How to get AdSense approval: Simple tweaks after unlimited Rejections

AdSense has been gaining quite a lot of popularity in recent times. It is one of the best ways of online advertising and to monetize your blog or website. In this articles, I will explain how to get AdSense approval.

AdSense helps your blog to gain popularity by putting it across similar platforms, winning the audience. AdSense is a much-preferred mode of online advertisement due to its guaranteed performance.

However, it is not so easy to get into AdSense as they accept only quality websites that have potential, works along the lines of SEO and has great networking.

They have strict TOS (Terms of Service) and keep banning accounts that violate it. More than hearing the stories of how AdSense turned a bloggers life, you might listen to stories of AdSense not approving reports.

How to get AdSense approval

While getting disapproved by AdSense can be quite disappointing, there are several ways to improve your blog or website and reapply to get AdSense Approval.

If you know the criteria that AdSense consider for accepting, your job will be a hundred times easier.

Note: It is easy to get AdSense approval on WordPress self hosted and Blogger blogging platforms.

So here are the steps on how to get AdSense approval with simple tweaks.

Now AdSense is No Big Deal- Be strong with the Rejection

Step 1: Keep Calm

There are many bloggers out there who feel dejected when their blog is not approved. They think the potentiality that they saw in the blog is no more relevant and tries to move on.

Let me tell you, failures are standard in all platforms. Rather than feeling dejected, what you need to do is to work on how to improve your blog so that an ad networking company that is one of the largest like Google AdSense, accepts your blog.

AdSense always gives you a second chance, and there is a scope for reapplication. When AdSense rejects an application, they will send you email with the reasons why it was not approved.

Make sure you give extra importance to them when you fix it. Take your time, set the things that need to be fixed and then jump into reapplying.

Step 2: Identify the reasons behind your rejection

There are several reasons why AdSense would reject your application. Some of them include

Your website is too new

Google AdSense generally accepts sites that are at least 6 months old. They often check from the index, when the blog was launched and how long have you been running it.

They take up applications that are a minimum of 6 months old to make sure that you are serious about the whole blogging thing. Often people create a blog to make money but fail to maintain it and keep it after a month or two.

It is as a precaution from these people that the 6-month old application policy was initiated. (Some people get approval with 1 month old site too)

Insufficient content/Unacceptable site content

This is one of the most important factors to get Google AdSense approval. Good content is always looked upon by AdSense. They have a specialist who will review your content to make sure that they are of relevance among the audience and the larger platform.

A poorly written material with grammatical errors is often immediately rejected by AdSense. Make sure you have unique content that would gain the attention of the audience which also provides value to readers.

Adding keywords would be a good start to make an impression for your application with AdSense.

You should also make sure that the content does not violate any of the terms and services that Google AdSense agrees too. If your blog talks about a banned content, then you might have to revamp your blog to get accepted by Google AdSense.

Some of the banned subjects include pornography, hate speech, hacking guides and basically anything illegal..

Violating Copyrights

If your page has contents that are not owned by you, it will lead you to a huge trouble with AdSense. That includes full or partial articles copied from someone else, Images, Videos or any other which is not created by you.

How to get adsense approval?

Having trademarks not owned by you, posting content that is not created by you or displaying contents for which you do not have the right to distribute such as pirated music and movies and such issues are immediately take in note by AdSense and rejected. It would be ideal for you not to distribute stolen media.

Page type/Design of your blog

The design of your blog is also taken into consideration not only by AdSense but also is essential in general when you want to reach out to a larger audience. The design of the page is one of the vital factors if you want to attract viewers and have good traffic.

A blog that has unappealing colors would not be in anyways accepted by AdSense. The design must be pleasing to eyes, and the page should be easy for your users to browse and navigate.

While for blogs like WordPress, you can set up a theme, to make your blog unique it would be great to hire a designer.

No privacy policy, Contact or About us

Like a good website or blog, it is essential to have information about the owner of the blog and the privacy policies to assure there is no violation of it.

A blog that does not have any information about its owner is equal to having a house with no address.

Having these pages not only make an impression of being professional but also helps AdSense to get an idea about you and how the users would be needed to act around your site.

It’s pretty much easy to find privacy policies online from which you can adapt for your blog.

These are some of the Google AdSense policies to comply with when applying for it and getting AdSense approval. If your site does not comply with the AdSense policies, it will get rejected no matter what.

Step 3: Correcting your mistakes

# Creating high-quality content

The 1st mistake that you could rectify in your blog would be to improve your content to make it a high-quality one. The material that you create has to be original, meaningful and have useful content.

