Is SiteGround better than Bluehost?

Is SiteGround better than Bluehost? How good is SiteGround?

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It is not a big battle between SiteGround and Bluehost. We all know that they are different companies. And SiteGround is making the mark to reach out to the maximum audience with the capabilities they are offering.

So why is SiteGround becoming more famous and popular than Bluehost? Why Siteground is a better hosting provider than Bluehost?

Let us break down the things and let’s see some different aspects where we can compare two big hosting service providers. It will be not like a regular comparison.

We all know that SiteGround is better but why it is better?

To be honest, I had experience with Hostgator, Bluehost, and SiteGround. I am very happy with this service I am getting now, and it is from the site ground.

I had previous experience with Bluehost and it was good and I ended the service because of some issues. As I started my blogging career with HostGator and trust me; “it is a terrible experience”.

Is SiteGround better than Bluehost?

Is SiteGround really better than Bluehost? And if yes, what are the parameters that push SiteGround a better hosting provider?

Here are a few things we are going to review to compare SiteGround against Bluehost.

  • Popularity
  • Security
  • Uptime
  • Speed Test
  • Customer Support
  • Bandwidth
  • For Beginners

1. Popularity

Which is the most popular web hosting between Siteground and Bluehost? Everyone knows that SiteGround is becoming more famous these days than any other hosting provider because of its flexibility and pricing.

When you see the below chart, you can notice that Siteground has ultimate growth compared to Bluehost within 2 years.

Is SiteGround better than Bluehost? Popularity Chart over 12 years.

From 2017-2018 Siteground marked the growth of 10% in popularity but Siteground takes over the market with 100% growth in 2018. This will be a fantastic thing if you want to consider SiteGround over Bluehost because of its popularity.

I can say that almost everywhere people are suggesting to use SiteGround not because of their affiliates, but also they mean it. When it comes to WordPress, in 2 million sites that are almost 80% of the sites from SiteGround are WordPress sites.

You can see that it has phenomenal growth and capability in handling WordPress. We all know that WordPress is the biggest CMS platform to create websites and over 35% from all over the sites in the world are built with WordPress.

When it comes to website Builders, WordPress has the biggest market in the entire world, and people are loving it like hell. So that’s the reason why we have to check whether the hosting is capable of maintaining WordPress or not.

In that case, SiteGround is winning the hearts and stunts top of the list with WordPress users. Bluehost started receiving bad reviews after 2013 because it moved to EIG which has a very bad reputation for support and reliability.

2. Security

People who are using SiteGround has recently said that SiteGround is safer against multiple web attacks and malware. This is because SiteGround has recently developed and anti-bot AI that protects its customers from malware attacks. What do you want more from getting a beautiful posting which will keep your site safer?

SiteGround AI anti-bot system has delivered amazing results as it blocks as many as 2 million attacks across their servers.

It also frees up the resources that can be developed by users or customers, and in the recent release beside the ground, they have mentioned that the artificial intelligence system achieved so many stats in blocking The Attacks.

It blocked over 180 DDoS attacks. The site ground artificial intelligence is so cloudy that when it recognizes a suspicious IP address, then it will prevent the address immediately.

So that people cannot access SiteGround from the IP address, it is blocked. Most of the beginners go with the shared hosting, and in the shared hosting, attacks will be more.

SiteGround has “secure account isolation features” which is one of the first in the industry with this facility for the shared account from others in the same server.

This will increase the security of your website even you are hosting your site from a shared account, and it will protect yourself from security threats from other sites in the same server.

On the other hand, Bluehost depends on Cloudflare to protect customers from this attack. But when you get the attack on the sites Bluehost support will be very late. As a result, you may lose many visitors which will be a big risk for your site.

3. Uptime

Uptime is the amount of time your website is live and running for your visitors. A lot of factors can affect the availability of your website. Also, a lot of factors may affect your website to be down including hardware failures, server maintenance, and power shutdown from your hosting company.

This is the reason why you have to care about uptime because in the business it can negatively impact our business and you will lose credibility and also Google ranks. If you lost the Google rank, then you lost your business.

Alright, in uptime SiteGround and Bluehost both provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Moreover, HostGator will top the competition when it comes to uptime in the shared hosting services.

In the past two years, Bluehost is having problems with the downtime issues leading to an average uptime of less than 98% per month.

Siteground does not have any significant issues with downtime over the past two years, and it is providing better uptime in the industry. Siteground is the clear winner here.

Why SiteGround Powers the Best Hosting?

Siteground site loaded in 300 ms on average while Bluehost takes 402 ms. 24/7/365 live chat support. SiteGround developed and anti-bot AI that protects its customers from malware attacks

4. Speed test

Do you know what marketers say about speed? If your website is taking time to load then you losing so many visitors already.

Most of the business sites spend a huge amount to increase the speed of the website because a 1-sec delay can lose 7% of the visitors on average.

Most of the people are looking in mobile devices, and you have to optimize your site to load faster in both desktop and mobile versions. It is an excellent way to figure out the quality of any hosting company.

