How to find Micro Niche site ideas

How to find Micro Niche site ideas to lead #1 rank in Google

How to find Micro Niche site ideas to lead #1 rank in Google

Finding a Micro niche site is a million dollar task. Isn’t it? You can easily be successful in your first step when you execute the micro niche site idea. In this article, I will show you “how to find micro niche site ideas” to rank in position 1 in search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex, or Yahoo.

Most of the bloggers (beginners) probably search for hot topics or competitive ideas to write content. And in the result, they miserably fail.

But what about a micro niche? Micro niches have scope in getting traffic, but they have very fewer hits on search engines. But before that, if you are hardly getting traffic on your blog, then you should work to increase your sales.

If you have a business website, then you have to reach clients. Which will be the hardest problem every blogger face, and if you know something, then you have to work on getting organic traffic.

There are so many techniques you can follow to get massive traffic to your blog organically.

If you ask any pro blogger about a niche site idea, most of them will say it will be difficult to survive in this niche.


The reason is, there are already thousands of blogs roaming on search engines.

It’s a pathetic answer. Isn’t it? Just imagine if there are so many blogs ranking for the keyword already then how you can achieve rank for that keyword.


What is a Micro niche site?

A micro niche is a sub(sub) niche. It means for a niche you can create hundreds of micro niches to get started. Let’s say you are searching for ‘dog food.’ The key phrase ‘dog food‘ is extremely competitive, and you are not gonna rank for that keyword even if you spend 14/hours a day and built thousands of backlinks.

But what if you want to go with ‘labrador dog food’? It’s looking good, and maybe you can work on this topic. You need to fill your pen with high knowledge to write these type of articles, and the competition would be high.

Let me make my search more clear by adding ‘in summer’ to the keyword. Looks interesting right? Now the keyword will be ‘labrador dog food in summer.’ This is a very long keyword with less search volume but the competition is very low. This is how you can select a micro niche.

Google search to find micro niche blog ideas

I have some methods to find micro-niche site idea for your new blog and within a month or two you can earn your first 100+ dollars with consistency. If you got the right micro niche, it is possible to make as much as $5000 dollars per month.


Micro niche site examples

Let me give you some more examples about micro niche ideas so it makes more sense.

For the keyword mentioned above, you should be confusing on how you can pick a topic to write. It will be very simple to pick a topic to write your first post. So here is the question.

google LSI keyword search for sub niche ideas

So Now you are ready with the question to make your first blog post write. Now it’s your turn to write an awesome informative article to attract people.

You may disappoint when see the traffic for this kind of posts but wait for some days. If you can rank this type of keywords, then you can easily go for the big niche relevant to your micro-niche type.

If you are getting 100/month organic traffic from the topic and if you can write 12 to 15 articles like these keywords then you will get 1500+ organic visitors to your blog.

And if you can get 1000+ traffic to your blog within the first two months, then you can experiment your blog by using the short tail keyword too.

You can link all your existing pages to the new short tail keyword article. You will quickly see the results.


How to find micro niche site ideas using online tools?

Here are three best and free tools or methods to find any type of micro-niche site ideas that generates passive income.

  1. Google auto suggest
  2. Quora
  3. Answer the public


1 Google Auto suggest

The easiest and the best way to find questions and micro niche blog idea is using ‘Google auto-suggest’.

Let me guide you, how google search can be very useful to find your sub niche site.

Just go to Google or any search engines and enter the keyword you are looking to write a blog. After you entered the key phrase, hit -space bar-‘ This will suggest you the most searched things in google and irrespective of order you can pick anyone.

Here is how you can do it.

Google long tail keyword research to pick a niche

Available domains as of writing: and

The process of finding the Micro-niche ideas are very simple if you know how to do it perfectly. Now, these are the topics you can cover in micro-niche site.

This is the best technique you can use to generate ideas and topics to write articles.


What to do after finding your micro niche ideas?

Once you find your micro niche for blogging, the next step would be register a domain, get web hosting to create you micro niche website.

For micro-nice site ideas, the traffic will be less but if you monetize the site correctly then you can generate profitable revenue.

The long-tail keywords can sprout your short tail keywords. Top influencers and bloggers always suggest focusing on the informative articles rather than the search engine friendly articles is better because if you can impress a reader, then you are already impressed the search engine. So export your ideas in Google address bar hence you can extract the topics you can cover which have very low competition.


#BONUS- Bing to find micro niche ideas

Bing search to get micro niche

Bing is also a search engine which can generate the micro-niche site ideas to drive huge traffic to your website if you are targeting the selected audience or the selected country.

No matter which niche you are writing, people across the world search with these search engines and they come to you if your article is informative.

“But make sure that you submitted your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools also”.

Alright, when we talk about driving huge traffic to your article, then you must have informative content where people engage with the content, and they share.

You only look for the top blogs and their earnings but if you deeply research with the micro niche sites then you will come to know that micro niche sites can also generate huge income.


2 Quora

Quora is a another place where you can get in touch with the millions of readers every day. All you have to do is create a free account in Quora. After creating account in Quora try to answer some questions without expecting anything to get visibility in the community.

Now, when you want to find a micro niche site idea, you should know this technique to find multiple niche site ideas at once. For example, open quora and type a topic. Let’s assume that you search ‘Sleep habits.’

The results will be regarding sleeping habits in the topic but what the best part is you can get ideas from here.

Quora to find best trending micro niche in the market
Example of how to get micro niche ideas from Quora

The related topics will give the best examples in writing the sub-niche type. You have to be sure about the parent topic, and Quora will give you the best-related section from where you can pick any topic.

