How to make money on Pinterest Incredibly easy methods that works for all

Do you know you can make money on Pinterest just by pinning? You don’t even need a blog to make money from Pinterest.


Of course you can.

Every social media platform has the opportunity to earn money. Pinterest comes to the list when it comes to online earning only by pinning and promoting brands.

So, How to Make Money with Pinterest without a blog?

In this article, I will point out some of the ways to make money with Pinterest.

Many people never realize that this photo pinning app can make you thousands of dollars just with simple methods you can do. There are so many people who have the huge following on Pinterest, but they think it’s just a Photo sharing app.

In November 2013, Pinterest had 70 million users, and 80% of them are women. Now, according to the latest reports, Pinterest has 250 million active users every month.

These figures say the growth of Pinterest dramatically. Pinterest may not be as big as the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other popular social media platforms but it is showing the tremendous growth in statistics.

Is it really Possible to make money on Pinterest?

Yes, if you spend hours on Pinterest for pinning the posts already, then you may wonder how you can earn thousands of dollars off the Pinterest. Nothing can stop you if you have talent and passion for online earning and Pinterest in one of the ways to make money online.

There are so many ways you can make money off Pinterest, and as the network grows your chances will grow too to earn good profits.

If you are wondering how to make money by pinning, then you are at the right place where you can generate ideas and can explore ways to make it happen. The best thing is you don’t need to setup a website with WordPress or any other blogging platforms to earn living from Pintetrest.

You just need to follow some of the popular ways listed below.

5 Ways you can make money from Pinterest.

1. Make money on Pinterest with Affiliate links

Who doesn’t love Affiliate marketing? Either it is from the website or from YouTube, people love affiliate marketing to earn excellent commissions.

Making money using Pinterest made easy when you leverage the Affiliate link with your pin. Magically, Affiliate Marketing is the first income source for many people out there.

People like this as it is the easiest way to get paid. If you have a good following, then you don’t need to worry about the sales, but if you are a beginner, then you should work hard to get followers.

You can share your products on Pinterest with an affiliate link, and you will earn money for every purchase your followers made. The affiliate programmers will give you the referral link which can be shared and promote their products.


Note: When you are using affiliate link you can just copy and paste the links. But if you are using affiliate link on your WordPress blog post then make sure to read this article when do you use nofollow on links. So you don’t get penalty from SEO.

You can find affiliate programs according to your interest and your followers’ interest. You are just redirecting your followers to the merchant store which will be the process of making money. Whenever you pin a post, you have to add some description, and you can give the link in the pin.

Once you share your affiliate link, then the link will flow out through the world, and every successful purchase will give you money. All these things will happen if you have a good followers or if you are a beginner then you have to increase your followers by pinning and sharing useful stuff.

This affiliate marketing method also works on medium blogging platform to earn money as passive income.

2. Make money with Pinterest by Sponsorship

You can choose a company to promote, and you can ask for sponsorship. You have to build your Pinterest followers to make an extraordinary sales through rate.

Target a company or a group and select the companies offering products that can attract the audience. For example, if your Pinterest account is about health and fitness that you can ask the related companies to make sponsorship.

Most of the companies will agree if you have a good following and if they believe that you can promote their sales. You just have to show your Pinterest statistics and the followers you have. You can quickly get sponsorship from Gyms or fitness centers if you have the fitness on your Pinterest.

Just like a sponsored article, you can pin the sponsored posts on your Pinterest. This is one of the easiest ways of making money with Pinterest. Affiliate marketing will pay you for sales you made, but Sponsorship will pay you the amount as monthly basis.

Approach them with offers and offer them to make sponsorship for a year to promote their brand.

3. Make money off Pinterest by Selling Products or Services

Some Pinterest Influencers have millions of followers on the platform. You don’t need that much following, yet you can still sell products. Know your readers and pin the related products on your Pinterest board.

If you don’t have your own products you can sell products from different company. If you have lot of followers, companies will reach you to sell their products or services.

For instance, you can also sell products to your followers like fitness accessories if you have the fitness niche on your Pinterest account. People would love to buy the products from your site, if they believe that you share a valuable thing after reviewing it.

When you are selling a product or service, it is very important that you become buyer of that product first. So you can tell your followers about the product’s pros and cons. Write a review of the product and tell your followers how good it is to buy.

4. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest Virtual Assistant can make thousands of dollars per month. Do you know how? Read on.

A lot people don’t like Pinterest, and they don’t have time to learn and use the platform in the right way. This will be the biggest advantage to you as freelance Pinterest consultant because you know how to use Pinterest.

Some bloggers, brands don’t understand the influence of Pinterest, and they won’t learn. Whether it is designing pins or managing the whole Pinterest for somebody else, there is plenty of work to do on Pinterest.

How much can I make on Pinterest?

There is not limit on how much money can be made. The limit is sky. Some VA makes 20 to 50 dollars an hour or it can be 300+ for monthly package as agreed with client.

A lot of companies or brands just create their social media accounts, but they never work on that for long time because they don’t have time. Or they don’t know how important it is to use social media like Pinterest. You can approach them as you are an experienced Pinterest user. Offer them Pinterest account management services because you know how to use Pinterest perfectly.

If you don’t want to offer the full package of maintaining the account, then you can offer Pin templates services on Fiverr.

you can start a freelance career as the Pinterest Virtual Assistant, if you are good at designing Pinterest pins or creating infographic for articles.

5. Divert traffic to your blog from Pinterest to boost your sales

Do you already have a good blog or website? You can increase your revenue with the help of Pinterest. Unlike the above methods listed, this is not a direct way to make money with Pinterest.

Can I make money from Pinterest without a blog?

Even though it is possible to make money from Pinterest without a blog, but if you have one it increase your possibilities to generate sales from your blog.

You can drive your followers to reach your blog or the online store to sell products or services you offer. If you have a website or a blog, you can drive them to your blog to generate traffic for the sites.

That will help you to build the strong authority of your domain and brand name awareness. This will not earn money, but it will increase your revenue further down the line.

If you are interested building traffic to your blog, here is an articles on how to drive traffic to your blog from Facebook.

Back to the point. For example, if you have 100k followers on Pinterest and you started a blog, then you can easily drive 1% of traffic which is 1k traffic to your blog daily.

Pinning to the Pinterest board is the important things and pinning products will increase the reputation of your site. And if you have an online store, then you can increase sales dramatically.

Do you know there are so many bloggers who build their relations in Pinterest and they make money with blog? Yes, they are earning hundreds of dollars with the blog they have.

Does Pinterest Pay Pinners?

Answer is NO.

Pinterest does not pay Pinners. Pinners only can make money on Pinterest by following the method mentioned on this articles.

People build followers on Pinterest, and they don’t know what to do. AdSense will not work here as you know but hold on, there is a way.

Create a blog and drive your followers to your blog to increase traffic. It would be best if you pin posts daily to turn your followers to subscribers. Ask your followers to subscribe to your mail list on the website and then you can increase blog revenue. You can use AdSense on your blog in addition of selling products.

This is how you can make money on Pinterest with or without blog. You don’t need a website or YouTube to earn money. Even Pinterest and Instagram will be the best platforms if you are serious about earning online. Making money online isn’t hard now and there so many methods you can try.


Pinterest is one of the best and simple ways to make passive income online without spending much time and efforts. You have to pin posts daily and that should be informative to readers. Enjoy your success with Pinterest and earn good income with the photo-pinning platform.


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