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Social Media Marketing Importance Platforms

Social Media Sites are the best places for marketing your products or services.


Because Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms. As we are living in the generation of internet, social media is another blessing of internet. Almost everyone is on social media now.

If I ask you, “Where would you promote your content, product or service?” then the obvious answer should be “The place where I will find my target audience”

So, the best possible place to find your target audience is social media marketing sites. Over time, thousands of social media platforms have taken their own place in the life of users.

Now-a-days, Social Media sites are like habits to the mass people. So, as a company,  an entrepreneur or as a blogger you must know the social media tactics to reach the ultimate goal.

So today, I will be discussing about basic of social media marketing, various social media platforms and also will discuss how you can use them to promote your content, products or services.

Below are the topics I will discuss in details about social media marketing. I will also talk about the list of social media sites where you can promote your sites. You can jump to the section whichever interests you.

  1. Definition of Social Media Marketing
  2. Importance of Social Media Marketing
  3. List of Social Media Sites for Marketing

Let’s start with the definition of Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple words, social media marketing is the process of getting traffic to your websites from different social media sites, it also a platform to promote your product or service.

It is one of the most important types of digital marketing platforms. A company  can promote their product or service in social media by placing Ads, sharing the content. The company can also track the progress of their campaigns because most of the social media platform has build-in data analytics tools.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Importance of social media marketing

So, the question is, what are the benefits of social media marketing? Of Course, there are a lot of benefits to be on social media.

Do you know, about 68% of Americans are Facebook users, 78% are on Instagram and 46% are on Twitter. Those are the main reason, you should be using social media platforms for your business.  Remember one thing, your competitors are already in there, so you should be there as well.

Below, I have enlisted some advantages why you should use social media for your business.

Brand awareness

Having a brand page in social media is first steps to grow your brand awareness. Once you have your business page, next step is target your audience with eye-catching visual graphics along with evergreen quality content.

Remember, You need to post your content regularly on that brand page to get more visibility by the audience.

Enhance SEO Rankings

Social media sharing is one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factor to rank higher in SERP. And as you know ranking higher means more organic traffic to your business.

If you have quality content posted on social media regularly, people will re-share those content with their networks and that’s a signal to search engine how popular that article is. Based on the popularity SEO ranking will get a boost as well.

Cost effective

Social media platform is one of the most cost-effective way to get inbound traffic for your website. Signing up with you business page on most of the social media is free.

But if you decide to use paid advertising, you can start with little money and see how it works. Later, if you have budget you can invest more on paid advertising. In most of the case, It is possible to drive customers just by investing little money and time on most of the social media platforms.

This method is way cheaper than traditional advertising method such as TV, Radio, Billboards.

Driving traffic

One of the great advantages of social media marketing is driving traffic. As long as you have quality content and post regularly on your account, there is a good chance people will click on it.

Moreover, other people will share the that post in their network which will generate more traffic which will give you making conversion opportunities. But remember, your post should be good quality and interesting for people to share on their networks.

You can read this article titled how to make money on medium for more information about how to promote your blog and drive traffic from medium blogging platform.

If you are interested about other blogging platforms available, you can read this best blog platforms for blogging.

What are the most popular social media sites

Social Media sites

There are so many different social media sites where you can target to generate traffic for your website and get your potential customers. Below are some social media sites by popularity where most of the internet users hang out.


Beyond doubt, Facebook is one of the most famous social media platform. It was founded back in February, 2004 as a modified version of Facemash. Now, it has users among all over the world. The total number of users is 2.23 billion.

Facebook is one of the Popular social media sites in the world.

You can drive thousands of readers towards your blog using Facebook.  The very first process is creating a Facebook page. After creating the page you have to maintain it in a very wise way.

Make regular post in your Facebook page regarding your blog writings. If you are a Fashion related blogger then beside sharing the article in your page, you can post various small and easy fashion hacks.

As a fitness blogger you can make post about fitness tips or gym hacks. Also, try to share your fitness moments or if you like you can make small fitness motivational videos to attract your target audience.

While using Facebook, you are getting the opportunities of attracting your target audience by posting written tips, posts and Videos. Also make sure that you are interacting with audience.

If you are getting inbox messages and comments at your post try to reply them. That was pretty basic about Facebook for blogger. If you want to read in more details than we have already given an article about Facebook hacks.

If you have a decent budget then you may also consider paid campaigns at Facebook Ads.


As we all know, Instagram is a Social Networking site mainly used for sharing photos and videos. It was launched back in 2010. According to the most recent report published in June, 2018 the current number of active Instagram user is 1 Billion.

So, it is huge platform to promote your blog. Facebook is the current owner of Instagram.

You can share a simple process to grab audience from Instagram. You can use your website name or you can promote your name. Post various kinds of photos that represent your blog.

You can use the hashtag and also you can upload videos. Make sure to link your blog at your Instagram. Share your Instagram link in other social media accounts.

Another tip for you is to follow other bloggers and learn how they are promoting themselves via Instagram. Be as creative as possible. And the Golden of social media which is Interaction with the audience also applies for Instagram.


Founded back in March, 2006 Twitter is an American online news and social networking site. The current number of users of Twitter is around 500 million so it has huge potential as a platform to promote blog and derive traffic.

There are both paid and free options for using Twitter for promoting your blog. First of all create a handle according to your name or your brand name. Use short but provocative tweets. Also tweet about events and activities similar to your blog content.

Be as interactive as possible. Try to understand what your audience loves. Describe how your content will benefit them.

You may also use the Hashtag trend. In case you are interested, there are paid ad options available.


YouTube is another amazing and one of my most recommended platform in social media marketing which was founded back in February 2005. This platform has more than 2.01 billion monthly users. If you know how to use YouTube to market your business, you can really get good leads out of this platforms.

As a blogger, you are already writing a specific kind of content. In YouTube simply create videos on the similar topic and reach your target audience. It has options for paid promotion.

Another advantage is, if you create solid subscriber base then you can easily use YouTube as a side income source.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for business and employment oriented service. It was founded back in May 2003 and it has 560 million users as of September 2018, out of that number about 260 million users are active per month.

You can share your ideas with LinkedIn members through article, images, or  videos. You need to create a branded page for your business where you can post your articles, You can linked your personal account as well. To get better results, you need to join different groups.

There are over 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn. Just join the group which is related to your blog niche and start promoting to your target audience. Also It will help you to reach the sponsor of your content or blog article. You can also boost your content or products using their ads.


Pinterest is a software system developed back it March, 2010. It has over 250 million active users per month with more than 175 billion pins. The basic concept of Pinterest is discovering new ideas.

By using good quality provocative images you can Pin the ideas to a board to gain audience from Pinterest. Pins are like an ideas which can be saved on a board to organize the ideas and users can follow that board. Board is like a category, each board contains similar types of Pins to organize better way.

A lot of people are making money from Pinterest platforms just by pinning. In this linked post, you will learn how to earn money from Pinterest.

If your Pin is really good, another user can Repin the same ideas on his/her board, then another user and that’s how your pin can go viral.

Pinterest offers business account for free where you can monitor the activity with their built-in data analytics tools. You can also get extra eyes on your pin by using Pinterest ad campaign.


Here are some additional social media sites where you can promote your content and products.

There are many different types of digital marketing you can use to generate traffic to your website. But these social media marketing sites are the most popular one and my favorite too.

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