Pro Blogging your traffic in 1 Month

60 Pro Blogging Tips to Skyhigh your traffic in 1 Month

Pro blogging tips Top 60

Are you struggling a lot to bring visitors to your blog? Specially in the case of organic visitors, it is extreme hard. Here we have enlisted 60 pro blogging tips from experts to help you get more traffic to your sites.

When you want to more leads or sales from your website or blog then you may have to increase your organic visitors. If you are new to blogging then you probably come across with the traffic hard times.

Blogging is a game where you have to be curious and special at the same time because if you stand out from the crowd then only you will get decent traffic and even your brand will get recognized.

Follow these simple pro blogging tips from experts to make your blogging career more successful. Take your time and start blogging if you can write fantastic content. Content is the only thing which can drive millions of visitors to your website.


1 Understand your audience 21 Social Media Marketing
2 Write for readers 22 Guest Posting
3 In-depth articles 23 Article Marketing
4 Stand out from the Crowd 24 Link Building
5 Build some authority 25 Design Reader Friendly blog
6 Be Friendly with readers 26 Use SEO friendly theme
7 Create a Viral title 27 Relationship with bloggers
8 Use ‘BUFFET’ formula 28 Making blog as Community
9 Build your Email List 29 Blogging requires time
10 Start branding on Social Media 30 Investing in Good place
11 Subheading matters 31 Analyzing Niche
12 Update content Regularly 32 You get what you write
13 Learn keyword placements 33 Read before publishing
14 Focus on the Micro topic 34 Write as a Reader
15 Answer to the people’s questions 35 Give assurance
16 Use infographics/Images 36 Mobile friendly site
17 Create Videos/Audio lessons 37 Ask Influencers
18 Quora 38 Build a strategy
19 Blogging with Passion and Patience 39 Follow none
20 Blogging Schedule 40 Don’t care analytics

Pro Blogging tips (Save Blogging)

Here are some of our best pro blogging tips work in 2020 according to our experience and knowledge in blogging and Optimization. It is hard to drive traffic for the content which is unfinished.

But it is easy to write the high-quality engaging content where people will engage, and the traffic will increase rapidly.

1 Understand your Audience

Understanding your audience will give you some brilliant ideas on the topic you are going to write, and it will increase the relationship with the audience.

Focus on the people who are visiting your blog again and again and find out on which page there are spending more time.

And according to that, you can look up for the ideas related to the topic from the top pages of your website. You can use Google Analytics or Ahrefs to check your top pages.

Pro blogging tips - Ahrefs top pages

2 Write for readers

Writing for readers will be the one of the best successful blogging tips. Because if you’re right for the search engine then people may not find the solution but if you can write for the readers then User experience will be increased, and your rankings will be higher.

Ask your readers to share the content if the content is useful, this will increase your authority.

3 In-depth articles

Your content should be long enough and informative. That doesn’t mean that every article you write should exceed 2000 words.

It depends on the topic you are writing, and if the topic is broad then you have to write long content with solutions, and if the topic is narrow, then you can write up to 1000 words.

You can see that even at 300 words article is also ranking on the top page of Google.

4 Stand out from the Crowd

If you are writing in the same way other people are writing, then you will never be going to rank in Google and people will think that you are just following them.

Write your own content in your own style which will attract the visitor and search engines. People should find your content easy and informative and then table build relationship with your articles.

Answer to those questions where no one is discussed.

5 Build some authority

Building authority will rank your every article you write within a few days. So it is better to build your authority by publishing quality articles and informative articles.

Try to impress your audience with your articles and choose the perfect domain which will resemble your brand.

6 Be Friendly with readers

You should never miss replying to the comment your site is receiving. It will build trust between you and your audience, and people will share your content on their timeline.

So whenever you got a comment, try to reply to them and help them with their doubts.

7 Create a Viral title

A viral title can grab the attention of 10 people out of 10 people. Seems interesting right?

It is true that a normal boring title will reach 1 out of 10 people and a viral title can reach 8 out of 10 people.

