Rank Math vs SEO Squirrly

Rank Math vs SEO Squirrly (Which is the #1 Yoast Alternative)

What is the best SEO plugin right now? Here is the quick comparison of Rank Math vs SEO Squirrly plugins.

These two are the best WordPress SEO plugins recommended by pro bloggers. If you don’t know, WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms to make money and widely used in worldwide.

You may see Yoast SEO is the #1 SEO plugin in terms of downloads. But you have to know that you can get some premium features in the free version of “Rank math SEO plugin”, and even more advanced features in ‘Squirrly SEO’.

One thing you have to make sure that SEO by Squirrly is the underrated SEO plugin with minimal downloads. But most of the top entrepreneurs like Neil Patel recommend this plugin for medium level bloggers.

Rank Math vs SEO squirrly

Stay tuned to know about the competition, and the details about these two awesome plugins to understand better one.

1. About Plugins


This plugin is like a newborn baby in the WordPress plugins directory. Because it is very new and it needs to grow. But still, a lot of people are loving the RankMath plugin because of its features the free plugin cannot provide.

Here is their website for more information.

Almost, the top WordPress SEO plugin Yoast is giving the features in the premium version, but you can get the same features in Rank Math free plugin. There is no premium version to the plugin; it is completely free. You can take the help of this plugin to Optimize your on-page content correctly.

Squirrly SEO: 

Squirrly SEO plugin is also famous and recommended WordPress plugin by most of the bloggers. You don’t have to get Masters to complete your Optimization work because this plugin will help you to get your content optimized for search engines.

Here is their website for more information.

One of the Great entrepreneur and marketers Neil Patel stated that whenever he writes a new post, take the help of this plugin. This is how this plugin will help you. For beginners, It is a complete user friendly plugin and beginner friendly with a ton of features.

This plugin is simple but effective. Let me share more details in the coming sections.

2. Installation and Configuration

You can use the WordPress plugin directory to install both plugins. Just search for SEO plugins, and you will get these two at the top of the search results. Now make sure that you cannot use two SEO plugins at a time. Just install a plugin to explore the features.

Go to WordPress plugins area and search for rank math. You need to have a rank math official account (free) to use this plugin. And in the Squirrel SEO plugin, you don’t need an account. After installing the plugin, activating the plugin will take you to the dashboard for setup and settings.

In this post, you will learn how to install WordPress plugins. 3 easy to follow ways you can install any WordPress plugins.

Rank Math:

Just after installing the plug-in, you will see a basic setup wizard. From the rank Math dashboard you can see so many features like 404 monitor, AMP integration, link counter, local SEO and Google knowledge graph, redirections, rich snippets for better rankings, role managers, search console, SEO analysis, sitemap and WooCommerce set up. You will access the settings page for every single feature from this page.

Squirrly SEO:

When it comes to Squirrly SEO, you can access SEO issues feature and can conduct an SEO test to see the error pages just after installing the plug-in, and whenever you want to check the SEO issues from your website, then you can go to this option.

Squirrly basic Installation - Rank Math vs Squirrly

You can also select some focus pages from where you can build high-quality internal links from your existing or new pages. This focus pages will be like pillar articles to your website. You can also run an SEO audit from here to check errors.

Open the Squirrly ‘SEO settings page’, you can access all settings form a single page. You can perform bulk Optimization for all pages, and you can edit the social media sharing options, automation and also you can track your visitors and can read their behavior.

3. Dashboard

Rank Math SEO Dashboard

Do you know you can view the quick ratings of your published articles?

Yes, you can directly check the SEO score from the dashboard itself. This will be the amazing features because you don’t have to open every post to check the optimization score.

Rank Math:

In Rank math dashboard overview, you can directly check the marks obtained out of hundred which will be your SEO score. You can also check links and also the primary focus keyword.

Squirrly SEO:

In Squirrly SEO also you can see the snippet of SEO score. You just have to analyze the score, and you can re-edit to make it happen for full marks. All you have to do is, if you are using another plugin and you install this plugin then you have to check the SEO score of every article, and then you will have an idea.

