How to Overcome Writer’s Block to get Content Ideas

If you are a content writer or a blogger or even a YouTube Content Creator then one thing you face is running out of content ideas. As a writer it happens with me too. Sometimes I struggle over getting a content idea. It is known as Writer’s Block. As a blogger we need to overcome writer’s block.

Writer’s block is not something new it happens to everyone once in a while. Even professional writers, freelance writers who makes money writing online suffer from writer’s block.

So today I have jotted down some ideas which will help you to get content ideas and also will help you to deal with your writer’s block.

These are 5 ways you can overcome from a writer’s block.

1. Read As Much As You Can to get rid off writer’s block

reading helps you to overcome writer's bloc

One effective way to overcome writer’s block is reading.

It is really important to read and learn. Learn about a lot of things. If you think that you should read about the things that similar to your niche, you are wrong. No matter whatever your niche is. Try to read all kinds of articles, books, magazines.

Follow online magazines and you can go for famous print magazine too. If you are a tech blogger beside tech related writings you can read fashion blog articles, lifestyle and fitness related articles and books. Try reading biography and motivational books.

All these will help you to get more story ideas and overcome writer’s block.

Another must follow tip is read fictional books. It will enhance your ability of creative imagination. As a writer, creative imagination is a capacity will surely help you.

2. Attend Events Related To Your Niche

Overcome Writers block attend events

This is another way of overcoming writer’s block and get more content ideas. As a writer, what you may do all the time is either reading something or writing articles. Beside this try to participate in the events that has purposes similar with your blog.

For example, as a tech writer, you can participate in the launch parties of various smart gadgets or smart phone. Participate in the tech fair in or around your place. Participate in such event will enhance your knowledge and also you will get to meet people who have similar passion like you.

This leads us to our next point. But before moving forward, I hope you guys are getting the ideas or tips I am sharing with you. But, if you face any kind of complexity don’t hesitate to mention in the comment section. Also make sure that you read the article till the end.

At the end, I have shared a boom out of the box pro tip for you to beat the writer’s block.

3. Collaboration with Content Creator

As a writer/ content creator/ blogger you will find people around you who have similar passion like you. Get out of your room and meet them. You can meet up bloggers and bounce ideas or have a friendly yet professional conversation. Beside just writers also meet people with similar niche.

For Example, If you are a fashion bloggers then beside meeting with other bloggers you can also meet with fashion designers or YouTube’s Creator who make videos on fashion and lifestyle. This will help you to gain not only knowledge over various professional in your niche field but also will help to overcome the so-called writer’s block.

4. Take a Break to overcome writer’s block

Overcome Writers block Take break

Taking a break may sounds like cliche to you but believe me it works to get more content ideas. You are passionate writer but doing the same thing over and over dulls our brain and makes us feel bored. There are two types of break – short break or a long break.

In both cases the procedure is same. Move away all your writing materials for a specific period.

In case of short break take 2-3 days off and in case of long break take a week. For this break period forget about writing. Just explore the beauty around you. Go to coffee shops or your favorite snacks bar. Drive around the city and if you decide to take a long break go out of the city.

Now, in this regard, I will share my own story. Few days ago, I was having a writer’s block. I felt like I am out all content ideas. I tried a lot but failed to write quality articles.

So, I took break and decided to spend time with myself. I went to my favorite restaurant and ordered my favorite cuisines for dinner.

All on a sudden, I met one of my very old friends. She was in school with me but these days we had no contact with each other. She is a famous actress now and I wondered that she recognized me. I offered her for dinner and we had a really amazing time.

After that, I came back home and I was feeling relaxed. That night, I felt like writing and I end up writing 6 articles and each one of those were amazing.

So, you must try this and I hope that works for you too.

So readers, it was my suggestions that you can follow. But before we wrap up it is time for the boom out of the box tip for you.

5. Write Something Out of Your Niche

Writers block write different niche

It is another thing I personally do to get more content ideas. I usually write informative kind of contents for you. But, when I feel that I am not being able to write that specific kind of content then I start writing something I am not used to.

In this process, I have ended up writing fashion content which was pretty good and one of my friends published it on her site. I even have written articles on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend. I know it might sound really weird but actually works. You must try this. You might end up discovering a whole new niche blogging content ideas.

So guys, that was all for today about getting more content ideas and how to beat the writer’s block. Now, we are wrapping it up. Let me know if you like the tips I shared and also let me know which one of these tips worked for you to overcome writer’s block.

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