Is WIX good for blogging? Wix vs WordPress (Pros & Cons)

Is WIX good for blogging? Wix vs WordPress (Pros & Cons)

There is no simple yes or no answer to whether WIX is good for blogging. After doing some research and going over the features they offer, there are a tremendous number of reasons we need to consider before we start blogging on WIX or any other blogging platforms. But one thing I can say that WIX is one of the most popular drag and drop page builder sites.

Let’s go over the pros can con of the WIX platform in detail, so you can make the decision correctly.

Is WIX a free blogging platform?

Yes, Wix is a free blogging platform. As a matter of fact, WIX is free forever but there is a catch on it. They will run their own ads on your site and your website URL would be something like This is one of the biggest cons if you want a blog without spending a dime.

If you really want to do blogging and want to monetize your blog site, it is highly recommended to use your own domain and hosting plan where you can run your own ads.

Basically you are free to do anything you want.

Doesn’t matter which blogging platform you choose, you cannot run your own blog and make money without investing a dime.

How much a domain cost?

A domain name can cost between 12 to 20 bucks a year and hosting costs $3.95 to $200+ per month depends on the kind of hosting plan you are buying.

Recommended: If you would like to buy your custom domain and hosting plan you can go with SiteGround. They do guarantee uptime and unbeatable speed and a lot more features.

Check the article about SiteGround vs BlueHost and see which is a better hosting provider.

But with WIX you can get a free domain when you buy their premium plan.

Their premium plan starts with 11 USD as I checked last time. They have a different pricing tier plan with different additional features. You can check out the pricing here.

Wix premium plan Pricing

The best part is when you buy any plan, you get a free domain for 1 year and they remove WIX ads. That means you can run your own ads or Google AdSense.

Discount For Student

Note: For the student, there is a discount on the price which is half of the premium plan. That means students can save 50% off yearly premium plans. That’s really good for students who want to build a project or want to start early in their blogging career.

Does WIX include hosting?

This is one of the best pros for WIX. They do provide a cloud version of hosting for all the WIX users. It doesn’t matter if you have a free or premium plan. Moreover, it’s really faster because it is cloud hosting. On the other hand, other hosting companies will charge extra for cloud hosting. They have a separate cloud hosting plan which actually cost more than regular hosting

WIX Business and e-commerce version plan

Besides personal plans, they also have a plan for business and e-commerce sites. If you are just a blogger this is not for you. You might need this plan if you want to run your online shopping business with online payments. The plan starts from $20/month and goes up to $500/month.

Wix premium plan Pricing for business

First of all, they do have some good features, like accepting online payment with an SSL security certificate which is 100% commission-free. That means no commission from your sales. In addition, they will give you $300 ad vouchers and more.

If your real intention is running an online shopping business, WIX is a good eCommerce platform.

Check out all the features they have to offer.

Types of the website you can build with WIX

So what kind of websites can be built on the WIX platform? You are free to build any kind of site. That means you can set up from personal blogs to online business or enterprise-level websites. They have all kinds of themes and all kinds of plans to set up one.

Does WIX have good Features?

Wix offers a lot of features for bloggers to make their blogging life easier. Let’s go over some of the features in detail.

Wix Editor – Total Design Freedom

Firstly, WIX has more than 500 designer-made templates for any type of website. These templates support any type of media including video, animation, and scroll effects. They also have more than 100 fonts to select from or you can upload any fonts if they don’t have it.

Moreover, WIX templates are mobile-friendly. So your website will look will amazing on any device like Mobile, IPad, or Desktop.

Is WIX Platform SEO Optimized?

Yes, it is SEO optimized. So google will automatically find your site and index on search engines without any additional work.

If you have good quality content you can easily rank on Google and get your website to come up on the first page of google.

Corvid by Wix

If you are not a developer or don’t know how to code, you can skip this section

But, what is Corvid by Wix?

Corvid is an open development platform that you can use to build an advanced web application. This is not for you if you want to just build a blog or eCommerce site. This is for a developer who wants to code their own and take their website to an extra level. You can find out more about this on the Wix site.

Corvid by Wix features for advanced wix customization


Wix has a huge dedicated customer support team to help their customers. They have active forums, lots of tutorial videos to support their users. In addition, you can click on any element and help pop up will display about that element when you are building your site.

Money-Back Guarantee

WIX has a money-back guarantee in place. For any reason, if you are not satisfied 100% with their services, you get your money back. But you have to contact them within 14 days to get your money back.

Wix vs. WordPress

Let’s highlight some of the common features of each blogging platform before choosing the right one to start your blog. This comparison is between WIX and (Self-hosted hosting plan).

1. Price

Firstly, Let’s see which blogging platform is better in terms of cost. For simplicity purposes, I will just compare the plan form WIX and WordPress which is recommended by each provider.

WIX recommended plan is $14/month. All these plans are monthly but paid yearly.

So for the whole year, the total cost is $168 for one website (without any additional paid apps).

This Includes cloud Hosting, free custom domain name, Page builder, apps, Support as well as Unlimited Bandwidth.

WordPress CMS is completely free but needs to be hosted with one of the web hosting providers. Based on multiple web hosting company the average price for the recommended plan is $5.95/month.