Make a title which looks attractive and click-worthy. You can take the help of the title generator if you are a beginner.

Pro blogging tips - Viral title

8 Use ‘BUFFET’ formula

Do you know what is a BUFFET formula? In our View, we follow a buffet formula to increase our blog traffic and that is the viral titleshort URL, beautiful Meta description with keywords and proper alignment of content.

The content also follows the buffet formula, and it includes H4 tag followed by H3 and H2 tag followed by H1. Use catchy words in the blog title and include “”.

9 Build your Email List

Start building your email list from day 1. You may not see any growth until few weeks but don’t stop building the email list. The more email list you have, the more you can increase your traffic and sale.

The email marketing will be useful for sending your articles to your readers directly to their email inboxes.

10 Start branding on Social Media

Pro blogging tips - Start branding on Social Media

If you have time then only focus on social media platforms. Facebook will give you very less traffic if you publish through the Facebook page, but if you build your own Facebook community, then you can drive thousands of traffic to your website.

Creating a community will make better sense than creating a page. Build your audience in the Facebook community. Reddit and Pinterest will drive massive traffic to your website if your website is niche based.

11 Subheading matters

If you write an excellent article, you have to align the content properly. If the format of your article is beautiful, then you will get more shares and people will stay more on your site.

Make sure that every subheading has enough content, If you use headings and subheadings.

12 Update content Regularly

Updating content will increase your search engine traffic immediately. It is proven that when you add new information to your old article, then the chances of getting higher ranks in search engines are 100%.

If you have old articles and getting decent traffic, then you must update the content adding more information or questions. You must check every blog post every week, and you should update if required.

Always keep an eye about your search engine rankings, and if a post just dropped the rank, you must update the content.

13 Learn keyword placements

You have to know the keyword stuffing and keyword density. If you properly use the keyword in the content, then your article will rank without any difficulty.

But if you overuse the keyword and if you follow the black hat SEO, then your traffic will vanish from the search engine.

14 Focus on the Micro topic

If you target a niche which is very competitive, then you will never gonna rank for the article. Even if you find the long tail keywords, most of the people are ranked for those already.

That’s the reason why you have to concentrate on the micro nice topics. Just find out the micro niche topics and start writing on the topic.

15 Answer to the people’s questions

Take the help of Quora and forums to find the questions. If you write an article about the topic where people get confused then your article will rank within few days.

You can also take the help of “Answer the public” to find questions and to write content/solution for the questions.

16 Use infographics/Images

If you use the images or infographics in your content, then the readers will not get tired when reading your lengthy content. Images and infographics will work as the page breaks for a single page article.

Images work better than the content to share in social media platforms. You can optimize the images to increase your SEO rankings by 41%.

17 Create Videos/Audio lessons

Video marketing will make wonders compared to content marketing. Even in social platforms, you can see the videos making better conversions than the images and links.

If you can edit a video, then use video marketing as your promotional blogging method and also you can use audio blocks. If you leave audio by explaining how a question can be solved, then a lot of people download your audio, or they will follow your audio.

By this method, you will get more shares, and more recognization and also the content will be optimized for voice search.

Pro blogging tips In this linked article where you will learn how to use YouTube to market your business and get lot of traffic from YouTube channel.

18 Quora

The best question and answer platform is ‘Quora‘. When you answer a particular question by linking your website you will get massive traffic to your site if your answer gets popular.

All you have to do is follow the topics you know and you write. Pick some questions to answer. If you are a new user to Quora, then try to answer the questions with other website links or information.

If you build some authority on Quora or if you get a good amount of views to your answer then you can promote your website in Quora. Some people get thousands of traffic from Quora and Quora is their primary traffic source.

Pro blogging tips - use Quora

19 Blogging with Passion and Patience

If you have a passion for writing, then pick a topic and start writing. Don’t think blogging as a task, think blogging as the passion and you will get more success when you start writing the blog articles.