Make the list of which articles you have to update to get the maximum score. When you are monitoring the SEO score from the dashboard itself, it will be beneficial.

WordPress Dashboard area with SEO scores at Posts Page;

Now when you click on Squirrly SEO dashboard option, you can access how many articles are well Optimized for Google and how many articles have not yet. You can also track the report of keyword research performance and keywords storage. The best thing is the plugin will show the report of your top ranking pages in the top 100 Google search results.

4. Content Optimization and Analysis

The next important thing in analyzing an SEO plugin is its content optimization features. Now we all know that Yoast SEO will provide the maximum readability and SEO settings options.

Not only the giant plugin but also these plugins will help to optimize the content for users and search engines.

Rank Math:

Rank math, it is the best content optimizing solution guide for beginners. If you are an expert, then you don’t need to follow this because it will help to write beautiful content which is search engine friendly as well as user-friendly.

How it will suggest you write it will fit for user-friendly? The simple answer is it will analyze the writing style of your content, and it will give an idea about the ease of your writing.

Rank Math SEO plugins checklist

If you provide the keyword in the snippet area, then it will analyze that whole article, and it will check whether the keyword is present in the title and URL of the article. And if something is missing, then it will suggest you update the changes.

A good length article will rank better compared to the short length articles in some cases. That’s the reason why most of the SEO plugins push the writers to fill up to 600 words minimum. It will also call the internal and external links in your article.

Once you get all green marks in the SEO analyzing area from this plugin, then you are ready to publish the content.

Squirrly SEO:

When we compare Rank Math and Yoast SEO with Squirrly SEO in terms of content optimization suggestions, Squirrly SEO is definitely a hard hitter. Because we all know that this plugin is designed to help the professional bloggers.

Squirrly SEO plugins checklist

And what do I mean that, if you have the essential Search Engine Optimization friendly content writing skills then you don’t have to depend on the basic rules of content Optimization guide. You can easily use this plugin.

When we are analyzing the behavior of a beginner who is about to start his blogging career. Then definitely these two plugin will help them.

Squirlly SEO snippet

Every different SEO plugin has different SEO preview snippet. When the rank math allows you to write up to 65 characters for the SEO title, Squirrly SEO plugin is a bit head of another plugin with 75 characters length.

While you are rating the title and other meta descriptions you can also do keyword research to select the best keyword for your article from the sidebar. This is the the one of the coolest features this plugin offering.

Squirrly Character length decider.

You can also decide the length of characters for SEO title, description length, open graph title length, open graph description length and more. The suggested title length will be 65 characters, and their description will be 150 to 160 characters. You can make the changes here, and you can save the settings.

5. Focus Keyword

The next parameter we are going to consider is keyword allowance. If you know the Yoast SEO plugin will allow only one focus keyword in the free version.

To unlock more and to add up to 50 words you have to purchase the premium version. It won’t affect your search engine rankings, but it will suggest to write better.

Alright now let’s talk about this to play games in terms of Keyword suggestions and the maximum number of keywords they will push.

Rank Math:

Rank math keyword checks

The plugin is free as you know, it will allow you to choose up to 5 keywords. This is the best part of the plugin, and guess what? It will mix up the things, and it will suggest choosing the right keyword in those five keywords you provided which will boost the rankings.

When you get green, you are on the right track, and when you get Red, then you have to improve. It’s just simple like that. I am sure you will be surprised with this Rich snippet and its excellent features.

The plugin is super helpful when choosing the keywords because it will suggest the actual searching keywords in search engines.

Squirrly SEO:

This plugin also allows you to choose up to 5 keywords. The best thing is it will suggest the best keywords in the market. These keyword suggestions will be from the Google fetch.

When you enter the keyword, it will autocomplete the long tail keyword where you can focus more to get maximum results.

Squirrly SEO keywords check

Just like rank math plugin, this plugin also has the same feature of giving similar keywords and better keywords. So there is no competition between these two in terms of keywords because these two plugins are giving the same functionality.