So for the whole year, the total cost is $71.40 for one website but you can add an additional website with the price of domain registration only. The new domain might cost 12-15 dollars per year.

This whole year price which includes hosting, free custom domain name and unlimited bandwidth, Gutenberg block editor, lots of free plugins and free themes.

You can easily use free plugins and free themes of your choice. But if you need to have a premium version of themes, it might cost you $40 – 200 dollars per year.

Which is the best WordPress or Wix?

If you are OK with free themes and can maintain your site by yourself (which I will explain in a minute), then I highly recommend using WordPress site hosting with SiteGround.

SiteGround is one of the best options and widely used by a lot of bloggers as well as small businesses because of the security, uptime, and speed they offer.

Note: A lot of WordPress sites that are on free themes are doing fine and making money blogging.

If you want a hassle-free, maintenance-free website, then you can go with Wix.

2. Usability


Wix is very easy to use. It comes with a very user-friendly visual builder. All you have to do drag and drop elements wherever you want. Basically, Wix is good for bloggers who just want to drag and drop.

Because of easy usability, you don’t need to know any coding or any technical experience to build your website.

Moreover, they also have a feature called Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). You just have to answer some questions regarding what you would like to build, and it will create the website for you. It’s that easy.


On the other hand, WordPress recently upgraded to version 5.0 and keep updating with the Gutenberg block editor. Its really cool, easy, and user friendly to use. There are lots of free plugins to make it even better.  With WordPress, you also don’t need any technical knowledge or coding to write the post.

4. Maintenance


When it comes to maintaining your websites, you don’t have to do anything with Wix hosting. They are doing all the heavy lifting for you regarding back up your site, data protection with reliable security in place. Moreover, You don’t need to maintain any 3rd party software or worry about updating any software.


The only maintenance I can think of is taking back up of your site. There are a lot of plugins to do a regular backup of your sites and also a lot of plugins to protect your site from hacking. It’s not rocket science to set all this up.

But you know what, SiteGround does a daily backup of your site and it comes with the plan.

5. Security


On the Wix platform, you don’t have to do anything extra to protect yourself. Your site is being protected by them. They are taking care of this part for you.


On the other hand, with WordPress, you have to maintain security yourself using some plugins.

6. Is Wix good or bad for blogging?

Is Wix is better than WordPress?

Well before we come to conclusion I just want to mention a couple of drawbacks of each blogging platform.

Drawbacks of Wix:

Here are some drawbacks for Wix:

  1. Firstly, on Wix, you cannot install 3rd party plugins to do a regular backup of your site. If something ever happens to Wix which is not the case all the time, you will lose everything.
  2. Secondly, if you ever need to move to another hosting blogging platform, you cannot move your site easily. You might need to copy-paste each blog post to another provider and that is not good for SEO. You will lose all your rankings.

The reason for the move could be you maybe want to have more control over your site. Or your blog is growing in terms of traffic.

Drawbacks of WordPress:

Here are the drawbacks for WordPress:

  1. You can easily install 3rd party plugins to take your backup and keep multiple backups in case if anything happened to your site. However, if some other technical issues occur which is out of control of your hosting company then you have to troubleshoot yourself. Or hire someone to fix that issue.
  2. Number 1 is the only major drawback I can think of right now.

Summary Table (Wix vs. WordPress)

Here is the summary of each platform, assuming WordPress self-hosted with a hosting provider.

Features Wix WordPress with Hosting
Price Little High Low
Money Back 14 days 30 days
Usability Easy Easy
Changing Platform Not easy Easy to move anywhere
Security Security is handled by Wix Need plugins on top of hosting provider Security
Support Wix Team Online Support
Setup Easy The initial Setup needs some work

Can you make money on Wix?

The simple answer is yes, you can make money on WIX. But not with their free plan as I have mentioned earlier. They put their own ads on their free plan. So, if you want to make money blogging then you need to buy their premium plan or you can create a WordPress blog.

If you just want to make money writing articles, you can use a medium partner program. But there is one problem with the medium. You do not have control over your articles and you cannot put Ad Sense. Your account can be closed anytime if you violate their rules. So it is recommended to use a blogging platform like Wix or WordPress.

Manage your blog using Mobile

Can I use Mobile to manage my blog?

You can use your mobile to write a post, view comments, and manage your blog on the go. All you have to do is download a Wix mobile app. In addition, you can now even share blog posts directly from your mobile app.

Can multiple people use Wix?

Yes, you can add multiple users to contribute to your blog or manage your blog.


So which blogging platform is better and what to choose?

is Wix good for blogging?

It really depends on your situation and needs.

If you don’t mind paying extra bucks for drag and drop editor, security and maintenance then you can go sign up with Wix.

On the other hand, if you go with WordPress self- hosted then you can save a lot of money. Not only that you will also get a lot more features, bandwidth with one-third of the WIX price. The only hassle is you have to maintain your site and take care of your own security.

If you can take care of these (which is not that hard), then you should definitely go with WordPress.

So, are you ready to start blogging with Wix? Then check out their full features and pricing.


You can sign up with SiteGround to start blogging with WordPress, of course, if you are ready.

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