While you are writing, you have to feel that you are writing for yourself and to impress yourself. This is the way of writing for your own but writing for your readers. You have to keep writing no matter how many visitors are reading your article, but the content should be click worthy.

The next thing is patience.

You may not see a single visitor coming to your website for the information at the beginning. What’s the big deal? You just started your site , and nobody knows that.

It’s normal that at the beginning you will see zero traffic but take it as a challenge and make it to reach 100K traffic. All you have to do is blogging with passion and patience.

20 Blogging Schedule

Blogging schedule will help you to write articles from time to time and to publish the articles in time. When you quickly finished writing an article then make a draft of your next article by just giving a title.

Once you become free, then complete the article and schedule the post. When you are continually scheduling the posts at a particular time in a day, then you will addict to write more.

People will also wait for the time to get your article. This will be the best practice you can make to take your blog to the next level.

21 Social Media Marketing

There are so many bloggers who are getting 90% of social traffic. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the top social media platforms to drive real traffic. Most of the beauty or health-related articles will get more shares on Pinterest.

Most of the entertainment news and movie related articles will get more shares on Facebook. You can get any type of traffic through Twitter but you have to make sure that the title is click-worthy. Use different types of digital marketing platforms technique to reach the targeted audience.

22 Guest Posting

There was a time when a blogger wants to increase the traffic of his website he has to work a lot day and night. But with the guest posting in the high authority and high traffic websites then you can get decent traffic to your website.

Your guest post should be perfect and informative with a lot of information. If you find any site which accepts the guest post in your niche then make sure that you write an awesome post before submitting and you link to your site’s useful posts.

23 Article Marketing

Article marketing is the most underrated technique to increase blog traffic. Most of the people concentrate on offsite SEO and promotions. But you have to kill the readers with your content. Content is the only thing which drives millions of traffic alone.

Article marketing should be done correctly and here is the way how you can do it. Create profiles in high authoritative article sharing platforms like Tumblr, Medium, StumbleUpon, etc. Write high-quality content in your website and share that in this profiles to increase your website authority.

You can check out how to use Facebook to generate traffic to your sites.

When you increase the authority you will also increase the rankings.

24 Link Building

Link building is essential for SEO to Boost your rankings faster. Try to build the natural links and get quality backlinks from high authoritative websites in your relative niche.

You can do blogger outreach to get quality backlinks, and it will build a relationship with bloggers.

25 Design Reader Friendly blog

Good design and layout of a website also rank in SEO. If the blog is reader-friendly then people stay more on your site, and you will get a good amount of bounce rate.

This will tell Google that people are loving your blog and your writing and Google will push your rankings. Make easy navigation and choose beautiful fonts to design your blog.

26 Use SEO friendly theme

Your website look and template will matter in SEO. You have to choose the perfect SEO friendly theme for both mobile and desktop version. And make sure that your website is loading very fast to increase the experience of users.

It will be better if you use premium themes because free things will not work as much as premium themes. There are plenty of premium themes available, and according to your niche, you can select a fast loading premium theme.

27 Relationship with bloggers (NICHE)

You have to maintain a good relationship with your niche related bloggers. When you write a post, and when you share it with your teammates, they will also share the article if the article is excellent.

You can even get help from the bloggers to achieve good rankings in search engines, and also you can learn how to monetize your blog. If you can develop a good relationship with the bloggers in your niche, then you can ask them to share your article.

28 Making blog as Community

If a visitor comes to your website, then it should look like a library of information. That means your site should mold as a community for the readers.

Whenever people visit your site, then he can quickly get the answer, and you have to navigate them with the most viral articles properly. They should contact you immediately, and they should easily clear their doubt within no time.

Tips from DreamHost

Dreamhost is a popular hosting platform. Most of the WordPress users recommend Dreamhost as the hosting choice because it is one of the best recommended hosting platforms for WordPress. Apart from hosting your sites, the big hosting company shared a few blogging tips to increase the traffic and sales.

