How to Become a Fashion Blogger

We all know that style and beauty is most important thing for everyone’s regular routine. This is the reason thousands of people world-wide searches for fashion and beauty related tips, hacks and updates every day. In such situation becoming a fashion blogger is a career with lot of opportunity. So today, the article is for those people who want to become a Successful Fashion Blogger.


How to Become a Fashion Blogger

It is not that easy to a become fashion blogger but things will work out if you are willing to work hard and follow the proper procedure.

This article will take you through the step by step process on how to start a fashion blog. Blogging requires finding your specific niche, creating quality content and marketing your site to spread brand awareness making a killer website.

Choose a Name for Your Fashion Blog

First, come up with an amazing fashion blog name. Choosing a blog name is an important part of your blogging process. So take your time and select a name that defines your brand. Make sure that it is catchy, easy to remember and be original enough to be easily searchable. Try to select a name that represents your niche.

Once you have selected a name for your fashion blog. You need to register that name, means you need to buy a custom domain name, host that domain name and setup your blogging platform . Here is full details on how to register and host your domain and setup your fashion blog.

Things you can Cover in Fashion Blog

You need to ask yourself following 3 questions

  • What is your blog about?
  • What is the purpose of your blog?
  • And what type of readers are you trying to attract?

Answer of these questions will lead you to right path of becoming a successful fashion blogger.

Fashion Blogger ideas

Write Celebrities Fashion

You can write about celebrities and their day-to-day fashion design, and style updates. If your readers are teenage girls try writing about fashionable dress, shoes, bags or teen fashion tips.

Make Video Content

Videos are popular content type in fashion. People like those kinds of videos which are on makeup tutorial. New dress collection videos, shoes and bags videos also goes really good. You can link them with your blog. Also, when publishing images are something which is must.

Unique Content

Don’t forget “Content is King”. This is one of the most important rules to follow to become successful as fashion blogger. Try to write unique and quality content. You need to understand to your uniqueness and make sure that your blog is a collaboration of just that. People always like uniqueness. So always share unique photos and unique videos in your blog. That will attract people easily. Cause people always find something different.

Another important thing to consider is a theme. Your theme represents you and your blog. So keeping your content clean and organized will also help you look experienced and people will give more importance. It will make your website easy and user-friendly.

Be Honest

It is really important to stay true about yourself throughout the process. Only recommend those products you truly love and don’t be afraid to say when you didn’t like something. It will make your reader trust you more. It is just generally the right thing to do. Also make sure that you obey all the laws about disclosing when your blog posts are sponsored or paid. Try using ad on social media posts. Take feedback from people and try incorporating into those suggestions. Answer question related to fashion, gather followers and promote your blog among them. Keep a keen eye on all recent developments in the world of fashion.

Tips to Grow your Fashion Blog

Below are some tips which will help you in the process of growing a successful blog.

  • Invite the readers on your fashion blog.
  • Engage the readers with excellent write ups.
  • Reach out readers by imparting confidence.
  • Do not suggest buying expensive products.
  • The image is the heart of fashion blog.
  • Always connect with your audience.
  • Maintaining a diary. List down your daily to do for the blog in it.
  • Create your own unique fashion style.
  • Share posts regularly.
  • Be consistent. Post frequently so your audience come back often and expects new content. If they see a drop on your post and you don’t post often, they will stop coming back.


Since it is genius in the early taught fashion blogger has turned from a hobby to an incredibly lucrative business. Some of today’s most influential person style bloggers have gained millions of follower; snagged fixed six-figure campaign deals, landed on the cover of fashion magazine. Of course, it takes time, dedication and a lot of hard work to reach that level. But getting into the game is now easier than ever. With any creative project, sometimes the hardest thing is to simply sit down and start. It might seem intimidating to join the vastly growing space of personal fashion blog but building with your fellow bloggers will only help you thrive.

Here is the list of some best fashion blogging sites you can follow.

  1. Atlantic // Pacific
  2. Chronicles of her
  3. Egg Canvas
  4. Girl with Curves
  5. Hello Fashion

Brand Your Blog

Fasion Blogging

Be sure to choose your sponsored content and brand backed vacation wisely and know your own worth. As a fashion blogger, everything about your online presence need to be curated and refined which takes time. Don’t just post whatever comes to your mind. Think about it and make sure it fits in with your overall brand visual. From the photos you choose for your content to the font you use to write your blog posts you will need to make sure everything look as fashionable and sleek as possible within the confide of your brand identity. Find backgrounds colors, header images, font style, icon graphics that make sense for your style.

Don’t just choose something you like, choose what make sense for your identity. Learn some photo special technique. Make sure every photo you post on your blog or social media is as professional looking as possible.

Use Instagram for your Fashion Blog

Along with other social media sites where you can post your fashion blog articles, Instagram is the best way to become popular. The faster way to build your brand is Instagram. Especially with style bloggers whole thing is photos. So it is a platform to show outfits to become a great way to discover new blog and fashion inspiration.

Some more rules to become a successful fashion blogger
  • Pick specific topic or niche
  • Find your own voice
  • Be original
  • Make it share worthy.
  • Keep it update with regular post
  • Don’t fake it
  • Tell the world about your new blog and fashion. Plan a standard marketing strategy that works for you.
  • Keep it visual.
  • Be tireless about growing your email list.
  • Use great photographs and videos.
  • Support your blog with a strong social presence
  • Remember the golden rule, improve over time.

So guys that was everything for today on how to become a fashion blogger. Hope the article answers your question and if you want me write about more regarding this please let me know via comments. Also comment down your opinion on this article.


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