Here is the biggest advantage of this plugin when you are using the keyword research graph.

The feature allows you to select a Keyword and when you select the next step then you can see suggested keywords which will be useful for better rankings. Hold on, with the intensity, you can see one more awesome feature.

Isn’t it beautiful when you don’t have to use the keyword research tool when you are writing the article? Yes, of course, it will be useful. And here the plugin does magic.

By leaving its competitors way behind, this plugin will show you the keyword volume with the difficulty and also keyword Trend. There is nothing more you can expect from an SEO plugin which is covering all the suits under a single section.

6. Pricing

Both the plugins are free as of now. Compared to the other premium plugins, these two plugins are free and offering so many features. You will take the help of these plugins to create better content, and you don’t have to buy any premium plugin.

Other plugins may have premium features in those plugins, but for the beginners and medium level bloggers these two plugins are more than enough. You will get the better options of optimizing the content in both the plugins.

Install any one of these two plugins and enjoy the writing.

7. Support

Both the plugin developers are active and solving more problems within a few days. You may get support from the developers from their FAQ section.

Squirrly SEO:

Squirrly SEO plugin developers are 100% active, and whenever they get the problem, they will solve it.

Why Squirrly SEO developers are so active resolving the issue?

There are 2 main contributors to this WordPress plugins and they take their products very seriously.

  •  Florin Muresan – He is Co-Founder and CEO of the company as well as a contributor of this Squirrly SEO plugin.
  •  Calin Vingan – He is Co-Founder, CTO and contributor.

Since CEO and CTO are involved, they have to make their products perfect.

As you can see the picture above, in the last two months they solved every problems the users raised.

Issues solved in last two months: 100%

Rank Math:

You may get surprised, but the rank math SEO plugin has its official Facebook group where you will get support anytime.

Unlike other plugins, you don’t have to search your problem in the frequently asked questions section because whenever you post in this group, you will get support within a few hours.

This is the amazing thing I personally like and if you are a new user to the plugin level also you if you posted the official group.

This is the premium level of support we are getting right now and in the planning cross over 1 million downloads then we may not be able to expect the same response rate from the group.

But whenever you have a problem, you can take the help of straight from the developers.

Issues solved in last two months: 86% + Fb response rate: 100%

8. Social Previews

No matter how good you are article is, if you are not going to promote you are watching so many visitors and revenue. To build a brand, you have to be active in social media.

In the linked post, you will learn different types of digital marketing platforms and how to use them.

Facebook and Twitter are the two most social media sites by popularity where you have to promote your content and to make a brand.

For Facebook, you need some serious marketing skills to reach the right audience. You may take the help of Facebook groups, and you can create your fan page.

The problem where most of the people get is when they share the content on Facebook, FB cannot Fetch the actual thumbnail from the WordPress article.

It is because you choose the wrong featured image size. That’s the reason these plugins will offer a separate section to upload the featured image according to the size and also title and description.

Plugin meta description will be the default description wherever you share the article. And when you decided to give a separate description for Facebook and Twitter, then you can take the help of this social menu snippets.

Alright, let’s differentiate the two plugins in social preview snippet.

Rank Math:

Squirrly SEO:

Open graph: Open Graph is a protocol that allows web pages to be represented in the social media platforms with desired content. This open graph is developed by Facebook, and now it is held by the open web Foundation.

The purpose of this creation is to offer an easier integration between social media platforms and other websites by displaying the rich snippets and paragraphs.

Squirrly SEO has the option of Twitter card where you can preview the Twitter description and title.

Final Winner

So, this is the quick comparison between the two great plugins. These two plugins don’t have many downloads but these plugins are killers. You won’t get disappointment after using any one of these Plugins.

If one plugin helps you to build the successful SEO strategies from the beginner level, Whereas another plugin will help to boost the SEO authority your expert level. But, when we differentiate these two plugins in the basic beginner level,

We are not against any plugin. You can Install the plug-ins and activate to explore the impressive features of these two. These are two are Heroes in their respective field.


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