Don’t worry about traffic here, because the topic will have followers and you can assume the popularity of the sub-topic. So pick a topic which has maximum followers and try to write on that topic using informative words.

You can also read this guide from Neil Patel how he attracted 9k+ traffic from Quora with-in one month.

After picking up a topic, search for questions and write the answers uniquely by giving the viral title to the article. The title will grab 80% of the reader’s attention, and a boring title doesn’t even active no matter how depth your article is.

So make sure that even if you experiment writing the title is clickable. This is how you can generate micro-niche site idea using Quora for free.


3 Answer The Public

Another free and excellent tool in the list to generate niche blog ideas is ATP. Answerthepulic is a tool for bloggers and marketers to check which topic is making sense while users are searching.

If you have an idea but if you don’t know how to write the content, then you can check this tool to generate some beautiful ideas. Questions from the tool will be meaningful and user-friendly. Just type any search query in the tool, and you can find multiple ideas.

But your question will be ‘All these are questions, so how I can find a Micro-niche?‘. Stay tuned I’m going to answer your question.

When you scroll down to the page, you will head to the comparison section where you can easily get ideas for Micro-niche sites.

Answer the public graph displays ideas

This will be a great way to find micro-niche site ideas to create a blog. Not only comparisons you can also look for similar things to find and make a micro-niche idea to build to strong authority blog.


Is there any tools which can help you to find sub niches?

Yes, there are lot of tools out there to do keyword research or search just like we just did in Google or Bing to find micro niche. One of the best tools out there is SEMRush. It is paid tools but worth it. Because, it will not only help you to find sub niche ideas, it will also help you to analysis backlinks, ranking status of your domain, reveal any website’s traffic and more.


Is it a good idea to create micro or sub niche website?

The best thing about micro niche sites are competition and the bad thing is the scope. Let’s see the pros and cons of Micro-niche sites.


Pros of Micro-Niche Sites

  • You can easily rank your keyword without high pressure and efforts.
  • A simple, user-friendly informative article will rank in search engine even the site is new.
  • You need not to update the content very often to get great search traffic. Once your site hits the Google, you can see immense growth in earnings.
  • You can create hundreds of micro-niche sites, and you can start making huge money. (AMAZON AFFILIATES SITES TOO)


Cons of Micro-Niche sites

  • You cannot last for a long time in the niches, so it’s better to start micro niche blog now and also create a parent niche topic site too.
  • Google doesn’t like micro-niche sites when you outdated the content so always update the content and start earnings.
  • The traffic will be low and even zero sometimes but you have to fight back with the informative content.


How to make money on Micro Niche websites?

The answer is very simple. You can sky high your earnings using affiliate products and direct sales. You can earn huge commissions when you sell your ad area on your website. Adsense is also a way to make money.


If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, then you have to find the perfect niche which can bring a lot of traffic and income. Even with less traffic, you can generate more revenue if you can make more conversions.

You have to be careful when choosing the Niche site idea. Because there are millions of ideas that can work and most of the people are already working on them. Here are some hot and trending niche site ideas which can make money even with average traffic.

But before going with this, let’s figure out how to find the trending micro niche. You can use a lot of tools as mentioned in the article above and also you can take the help of Google trends.

If you follow the news regularly, then you may get an idea about trending products. There was a time when fidget spinner launched in the market and everyone went mad.

That’s how you can find trending topics and products if you follow the news or you can also take the help of Google trends and some of the methods we mentioned above.


1 Video doorbells

Video doorbell is one of the best micro niche for blogging. These are the gadgets which are trending now, and you can take as a product to write the articles. The competition less and you can sell more products if you can write conversion based articles.

A lot of people are looking for doorbells which can be operated by a mobile phone. And they are looking for best video doorbells to operate from mobile. So here you already found keywords you can rank and you can work.

This is related to security that means you can also add some more security products in the list if you want to make it broad niche. But if you consider the competition, it will be better to go with some particular products in the beginning.

Once you are getting enough traffic, then you can go with related products with average competition to increase your revenue.


2 3D printing

It will be a competitive niche, but you have several other options to work on with the topic. 3D printing is becoming more famous than our industry now, and 3D printers are machines that start with plastic and some essential designs on your computer.

People are looking for how to save ink in 3D printing. So this will be a good keyword if you know how to save, but if you don’t know, then you can get the product reviews of separate 3D printer.

You can review the best 3D printers and can share your honest opinion to reach out to the maximum audience. One thing you have to remember is, you are not promoting any 3D printer just because of money.

You have to be honest with their review and if someone purchased the printer then go and ask them for their review. Once you know how to operate 3D printer, then you can start online classes, or you can sell the 3D printers online. This is how you can monetize your site in this topic.


3 Latest games

Always keep an eye on Play Store and find those games which are new to the market and have less reviews but if you download and if you feel the game is going to to be one of the biggest games on Play Store, then you should start writing the topic right now.

That’s because if you are a first writer to write on that topic, then Google will always push your rankings no matter how competition you can get.

Even if you have a low authority site, once you review the game, then people always look for the safe side.

Probably The game owners can also contact you for better content engagement. Once your site is ranking for those keywords, then you can start promoting other games too.



Growing a website instantly will be possible only with paid adverting. But with micro-niche sites, you can make good authority websites, and you can sell them for good profit.

When your site is receiving traffic constantly, there are many ways to earn from those traffic. You can start working on micro-niche sites, and then you can go to competitive filed.


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