With a single page without any information you can load the page within milliseconds, but with the content and images, you have to test the speed of your website.

A lot of features involving the speed of websites like images, cache, CSS codes, JavaScript, and other factors also. When we compare the basic website in terms of speed just by choosing these two hosting companies, the Siteground site loaded in 300 ms on average while Bluehost takes 402 ms.

Based on this we can say that Siteground is the clear winner. But when it comes to speed on shared hosting speed winner, then it will be A2 hosting. SiteGround’s servers are located in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Singapore.

And Bluehost doesn’t reveal their location of data centers. Here is the screenshot of a user who tweeted that he increased the website speed by 2 seconds after switching to SiteGround.

SiteGround and Bluehost Speed comparison

5. Customer Support

The biggest problem with most of the hosting companies is ‘customer support.’ Even when you have brilliant performance, you need to talk with the officials to fix your problems.

And if your hosting has bad customer support, then you are definitely going to hate it. And if your hosting has average reviews, but it has excellent customer support then you will not face any issues with the hosting.

Customer support is like a significant thing we have to follow when we choose to host.

If you want to migrate your website, then don’t forget to talk with their customer support and analyze the average response rate and instructions carefully.

After confirming that, they are providing great customer support, you can definitely choose the hosting as your primary hosting for your websites. Siteground customer service offers 24/7/365 live chat support.

Within a few minutes or a few seconds, you can connect with their customer support. Most of the people of solving their problems within 10 minutes as the users reported.

On Hostgator, I waited more than 25 minutes to connect with their support which is the terrible experience I have faced. But with SiteGround, I got connected within a few minutes, and their customer support is really good.

bluehost vs siteground chat

Bluehost also offers live chat with some other features, but nowadays they are not responding in time. Most of the people are frustrated with their bad customer service, and that is the reason why they are moving to another hosting.

Siteground is the clear winner in customer support also. You can check the bad phase of Bluehost customer support.

6. Bandwidth

A lot of people or you can call it as hosting providers, offer that they have unlimited bandwidth.

Now, this is a complete trash point. Because no such shared hosting can handle unlimited visitors and they have limited bandwidth, and they can handle only a limited people once the limit breaks then your site will go down.

So out of this so-called unlimited bandwidth, hosting providers are misleading their customers because beginners cannot drive so much traffic.

And once we get good traffic and if you ask the hosting provider about the site downtime issue, then they will suggest you go with dedicated hosting. And you have very good potential visitors with great revenue then probably you will purchase their dedicated hosting or VPS hosting.

This is the marketing technique, and no one is really gonna say that “how much traffic they handle”.

Google Blogspot is the platform that can handle thousands of visitors in real-time but other hosting providers cannot handle this much of traffic, and it will break the bandwidth of their hosting.

So once you see the unlimited bandwidth in basic hosting provider’s shared hosting plan then you probably should not be curious. It is true that beginners cannot drive thousands of visitors at the beginning and this is why hosting providers taking advantage of this.

Siteground clearly mentioned that in the basic plan they can handle up to 10000 visitors/month 25000 visitors per month according to the plan.

But what really is, if the CPU usage exceeds the limit, then only your site will go down as maintenance mode. For a medium blog for beginners, you can drive traffic up to 40K to 50k visitors for a month where Siteground basic shared hosting plan can handle. It all depends on the bandwidth and CPU usage.

It is clear that SiteGround is mentioning the limit and you should have to trust them. Again SiteGround is the clear winner.

7. Beginners (Multi-Site)

So which is the better hosting for beginners? Probably most of the people say it is good if you go with Bluehost. But let me break down some serious points here. If you planned to purchase hosting, then there will be no difference if you are a first time customer in price levels.

Consider you are going with the unlimited sites with an average plan (non-business). Siteground will cost you $71.40 for 12 Months where are in the same case Bluehost will charge $95.

You can decide which will be the money-saving plan. Even for the beginner level with single domain hosting SiteGround will charge you $48 for 12 months whereas Bluehost will take $71 for 12 months from you without any add-ons.

So you can decide, most of the people say that a Bluehost is affordable, but the real practice Siteground is giving 60% discount for first-time customers.

siteground vs bluehost pricing

You can also get free migration for one site if you are moving from another hosting provider to Siteground. The best thing is this migration process will complete without a single minute of downtime.

If you request to transfer your site from another hosting provider, then staff will complete your work within 24 hours irrespective of working days.

8. Conclusion

Yes, without any doubt it will be SiteGround. Their performance, reliability, and customer support services for making the hosting provider a perfect choice.

There are some downsides with this hosting too. But for the price range and for the beginners it will be negotiable. We will recommend Siteground for beginners and medium bloggers.

Features of SiteGround

  1. You will get a free domain name and free website builder to easily start any website.
  2. cPanel & SSH Access for easy website management and better security
  3. Free website migration.
  4. Great customer support with 24/7 live chat.
  5. 30 days money-back guarantee.
  6. Unlimited emails and database.
  7. Free SSL certificate.
  8. Free Cloudflare CDN to increase website performance all over the world.

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