How to use YouTube to Market your Business

How to use YouTube to Market your Business 4 KILLER Working Methods

Would you like to get more views on YouTube? Of course you do. That is why, In this article, I will show you how you can use YouTube to market your business.

There is no doubt that there is an opportunity. Generation X alone actually watches 1.5 billion videos every day on YouTube. And on their mobile devices, the average viewer watches more than an hour of video daily.

Seeing your view of YouTube counts may be frustrating to remain painfully low with such numbers.

A lot of researches prove that video marketing does wonder when it comes to increasing sales and conversions. 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing and out of that 82 % of Marketers feel video marketing is an important part of their growth hack.

It is true that video marketing is one of the newest additions available in marketing growth techniques. If you want to increase your sales and conversions by simply explaining the product description, then your video will be the perfect size for you.

What is YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing is all about getting found by people. We all know that after Google, it is YouTube where most of the searches are being placed. People love to watch videos rather than reading articles.

There are so many types of digital marketing. Out of those, YouTube has maximum traffic and viewers. Every second there is 5 hours of video is uploading on YouTube. For online and offline businesses YouTube marketing is an essential strategy to take advantage of sales and conversions.

Promoting your businesses or services through videos on YouTube is nothing but YouTube marketing. YouTube marketing will work better if you follow the correct strategies. There is nothing magical that when you upload your video you will get sales and conversions.

It has to be the number of subscribers and viewers you have. To promote your videos on YouTube you need a good channel and for paid promotion, you need a good strategy. Out of a hundred people if you can convert 25% of the people into your customers then you are already succeeding.

The reason why people love video marketing is video Boosts conversions and sales than content marketing. Some of the marketers said that Google likes to show the videos that means Google loves videos and other than the content.

For mobile users, it will be better if you go with video marketing because smartphone users like to watch videos than reading the content.

There are some digital marketing course which can help you to promote your YouTube channels effectively.

Killer Ways to Get MORE ‘YouTube Views’

People who already watch and enjoy your videos are a great source of potential views for content in the future. Once they view each time you upload new content, they can choose to be notified. This will provide instant views whenever a new video is released.

The easiest way to get viewers to sign up is to ask them to sign up. Add a call to action to request users to subscribe to your channel at the end of your video. And include a link that makes it easy for them to do so in your video description.

YouTube helps in generating leads to your online business or to sell your eBooks also. There are so many people who are using YouTube as their primary source of traffic and they are redirecting their viewers to your blog.

Ask your audience what they’re looking for

“It’s amazing when you ask people what they need and want, and then you go and make them read their minds!”

Delivering your audience’s content is a surefire way to build loyalty to the viewer and keep people coming back for more.

Use playlists to keep people watching

YouTube’s numbers show that “top-performing brands are building and promoting twice as many playlists as the bottom 25% on YouTube.” These top-performing brands understand the power of self – play. If the videos keep playing, it’s much harder to pull yourself out of the online video rabbit hole.

You may not want to watch another video that is sufficient to click play, but you want to stop watching enough to stop hitting? You’re probably going to keep watching if the content is great.

How to create a YouTube Playlist

  • Navigate of the playlist’s first video you want to include.
  • Click Add for this link.
  • Select a current playlist or create a new playlist (and then the playlist name).
  • Choose the privacy setting of your playlist.

How to use YouTube to Market your Business and turn your viewers to customers?. Here are few methods you can use to crack the best way to get response.

1 Social sharing does Magic

How to use YouTube to Market your Business 4 KILLER Working Methods

Since you’re targeting views on YouTube, you’re probably going to want to keep it public. Click the Create button. Is YouTube a social network in fact? You have to treat it as one if you’re going to maximize your views on YouTube.

Respond to comments from the viewer, particularly if somebody asks a question. This shows you are engaged with your audience and helps to establish your credibility as a niche expert. Because you are already mining your comments in search of new video ideas, it should be easy to take the time to answer while you are there.

You should also search your niche for other on the videos. Don’t worry about promoting your videos YouTube channels. Subscribe to and comment on these channels if you think they might be of value to your viewers.

If you engage honestly and authentically, the YouTube communities that are already home to passionate and dedicated viewers will be much easier to find and accept.

2 Promote your videos through other channels

How to use YouTube to Market your Business 4 KILLER Working Methods

Okay, it’s a bit like a no-brainer. If on other social channels you have an existing audience, let them know when you post a new video on YouTube.

For example, try creating a video teaser to be shown on Instagram, directing users for the full video to your YouTube channel (through a link in your bio). And think beyond the channels of society. Try to embed YouTube videos on your website’s relevant pages or blog posts created to accompany and display video content.

3 Adopt YouTube Algorithm to market your business

YouTube describes its algorithm as a “system of search and discovery.” are created by viewers in their search results, suggested videos and trending streams, on the home page, under the subscriptions of the viewer, and using notifications.

And the algorithm affects not only individual videos but full YouTube channels. The algorithm is based heavily on watching time— how much time somebody spends watching your videos, measured in cumulative minutes watched.

According to YouTube itself, “every uploaded video is ‘ranked’ by watch time, as is every channel on YouTube.”

In short, when people spend more time watching your videos and spending more time watching videos from other users to whom you refer, the algorithm is more likely to surface your videos.

But there’s more to it than that, of course.

4 Experiment with YouTube Ads

Paying for them is one guaranteed way to get more views on YouTube. YouTube advertisements expose your content to viewers who would not see it otherwise. And you can make sure you get yourself in front of the right crowd using the extensive targeting options.

Other marketers already understand YouTube ads ‘ power: According to senior U.S. marketers, YouTube gets the second highest percentage of U.S. digital video ad spending right after Facebook.

The great news is that it can also increase organic reach by paying for ads. YouTube’s figures show that people watching a YouTube TrueView ad at the end are more likely to visit or view to a brand channel, watch the brand more, or share the brand video.”

And at the end, they were still ten times more likely to engage in these actions. You are well placed to start bringing in more views of YouTube with all these tips.

But remember that none of these strategies will help you build your YouTube presence if you don’t produce Great content. Set the time and effort required to create videos speak to your audience and niche, and you’ll be well your way.



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