Facebook.
What We don’t Saves only in two formats.
No custom collage layouts.

4. Fotor

How bloggers edit their photos

And another great tool which provides an awesome interface for editing photos online and you can enhance an image with one click or you can choose any editing task for particular filters is Fotor.

Some basic tools are included like cropping, curve editing, adding temperature, saturation, brightness and more. You can also add borders, stickers, and text to an image with this free online photo editor tool.

You can save your edited pictures directly into your local computer, or you can share them on Tumblr, and Twitter.

What We like? One-click fixes.
Interesting effects.
RAW file conversion.
What We don’t Ads
Can’t create an image from scratch.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

How bloggers edit their photos

The beautiful tool which provides a lot of customization options is the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. The simple thing about this editor is it offers most of the features you need to fix for any photo.

It is a free online photo editor tool from the company Adobe. Only a few options and customization features are available in this online tool compared to the desktop Photoshop program.

But with this Limited features, you can create stunning images with and mice interface and super easy look. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor also lets you add text, bubbles, stickers, frames and other things to an image.

You can edit pictures in the full-screen mode which will be the best option to keep out from distraction. You can import some of the images in the format of JPG, JPE and you can export the edited images only in the format of JPG.

What We like? Offers most of the features you need.
Easy to use.
Can add frames, bubbles, etc.
What We don’t Can’t add text.
Doesn’t use layers or brushes.
More advanced features require membership.

6. Picozu

How bloggers edit their photos

The Drag and drop free online photo editing tool which supports multiple tabs to edit the pictures is Picozu.  This is one of the most accessible tool and interface will be very natural and beautiful to edit any images.

While editing the images from this tool, you feel like you are editing the pictures in Paint. You can enable the autosave for edited pictures which will save your time and projects. There are various methods you can use to import images to edit.

Unlike other tools, Picozu supports editing the SVG and PSD file formats. Advanced features also allowed in this tool such as “working with layers and applying filters”.

And also some of the easy editing tasks are also added like cropping an image and resizing the Canvas. Other features are altering precise brush stroke settings, such as changing the hardness, flow, tolerance, and type of brush used.

What We like? Clean, clear interface.
Can work with layers.
Doesn’t require Flash
What We don’t Some tools lack advanced settings.

7. Snapstouch

How bloggers edit their photos

Snapstouch is not a complete photo editing tool, but with one click you can make effects to the images quickly.

You cannot find any specific editing tools from this tool because it has a unique feature of applying one-click effect as poster effect, painting, outline and sketch effects.

This is a different online photo editing tool from the other tools, and you can easily import and start reading from this tool. This tool has some limitations, but it will be good for quick style changes.

What We like? Good for quick style changes.
Turns photos into realistic-looking sketches, drawings, paintings,
and more.
What We don’t Images smaller than 600 by 600 pixels lacks quality.
Image size limited to 3MB.

8. BeFunky

How bloggers edit their photos

The next brilliant tool in our list is BeFunky. You can import photos from many sources can you connect for them to social media sites also and the site is simple online photo editor that’s really easy to work.

Also you can add labels, terms of textures and frames and text styles with several effects like oil painting and sketch effects. You can get the basic editing tools from this online photo editor tool. You can also crap anime for the Facebook cover to the exact size to use it on Facebook.

What We like? Can import photos from many sources and export them
to social media sites.
Lots of fun effects perfect for ‘social sharing’.
What We don’t Many of the effects, borders, etc. require paid version.

If the list goes on, you may confuse with the best editing tool. To stop your confusion and to make clear that Photopea and Pixlr are the two best tools for beginners and experts as well.

So instead of trying all the tools, you can try these two doors which will give you the maximum experience for any kind of circumstances. If you want to import the pictures in PSD format then Picozu and will be your perfect choice.

This is how bloggers edit their photos with the help of these free online photo editor tools and population social sites. People are making money with Pinterest by exploring the beautiful images and pinning it to Pinterest.

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