Smartcrawl SEO Review: Can it be a SUPER HERO SEO plugin?

Smartcrawl SEO Review:

If you are bored with the regular SEO plugins, then you have to try this SmartCrawl SEO plugin which can give the real-time reports and suggestions for your content.

You can easily optimize your article with the help of this plugin, and you don’t have to worry about the optimization work.

Do you know what the best thing about this plugin is? You can use this plugin for multi-site purposes. If you are a super admin and maintaining more than one site, you don’t have to optimize for an individual site.

Instead, you can optimize the bulk content with a single change.

Let’s talk about the plugin which we find interesting in terms of Optimization work and you will also find useful. The plugin is free, but you can also find the pro version of the plugin. We are not going to promote it again. And we are not going to recommend the provision because the free version is enough for the beginners.

Just install and activate the plugin and Internet Explorer pictures with this plugin. If you have the habit of checking your SEO analytics and report then you must need this plugin.

This cannot be a game-changer, and it cannot replace the Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO plugins. But it will be a good alternative who wants to explore the change in the SEO world.

SmartCrawl SEO plugin

The Smartcrawl SEO plugin will give a better WordPress SEO Optimization. This is an SEO plugin in the market, and it will Boost Your page rank and domain authority in Google.

If you are trying to build the authority site, then take the help of the plugin. Let’s take a quick review of the Smartcrawl SEO plugin.

This is an SEO plugin that will allow you with one click setup in automatic sitemaps and improved social sharing. It will scan report the real-time data to you, and you don’t have to go with the advanced settings.

As the plugin developers say, this plugin will perfectly optimize the content which will be the Google-friendly article.

Features of the SmartCrawl SEO plugin

Here are the important features of this plugin you can find useful. I have found that this will be a better plugin in terms of features.

  • It will analyze your site and active settings to Boost Your reach in organic search with one click.
  • The plugin will customize the title and description to optimize your content which will be another feature of this plugin.
  • A smart crawl SEO plugin will open the graph integration, and it will connect all social accounts to give social credibility when someone shares your content.
  • It has a smart page analyzer where it scans all the pages and posts for readability and keyword density. Now with the help of this, you can add more information, and you can optimize your content even better. We all know that using the keyword in a particular manner will boost up the rankings of your page or post.
  • Re-crawling your site. When you add a new article for a new page to your website, then this plugin will indicate Google to re-crawl your page. Now this will help in the rankings even faster. You don’t have to submit the sitemaps manually to get indexed by Google. This is the feature where most of the people like this plugin.

When you have broken pages, this plugin will redirect your traffic from one URL to another URL. That means you will not lose your visitors. And as a result, your hard work will be saved. You can also set up a custom page if you are an affiliate promoter to increase your sales and revenue.

  • Integration with MOZ SEO tools: If you are already using MOZ for better research then you can connect your MOZ reports and comparison Analytics with this plugin which will sky-high the ranks and Internal/External links.

SmartCrawl is designed to increase traffic without making you jump through hoops or make major site changes. By including the most effective methods of optimization and working on autopilot, SmartCrawl gives you more time for other areas of your blog. As you work and grow, you know that SmartCrawl has your back. – Neil Patel

Optimization with Smartcrawl SEO

The plugin is developed by WPMU DEV. The famous destination where we can find solutions to most of the plugins and features your WordPress site need. Coming to the optimization work, you can see the picture below.

Smart Crawl SEO review

When you are writing an article in a rich snippet will be visible under the SEO editing settings where you can put a title and meta description.

Generally, most of the SEO plugins will vary the terms of title characters length. Rank math will allow you to write up to 65 characters for better SEO titles. On the other hand, the Smart crawl SEO plugin will allow you to write up to 75 characters.

You can choose, and you can prove to you the title before you going to hit the publish button, and also you can set the custom meta description.

When compared to the Yoast and rank math SEO plugins this plugin has poor snippet preview which will be the bad thing, and it is the only downside.

What keeps an SEO crawler different?

Well, when we talk about the unique feature, this plugin offers, it will give the option to control your settings across and enter the network for multiple sites such as a super admin.

If you are a Business Owner with individuals multiple sites, then you can use this plugin which will give you the full control of settings. It will make the bulk changes for multi-site for optimizing each website.

This will be the tired-less method you don’t have to worry about bulk site Optimization because the plugin is here for you. This is the best thing we have noticed with this plugin.

If you want to schedule the reports and to get real-time suggestions with your content, then you can use this plugin.

The plugins have a content analyzer feature which can be used in both post and pages and you will get instant solutions as the feedback for improving your content.

This is the simple review and feedback about the underrated SEO plugin in the plugin directory. I hope you find some information about this plugin and you can always try this if you want to try the different SEO plugin from the market.

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