29 Blogging requires time

When you think of blogging and start writing, you should avoid the glimpse of making money. Because when you focus on the money, you can’t concentrate on regular blogging.

Every business needs time, and every site requires time to get popular on social media and search engines. Note that your website needs time before it turns as a brand.

30 Investing in Good place

When you decided to start blogging, then you have to invest in something from where you can get a website and hosting. Before registering a domain and hosting you have to be sure that you are investing in a good place.

For the domain, you can go with the Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, etc. But when you are going to select the hosting for your site maintenance you have to choose a killer hosting. Yeah, good hosting will speed up your website loading speed and performance.

Most of the hosting companies offer free SSL certificate and multiple website hosting. There are few things you have to consider before choosing a hosting provider and their uptime, loading speed, customer support, and regular backups.

In this post you will learn how to use WordPress backup plugins to keep your hard work safe in case of any DDOS attack.

31 Analyzing Niche

Analyze your topic. When you start for blogging, and you are struggling to get traffic then you have to think that either your niche is completely wrong are the way you are approaching the audience is wrong.

You have to figure out the niche capabilities and expand ability. When the topic is narrow, you cannot write hundreds of articles but when the topic is broad you can. This is the first step in choosing the niche. You should know the topic and you have to extract questions from the topic. So before starting a blog, take time to research about the niche.

32 You get what you write

Even after you successfully select a Niche, you may find difficulties to write the topics. Take the help of online blog topic generators or take the help of google auto-suggest to explore the ideas.

You will get the real traffic only when you write the specific topic. That means ‘you will get what you write and you can write what you know’.

33 Read before publishing

This is the step most of the bloggers skip. When you finish writing the article you have to read it properly before publishing.

When you read it again and again, you can easily find out the mistakes and the missed links to your article. You can easily link internal links in the content when you read back. So before hitting the publish button, read the content twice loudly.

34 Write as a Reader

We have already shared a tip at the beginning, and it is ‘ write for readers.’ But what makes the difference in writing for the readers and writing as readers. When you write for the readers, you are exploring the answers to their questions.

But when you write as read as you are questioning yourself and you are extracting the more possible questions inside the topic.

Make sense right? That’s the point why you have to write like a reader. When you write like a reader, you will get more topics related to the article.

35 Give assurance

Most of the brothers promise their readers that they will make a change in their blogging career. To build your email list faster, you have to use this trick as a popup notification in your site.

Make the use of popup notification subscribe form. More people say ‘ Get my secret tips to rank your blog in the next 2 weeks‘. They are giving their tips and experience to the readers, as well as they are making an email list.

Pro blogging tip - Give assurance

36 Mobile friendly site

According to Google, mobile users are searching more than desktop users. In 2017, 57 % of all online searches occurred on Smartphones and Tablets. You have to optimize your site for mobile users.

When your site is mobile friendly, then users will spend more time on your site. It will decrease the bounce rate, and also it will increase the user experience. You have to optimize your site individually for mobile and desktop. For a mobile user, your website should load in less than a second.

37 Ask Influencers

You have to ask you some influencers about the successful strategies day built to succeed there blog. Most of the influences will share their tips with the beginners, and you have to remember those techniques. You have to follow the influencers regularly. They will help to engage your blog if they find that you are working hard and your content is unique.

38 Build a strategy

If nothing is working then why can’t you develop your strategy to increase the traffic of your site. There are people who experiment with the traffic, and most of the people get success.

When you try in a different way to attract visitors, then you are building your own way. This will keep you aside from the regular bloggers, and also you can achieve a big number if the strategy works. Take your time and read as more blogs as you can to get an idea.

39 Follow none

Don’t follow anyone even if they are bigger in the industry. Because some strategies will work for some people and some strategy won’t. Create your own way and build a strategy to increase sales and traffic. Get influenced by the top marketers and follow your own path.

40 Don’t care analytics at beginning

You don’t have to worry about analytics at the beginning. Not a single blog can drive thousands of traffic on the first day. You have to maintain patience, and your blog will start growing day by day.

