Tips on how to Earn Money from YouTube Made Simple

Earning money from YouTube is one of the most insane and most searched questions on online. Most of the people don’t like their job, and they choose to earn their income online.

One thing you have to remember that, you can’t earn living just by uploading the video on YouTube. You have to work hard. Even in the case of YouTube or in the case of a website you have to work hard. Once you get success, then you can enjoy the revenue.

People tend to choose YouTube as a career, most of the people succeeding. On the other hand a lot of people are giving up. Like in any industry, YouTube has a huge competition where you have to work smart for survival.

Instead of keeping these things in mind, we are here to explain the best tips to get succeed in YouTube within a short span of time, and you can earn income through YouTube.

What if I tell you that, people left their dream jobs for YouTube even they are getting high salaries. Earning online is a passion as well as intention.

How to Earn Money from YouTube

There is no limit on earning money through online, and if you have the best tactics on saving the revenue, then you will be a millionaire soon. All you need is a YouTube channel and a unique concept which will “get millions of traffic” and views within the time.

I know you are eager to know how to earn money from YouTube. So without wasting time let’s see those beautiful tips which will make you the protagonist in your dream job that is YouTube.

Earning money from YouTube is a bit of smart work and time management. If you have the perfect time plan, then you are going to schedule the videos which will entertain the people. Most of the YouTubers follow a simple time flow, according to which they will upload videos.

A video is the new content style we all are passionate about to watch and to share. We search for everything on YouTube from how to make recipes and how to earn money.

No matter how fierce the competition is, if you are unique and you are consistent, then you are going to be the rock star on YouTube.

Being Unique is important to make money on YouTube

Being Unique in Youtube channel flames

Everyone knows that if you have an account from Google, then you can open a channel on YouTube. After opening your channel, the next thing you have to do is thinking about the concept and ideas to share from your knowledge with the viewers.

You have to do some research which will help you to make the videos. Most of the people driving millions of traffic by just entertaining people with their acting and sense of humor.

Do you know that there are thousands of channels who have millions of subscribers just for pranks? No matter in which niche you are working, if you have the different style of talking and presenting the video which will attract the viewers they will subscribe to your channel.

Once you got a lot of subscribers, then you don’t have to worry about marketing your videos that much. Instead, people will share your videos with their friends and family. The one thing you have to keep in mind that your video should be unique from others.

If you are going to make a channel which will tell about technology and gadgets, then you have to think twice. This is the topic where the competition is extreme level; you will get subscribers if you have the different setup and the unique presentation.

If you know the “MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) channel, then you should inspire from the channel. The channel is new at the time of technology channels are hitting the YouTube, but Marques Brownlee channel is about to hit 8 million subscribers soon.

The way Marques Brownlee presents the videos and the way he attracts the audience is the secret of this enormous success. Now you don’t have to follow him because he is already there, you have to develop your skills of presenting the videos.

Social Media Ground

Once you’ve done with the initial videos of the channel, then you have to tell the people that your channel has something which will help the audience.

If you use the low competition keywords, then you will get search traffic easily, but if you are working with the highly competitive topic, then you have to reach the audience as much as you can through social media.

To promote your videos and your channel you have to work on paid methods which will reach the targeted audience. Start a Facebook page, Facebook group, twitter account, ReddIt, Mix, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Once your brand is established, then you have to promote your videos on these social media platforms.

If you have the content which is the king then no worry about viewers, a minimum of targeted audience will make your channel to grow bigger with their shares. Upload a video on YouTube and then share the video on social media with an exciting title and thrilling description. At the time of creating the title to your YouTube video, keep in mind that it should be extremely attractable.

AdSense is the way to monetize and earn from your YouTube Channel

AdSense is one of the most popular way to earn money from YouTube. It is the Google ad platform which will pay you for displaying ads on your YouTube videos. The more views you get the more money Google will pay you.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC is cost per click. When someone clicks on the ad displaying on your video, advertiser will pay you a portion of a fund which is based on CPC.

For example, if a particular keyword has a CPC rate $2.25 and viewers clicks on that ad, it will charge that advertiser $2.25. You can display text ads as well as pop up ads in the lower part of your video to get more possible CPC.

Cost Per View (CPV)

CPV is when an advertiser pays you based on views. The average earning per views will depend on once again on CPC (Cost-per-click) rate. If your targeted country has high CPC, then you will get good revenue even for the one click and for 1000 Impressions.

If your target country has low CPC, then you will get minimum revenue even for high views.

To qualify for AdSense, you have to be eligible for that before applying. Once you get approval, and then you can start making money through AdSense by displaying ads on your YouTube videos. The number of ads and the place will be under your control, and you can show the ads whenever you want.

Apart from AdSense, you can also earn money through affiliate marketing from your YouTube channel.

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn huge money from YouTube through affiliate marketing. These large marketing agencies will pay the high commissions if you can generate the leads for their agencies. To start with affiliate marketing, first search the best affiliate marketers for your niche.

If you have a technology channel which has good subscribers, then you can apply for Amazon affiliate program or Flipkart affiliate marketing. They will pay good commissions if you can generate the leads for them.

And if you run a niche blog which tells about website design and web services including web hosting; then you can try hosting affiliates or domain affiliate marketing.

Whatever the topic you’re sharing with your subscribers, according to that you have to start affiliate marketing by knowing your subscriber’s interest. A lot of people earning huge commissions from the affiliate marketers by generating leads for them.

Direct Promotion

Direct Promotion is another way to earn money from YouTube. You can use your YouTube channel to market any products you like. This is nothing but sponsorship. Advertising companies will pay you the fixed amount for the collaboration with your YouTube channel. You can also call this as affiliate marketing, but they will pay the fixed amount irrespective of leads and generations.

All you have to do is show the description of their products in your video. You also have to explain a few features, Pros and Cons about the product. Depending on your popularity they will pay money.

These are some of the ways on how you can earn money from YouTube. Crowdfunding is also the best earning sources to YouTube. Company will pay you for making videos of their product, and all the money you generate from paid videos is yours.

And also for Crowd funding, the non-profitable YouTube channels are making money through crowdfunding. They will ask to donate some money by providing the free information and trust me people will pay you huge.

So these are the ways where you can earn income from YouTube just by uploading videos and working smart. If you are really interested making some passive income. Here is an article, I have complied with some other ways to make passive income from your blogas well.

Let us know if we missed anything on the list and feel free to share your views.


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