Your content can vary across 500-600 words for a beginner.  Try to include keywords to 16x your traffic in these content that goes along with it. It would help in creating an impression.

Having 8-10 well-written articles in your blog would be the first step to clear your path towards AdSense. Keep these points in the note while creating your content:

  • Have an attractive headline
  • Have bullets and subheading if it a significant content
  • Free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes
  • Unique and useful

# Improve your blog design

How to get AdSense approval

As said before, design is a vital part when it comes to creating blogs and websites. The design should look professional and must be pleasant to viewers.

Fix up the broken scripts, pop-ups, and other disruptions. Your design must be able to create an impression. Having designs that would take time would be the worst idea ever.

You can try out templates or pre-existing themes for your blog but all in all, it should look clean. Make sure that your design is

  • Simple and professional
  • Easy to navigate with the proper menu’s
  • Fast loading

Create a privacy page

Most of the bloggers who are beginners to the field do not think of creating a privacy page for their site which often leads to AdSense rejection.

A privacy policy is created to assure that the blog you run is not a scam. Further, it also warns the viewers that might visit the page about the contents of it, what they should and should not do on your blog.

While you can write your own policy, there are privacy policy generators some of which are free.

# Creating an about page

Creating an about us page is important to know the identity of the owner of the page. Again it assures that page is not a scam.

Creating an about usage would give out a general idea of who you are and what you do. The page would describe you and your blog.

It would not only help you in getting into the good books with AdSense but also in creating a relationship with the readers. Your about us page should contain

  • 300-500 words
  • Something about yourself (who you are, previous background, your aspirations, etc)
  • The reason to start the blog and about the blog (a story behind it, what it means to you etc.)
  • You can add quotes too to make it more attractive

# Creating contact us page

As said before, having a contact us page is essential for your website to create an identity. It helps your viewers or readers to connect with you. It would open up a stage for discussions and improvisations that you could make in your blog to make it the best.

By creating a contact us page, you also connect your social media accounts which opens a bigger platform to explore and opens up the idea of social media management.

It would help in having more traffic to your website and popularizing it. It also creates the impression that you are open to ideas and corrections and that you care about the viewer’s opinion.

About us page also helps in taking you one step ahead with AdSense. While creating your contact page make sure to add

  • An email most preferably a business one or a one that sounds professional
  • Your Instagram handle
  • Your Facebook handle
  • Don’t add too many social media handles also. It would make your site overwhelming. 2-3 social media handles are mostly preferred.

# Make sure you are 18+

While you would have been successful in creating accounts in social media by giving incorrect age, that would not work for to get AdSense approval.

In fact, it would only put you to more trouble in getting AdSense to approve your account. Use your correct birth date when you are applying for AdSense. If you are not 18 yet, then all we can say is, Sorry! Wait for your turn.

# Verify your name and email

Make sure to add your name and email in areas where Adsense would see it such as the About us page or contact us.

Having your name and email in areas where it would not be readily visible is almost equal to not adding them at all as it loses the whole concept of being there.

#Check your content

Make sure to run an eye through your content before applying for Adsense. Assure that no content is not approved by Adsense in your blog such as,

  • Pornography
  • Pirated content
  • Unsupported languages
  • Hacking guides
  • Other illegal content

Step 4: Improvising and moving on

If you have done all the improvisations, fixed everything that possibly needs to be fixed in your blog and yet if the application is rejected, all you can do is move on than waste any more time.

First, don’t lose hope or feel that your hard work has gone to drains. There are plenty of sites out there that would help you in outsourcing ads and earn money using your blog.

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Some of them are quite easy to get approved as well. Some of the well-known sites for online ads include

a) is a great ad networking site for expertise as well as beginners. They offer ads from various programs. Powered by Yahoo and Bing, the publishers get to use quality ads from Yahoo and Bing. provides a payout of approximately 100$ and pays through PayPal. There is no requirement of minimum trafficking which is excellent for beginners.

b) Pop Ads

It is a great ad networking for small publishers. PopAds is a premium network with instant approval. It offers a better CPM rate and supports all kinds of websites. The minimum payout is 5$. They also pay through Pay Pal.

c) Info links

Info links are quite famous for its text and format and have trusted advertisers like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. They offer banner ads, overlay ads and many more.

The wide number of option is another advantage. The minimum payout is 50$ and pays through PayPal, e-check, wire transfer.

Wrap Up

It is not as hard as it sounds to get an Adsense approval. In fact, if you are planning to monetize your site, it would be better to start at the beginning of it which would make things easier.

Make sure to go by the things Adsense needs and its policies to get their instant approval.  There are ways to make money without ad sense also. Keep Blogging!!!

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