How To Create Images For Blog Online For Free

Without an image in your blog, readers will not be able to absorb the content of your article. It does not matter how great your article is. There is an expression “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” So, to make that happen I will show you step by step how to create images for blog using Canva. And creation of this high quality graphics are absolutely free of cost.

What is Canva?

Canva is a cloud based online graphic designing tool. You can create Facebook images, Pinterest images, Instagram pictures, sales promotion images and more. Even though you are not a designer, you can still create a professional-quality images online using Canva. It is like one of the free Photoshop alternative. You just need to learn the basic to create amazing images.

How To Create Images For Blog Using Canva

To use canva, you need to sign up with them which is 100% free. Either create a Canva account or log in with your Facebook or Google account. After sign up and logged in follow these steps to create images for blog:

Canva has more than 50,000 templates. So right after you login you will see below screen. Since we are creating images for blog in this tutorial, let’s select Blogger.

How To Create Images For Blog canva start page

After selecting Blogger you will see below screen. If you want you can invite someone to join. You can click on Skip at the bottom.

How To Create Images For Blog invite

Select A Template

Now you will be landed on a screen with few templates. You can view more templates by clicking on More Design. For this tutorial, we will be using “Facebook Ad” template.

Does not matter which template you pick, you can still make good image for your WordPress blog. But if someone shares your blog in Social Media, it will look great as this template has predefined image size.

If you can not find the “Facebook Ad” template, just search for that template and click on it.

How To Create Images For Blog search template

Choose Your Style And Your Background Image

Now they already have a lot of preset style images. You can pick one of those and work on it as long as they are free.

But here we will pick our own background image and start from scratch. Now question is where do we get our background image? Due to copyright law, we can’t just grab any image from online.

But there is a good news, there is couple website where you can get images for free. It is also legal to use background images.

  • Unsplash – Unsplash has more than 550,000 images to use for free without asking permission or giving credit.
  • Pixabay – Pixabay has a huge collection of images, more than 1.5 million. All images are released under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to anyone.

Pixabay is my favorite one.

Here are some additional lists where you can get free images for your blog.

Once you find your image which suits for your blog, download that image. then  upload that image to Canva by clicking on Upload icon on left Nav bar. Then click on Upload an Image.

How To Create Images For Blog upload background image

Once it’s uploaded, just drag it over to your design canvas. If image does not fill in the canvas, you can drag left, right or even top and bottom to fill the canvas:

How To Create Images For Blog canva drag background

Add Filter And Adjust Brightness To Your Image

Now, you can add Filter to your background image if you would like. Click on the background image to select it then click on filter on the top:

How To Create Images For Blog canva filter

You can also adjust your background image by clicking on Adjust on the top. Then just move the bar until you are happy with your background image.

create image free for blog canva adjust

Add Text To Your Background Image

Once you are satisfied with the images, you can move on to next step which is adding text. Click on Text icon on left navigation menu.

If you choose preset layout, you will see the text already has been added. You can edit that text by clicking on it and change it.

If you don’t select the preset layout then you can click on ‘Add a text box’ which will be placed on the top of your background image. Then you can type your own text.

If you want to change the font size, style or color, you just need to select the text then choose from the options at the top of the page:

create image free for blog style text

Add this point, if you want you can download the image and use it on your blog. But to make it more professional look we will do little more work. So let’s continue.

Add An Overlay To Make Your Text Pop

Even though this is not required but we want to give our image a professional look by adding a transparent overlay.

To add transparent overlay go to Images > Search for shapes. Select the square shape and drag it to your image canvas. This overlay will be white in color by default.

create image free for blog canva shape

Click color icon on the top and choose your desirable color. This will hide your text until you make it transparent.

create image free for blog canva overlay color

To make it transparent, click on transparent icon on the right corner. Move the transparency bar left to right until you find it better. 50% – 60% transparency is usually a good start.

Once you are happy with your transparency then move the overlay box, resize it to cover the whole text and make it center.

create image free for blog transparency

Add WordPress Logo

While you can add any object to your image, here we will add a WordPress logo to it. This will be our final touch to our image. Click on Images > Search for ‘WordPress’. You will see a lot of WordPress logos came up on search result. Just select a free logo and drag it over to your image canvas. Move it around to place anywhere you like.

What if you want to add your own logo instead of WordPress logo?  I mean your website has a logo, right? Yes, you can. Just upload that image and add it over it.

create images for blog add logo

Download Your Image

Finally, you have a professional looking blog image ready to use. You need to download your image by clicking on down arrow next to Publish button on the top right corner.

Keep the default file type as PNG and click Download. If you have worked on multiple images by adding pages, you will see that option to select Page. Now you should have your image on your local computer.

create image free for blog download canva image

Upload the file to your WordPress site and use it on your blog.

Of course, creating the first image will take little bit of your time. But once you create a couple of them, it will take no time to create great looking graphics. And it will make your blog looks incredible.

So, this is how you can create free blog images for your site.

If you think this tutorial is helpful and would like to let others know so they can also create images for their blogs. Don’t forget to share in social media.

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