How to Install wordpress plugins Manually with 1 Click

How to install WordPress plugins into the WordPress dashboard without login into your admin area? So here is the solution to how you can do it. You need to access your file manager or web files using the hosting provider.

Installing WordPress plugins from file manager is not a difficult task, instead, you can easily set up your themes and plugins from your cPanel. However, why do you need to install plugins from hosting manually?

Why do you need to install plugins manually? Stay with the article and I will break down something why you have to learn how to install WordPress plugins and themes manually.

WordPress is famous for its ultimate plugins and themes as much as it is popular for building a website.

WordPress has more than 50000 plugins and the unlimited number of themes in the directory. You have to protect your website from being attacked from hackers. Most of the hackers target WordPress as their primary goal because 27% of the total sites are built with WordPress.

That’s the reason why most of the hackers attracted to WordPress and they like to hack the sites. WordPress is a secure CMS platform by default, but you can install some security plugins and patch-ups to make the site more secure.

Why do you need to install plugins manually

If your site is hacked or terminated for so many reasons, you cannot access your WordPress admin area with your credentials. That’s the reason why you have to access your website from Cpanel.

When you wish to access your website from the file manager in hosting, you need some idea about web files and Cpanel. A minor change in the website address may shut down your website, and you cannot access it. The only way you can access your site is through web files.

When you should access the website through Cpanel

  • If your site is attacked
  • When your theme shows error
  • Your secure version is not working
  • When you are migrating a website
  • If your site is temporary down
  • When your site is down because of unnecessary plugins and themes.
  • Bad behavior of your theme and plugins.
  • Misconfiguration of plugins.

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How to install WordPress plugins manually

Now you are going to learn how to install WordPress plugins manually using your Cpanel or File Manager in your hosting server.

Before logging into Cpanel, download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Just open the WordPress plugins area and then download the required plugin you want to install. I am going to install the Monster analytics plugin.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

Open your hosting server and log in to Cpanel. After login to Cpanel, you can see the option ‘File Manager‘. Click on file manager to access your website files even if you have multiple websites.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

With caution, select your targeted website file server.

If you have multiple sites, then you must select only the desired one to make changes. Otherwise, you may lose all your files in all your sites.

1. Let’s say is my site where I have to enable/disable plugins. I am going to select the site from the file manager.

Now, I’m at the website files manager. From this file Manager, we can access everything.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

2. After selecting your site click on ‘wp-content‘ and it will open all the content included in your WordPress site. You have to select the ‘plugins‘ section from the menu.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

3. After opening the plugins area, you have the option to upload any files. On the top side of the page, you can see the upload option. Click on the upload to manually install your plugin.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

4. A new tab will open, and you can select files from your local computer to install the plugins. Select your plugin to install the plug-in in the plugin directory of your WordPress web files.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

5. The plugin will be successfully uploaded and now it can be installed by just a single click.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

6. Now, the final step is required to complete the installation of the plugin. Right click on the plugin you just installed (the uploaded file will be in the format of zip). Click extract to extend the plugin completely.

How to Install wordpress plugins Manually

Now you have successfully installed a plugin manually without logging into the WordPress dashboard. Similarly, you can also install themes and the unlimited number of plugins easily. You can also delete the plugin from this section in case of WordPress admin login issues.

This is how you can manually install WordPress plugins through your hosting server. This is the easiest method if you want to learn how to operate your website from server files.

Not only the plugins but also you can install themes in the same process.

How many plugins can we install manually?

There are no limits to install the plugins either manually or from the dashboard. But using too many plugins will slow down your website, and your site may misbehave.

As per the recommendation from experts, it is better to use a maximum of 20 plugins. You should not use more than 20 plugins to keep your website secure and safe.

How to disable/delete plugins manually?

The same method you have to follow mentioned above. To deactivate any plugin manually click on the plugin and delete it.

Is it safe to install plugins manually?

It is 100% safe, and you don’t have to worry about anything if you have done correctly. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above and if you have any doubts then feel free to comment.

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