When you check the analytics from day 1, you will demotivate yourself. Start writing quality articles, and rest will be indexed by Google. Promote the articles on the right path you will get success for your blogging.

41 Find a Mentor

After the all hard work and dedication, there should be someone to appreciate your work. It may be a friend or a cousin or a family member. Find a mentor who motivates you and who help you to grow your career.

When you seek advice from him/her, you will get a passion towards your journey. Every business as well as a professional need mentors.

Blogging tips from Copy Blogger

Copyblogger is a leading online platform to learn about blogging and Search Engine Optimization, and marketing. You will get a bunch of knowledge when you visit their site.

If you want to become a professional copywriter, then you must have to follow the blog regularly. Alright, let’s see those tips which will engage your blog in a professional (Advanced) way.

42 Keep a list of next articles

Open a Microsoft Word document or any word document to save the list of next articles you are going to publish in your site. This will give an idea of being consistent, and you will publish regularly.

43 Do not fake your content

Your content should be unique. If you follow someone and if you write an article same as the other blogger then people won’t follow your blog. Whatever the content you write, should be unique and informative.

Explore your ideas and your strategies to give the exact information and write to the point. Do not mislead them with a click-worthy title but boring information. That means you don’t have to change titles until you have excellent content in your article.

44 Write when you feel enthusiastic

When you have energy, write as much as the content you can. It will define your character while you wight regularly. When you have the energy, you will blow up with the ideas, and we will write great stuff which will attract the number of ministers.

If you write two articles today, you can take gap tomorrow. When you feel writing, then write as much as you can and as good as you can. Don’t publish immediately after writing. Take time, read back to follow up your mistakes and to correct your grammar and then hit publish.

45 List posts

List posts work better than formal content. There are so many articles which are ranking only with lists posts. When a user visit your site and you have long content then list post will direct them to read and understand quickly.

Don’t cross over more than 30 list posts which will be boring. When you have more than 30 points then make partitions for each 25 list posts in a single article. You are engaging your content with every paragraph you write and every list post you publish.

Pro blogging tips - List posts

46 Mention industry experts

Whenever you have space, feel free to mention the influencer in your industry. It will engage your audience with the trust to follow the influence and your blog as well. It will be a great linking strategy to make your blog more successful in less time.

Find an industry expert and try to link him whenever you get a chance. Develop a strong bond and make a relationship with your readers and competitors.

47 Use examples and case studies

This is one of the great pro blogging tips. Writing a detailed case study, you have to use multiple screenshots and reference guides. When you add screenshots people will believe that you are expressing yourself and your experiences rather than faking the content.

And when you link a Reference Guide, then people believe that the targeted link is useful and worth following. When you include your work instead of just words, then people will have more trust in you. A detailed case study will attract more visitors than a simple article.

Pro blogging tips - Case study

48 Show up regularly

Write quality content and show regularly. Make Google feel that you are publishing content consistently and Google will remember your site forever if you have the quality content. Write a great article and impress the audience regularly.

49 Sprinkle questions

When you are writing the content make sure that you are clearing the doubts of your visitors. You are implementing as much as questions you can, and you’re answering them in a perfect manner.

A Reader must understand your answer, and he will share your content probably. When you include the questions and answers in your content, then your content will be optimized for voice search also.

This is the best pro blogging tip to rank any keyword in search engines even if the competition is extreme high.

50 Inspiring your readers

When you are writing, make sure that your readers getting some inspiration from your words. When you inspire them they will share your content and they will start following you.

A simple sentence can make a difference when you use influenced words. Optimize your content for readers and inspire them with your proven Strategies and techniques.

51 Learn how to get ideas

When you finish your writing an article then your next question is the topic of the second article. Here is the situation where you will get confused, and you don’t know what to write. Take the help of online tools or Google auto suggest to give an idea about your next topic.

