How to Make money on Steemit $0 to $1000 in a Month case study 2020

How can you make money on steemit? Is it possible to make money on Steemit? Well, we had a case study on steemit and here are some results for you.


This guide will tell you how you can make money on steemit and simple ways to convert your steems to dollars.


1 What is Steemit?
2 How to Make money on Steemit?
3 Blogging
4 Upvoting and Commenting
5 Write for other people
6 Affiliate Marketing
7 Blog Promotion
8 Conclusion

What is Steemit?

Steemit is a blockchain social media platform that rewards people for their contribution. You will get paid digital currency known as ‘steem’ for writing articles or upvoting content.

If you have unique concepts and it’s taking time to success in blogging, then you can give it a try with steemit. With this platform, you earn steem dollars which can be converted into money.

What is Steem?

Steem is a liquid currency of steemit platform. We can call it the cryptocurrency. This can be sold or bought in open markets and you can also trade in markets as real cash on cryptocurrency.

These can be converted into steem power and steem dollars.

What is Steem Power?

This is the power of ownership in the network which gives strength to your steemit profile. If you have more steem power, then your upvotes can count most for the value.

This cannot be sold for two years, so you have to grow your money in the long term.

What is Steem dollars?

Steem dollars (SBD) are liquid state value currency token designed to exchange in real USD. You can use these steem dollars in other accounts for exchange or trading.

This is the stable currency which can be sold at any time, unlike steem. You can not use steem dollars as real money without converting them into bitcoin or USD.

Convert 1 SBD to US Dollar (USD)

1 USD to SBD value

Check Everyday Value from here

How do you start making money on SteemIt?

If you are a new user, you need to register with SteemIt before you apply these methods. If you already have an account, lets apply these tricks to generate some money.

Now let’s talk about how to earn money on Steemit.

How to make money on SteemIt

The only thing I can say is, if you have already started blogging and earning good revenue then you can give a try to this platform to earn something extra which will be in tiny.

But if you are a beginner and finding a way to start a career in online, then this isn’t going to be your choice for sure. For beginners, you can start a WordPress blog, or you can launch a YouTube channel and learn how to earn on Youtube.

Here is the best guide on how you can make passive income from blogging in 2020.

Alright let’s see how you can make money using steemit.

These are the best 5 ways you can get money from steemit.

  1. Posting articles (Blogging on steemit)
  2. Upvoting and commenting
  3. Write for other people
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Branding your own blog

1 Blogging

You can earn rewards by writing articles on your steemit blog which you can convert to USD. You will find a large community to your blog without going with paid promotion in the platform.

All you need is you have to create a viral content which can roam around the social media platform. You need a lot of time to get success in steemit if your content is sticky and if you have crazy ideas, then you can become a star overnight on this platform.

So it depends on quality of articles you are posting in the steemit and how strong is your steemit power.

Being consistency in posting articles is the success formula to earn your income. Steemit will be the best place to earn, only if you understand how it works and how you can achieve big in few days.

Otherwise, your steemit power will go down if you hold it longer.

Make money on steemit

Go to the steemit official website and select trending topics to know on which topics you can spend the time to write articles.

Best way to earn steem is by answering questions in the blog, and if your answer is perfect, then you will get brilliant upvotes from the readers.

Do they really earn this much?

Not really. The reason is all you see in dollars are not the actual USD but its steemit rewards. There is a difference between the real money and the Estimated Account Value of steemit rewards.

As you can see, the account value is $782.90, but the real steem dollars are $140.241 which is equal to $105.64 approximately (at the time of writing this post 1 SBD is similar to $0.7533).

So you can estimate the earnings by looking their Steem dollars, and if you see the assessed value is nearly thousand dollars and steem dollars are in just ten dollars, the user has withdrawn his steem dollars in bitcoin or USD already.

2 Upvoting and Commenting

What if you are not a writer, can still can earn money?

Yes, you can.

If you cannot write articles and if you think you don’t want to waste your time by writing large articles then you can earn steem dollars by commenting on other articles.

And for best comments, you will receive maximum upvotes if the post is engaging. And then you quickly increase your steem dollars value without spending a lot of time.

Make sure that your opinion is brilliant and a user wants to know more about the comment.

Make money on steemit

One more thing you have to remember is when you get upvotes from the already established accounts then the value of upvotes will increase compared to the upvotes from new accounts.

My recommendation is, just go to the trending tab and comment something which can grab a thousand people’s attention and will give you enough upvotes.

3 Write for other people

Do you know writing for other accounts will earn you steem dollars?

Yes. It is.

If you like articles, but you don’t think that you can build up an extensive network soon, then you can write for other people.

I recommend following this method only if you want to earn quickly otherwise make your brand to earn in hundreds of ways.

Well, coming to the point “There are users on the steemit platform with a lot of STEEM power and waiting for someone to write for them.”

You have to find them and reach them to make your article live on their feed. Let’s see a steemit account know as ADSactly (Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively to Leverage You).

The intention of ADSACTLY is to push people with skills and reward them for it. They will pay for writing articles on their blog and also they will reward you for being an editor.

4 Affiliate Marketing

If you know affiliate marketing tips, then you can earn thousands of dollars each month which will be a hundred times bigger than AdSense.

For unique 10k visitors/Month, you can hardly make $50 to $100 (depends). But in the same case, if you can make even 1% conversions from your audience which equals only $10/sale, then your earnings will be $1k/Month. That’s the reason why pro bloggers and markets promote branded stuff.

Create accounts in several affiliate programs and then come back to steemit to power up the earnings. Write an awesome blog post and promote your affiliate links.

Make money on steemit

This will be the best method to earn money on steemit if you can write engaging posts. You should keep your audience engaged with your posts and start getting rewards for the articles and affiliate sales as well.

This will be the best method to make income with steemit, and you will love using it when you got to know what ‘Steemit’ can do for trending articles.

Can you make living on steemit?

Yes, you can but not by blogging or writing on steemit. Only way you can make living on steemit if you combine affiliate marketing strategy along with it.

5 Blog Promotion

Promote your blog for free. For bloggers steemit will be a better option for social bookmarking site. Steemit, StumbleUpon, and Reddit work same, but steemit will pay you rewards.

Alright, if you have a blog or website then take the help of this platform to promote your blog or website for free. Just make a viral title on your blog section and write few lines by linking your website.

This will not only get social traffic to your blog but also for the best post you can drive a thousand visitors in a single day.


These are five simple ways you can earn money on steemit if you have a great following. And follow some simple tips to make your content viral.

I created two accounts on the steemit platform, and with one account I regularly updated posts, and from another account, I updated frequently and almost forgot it.

And surprisingly, the first account had some good following and earned good steem dollars, and for the secondary account, I lost those few steem dollars I made before.

So, being consistency is the important thing to earn rewards continuously. Even it gives you good value for viral posts, I recommend to start a blog with some unique niches and write awesome articles and then use steemit to promote your blog.


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