You can improve your rankings lot better if you follow the same step. When you have a pillar post which has more than 5000 words, then write some articles related to the children category and link them to this parent article. This will boost up your rankings in search engines.

52 Warm up new subscribers

When you have enough subscribers list, then you don’t have to worry about your sales and traffic but if you are struggling to build an email list then you should try something new.

When a new reader visit your website and a popup shows up to subscribe to your email list then why he has to subscribe to your list? Answer them with a click-worthy answer and include your free Ebooks and PDF guides to download.

When you ask them to submit their email to download these Ebooks then they will provide the email address and you can build your email list. Use some Lead Management platforms to convert your audience as subscribers.

53 Write short emails

Short emails will make more conversions than long emails. If you have a good email list, then notify them with your latest post writing a few words about your article.

The email should be short and sweet, and your targeted opened it should be more than 80%. This will highly increase your sales and conversions and also your blog traffic. Show The bullet points and included a high-quality paragraph with few sentences and Link your latest article.

54 Social sharing buttons

The social sharing buttons will increase your social share by the readers. Most of the people don’t care about this at the beginning, but you have to show the social share buttons from day one.

It will make the user share quickly on social media platforms, and you will get referral traffic. Your brand will start growing if you have both social shares. You can use Free social welfare plugin to design your social share buttons.

55 Use Free Images

You cannot copy and paste every image you see on the internet. It will Ban your site from the search engines. You have to use the free royalty free images in your blog articles.

There are so many sites for public domain images for free which will provide the images to use in your articles with/ without contribution. Learn properly how to optimize images to boost your rankings.

You can use some methods to optimize your images and if you share the image on Pinterest, Instagram or any image sharing platform then you will get good traffic.

Learn how Bloggers edit their images using tools which is available online for free.

56 Straight forward structures

Don’t confuse your reader. Come straight to the point when you are answering the question and the reader must find helpful with your resource.

If you keep dragging them on your article, then he may feel unsatisfied and can leave your site without clicking any link inside your article. It will be bad for your Search Engine Optimization, and the bounce rate will increase. So make sure that you clear the point exactly straight to the structure.

57 Start writing early

Whenever you think, start writing the article because perfect content needs time. Start writing from day 1 and you can take an entire week to complete the content because it will be the pillar post of your site and it will catch huge attention of the visitors.

Make a broad article and work for the ranking to the pillar post. When you rank for that, you will also rank for the related articles. Don’t forget to add a easy menu to reach the pillar post.

58 Your blog’s purpose

Why people have to visit your blog?

What are you going to explain in your blog?

Why should people share your content?

What is the purpose of your blog?

Get ready with the answers because if you can convince a reader about what you are going to play your site then people will love your efforts and they will start sharing your content. It will reach the audience quickly without your efforts, and you can build a huge email list.

59 Find a partner

There is nothing wrong if you choose a wrong partner even. What I mean is, if you have your friend or partner or any family member then ask him to help with the work you have. Even your partner has zero knowledge, you have to explain how he can handle that.

When you find your partner, it will be easy to complete your articles in time and to publish your articles. Feel free to ask his opinion and ideas to write the next topic and if possible take writings from him.

60 Have strong opinion

The final step is being strong. When people start blogging, within a month or two months, they will give up because of the results. One thing you have to remember is “blogging needs time”, and when you keep on going with the content you have, you will achieve what you are supposed to.

Be confident and while writing, be strong with your answer. If you can comfort the reader, then you succeed in your first step of blogging. This is how you have to be strong with your opinion.

Be genuine and be confident with the articles you are writing.

Never promote those products which haven’t tested by you and never ignore to promote the products which are working fine for you.

Best pro blogging tips

These are some of the best pro blogging tips from the experts to make your blog more successful and more profitable. Dream everything about blogging and work hard to implement your blog with the new Strategies and techniques.

Follow the top bloggers in the industry and make a relationship with related niche bloggers. You have to attract the people with your content, not with your fake titles. Feel free to ask anything about blogging tips and your doubt will be clear in no time.

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