Top 11 Blogging Niche Ideas to Make Money

Top 11 Blogging Niche Ideas to Make Money in 2020

Blogging Niche Ideas to Make Money

In the starting phase of blogging, one of the biggest problem one might face is picking the right niche for blogging. Sometimes we don’t know which niche will be best for us or which niche will help us to drive traffic and make money on blogging. So today, I have decided to discuss about 11 Blogging Niche Ideas to help you while confused about finding a niche idea.

But before I list the niche ideas, I would like to inform you that I have also written an article on How to Choose a Niche. Go and check that article as it will enrich you with some really potential information.

Based on category niche market, I can think of 7 main category niche market you can pick from with affiliate profits in mind. Here are the main categories:

  • Money (Financial)
  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Relationships
  • How To
  • Products and Services
  • Business to Business (B2B)

All these main niche market can be broken down to small niches or micro niche blog ideas. Below are some profitable blogging niche ideas that drive traffic and make money.

List of Blogging Niche Ideas to Make Money

Here are the list of 11 blogging niche that has lot of traffic and potential candidates to earn money blogging.

1. Tech Niche

Niche Ideas Tech Blogging

When it comes to blogging, Tech Blog is a kind of blogging beyond doubt is the best choice to grow fast. The very fast advantage is availability of content. The basic concept of technology blogging is updating people about Tech Products.

Technology niche is one of my favorite niches where it is easy to drive lot of traffic and earn money. Some people might say technology niche is no longer a good niche. It’s not true. This niche market still has lot of potential.

As we all know, it is a time when every other day tech companies are launching new technologies and gadgets. So there are countless topics you can write on.

Beside this availability, another advantage is tech products has a huge sales rate. So when it comes to making money by blogging, affiliate marketing with your blog, you can earn a hefty amount of money. Audience is really huge in this type of content so the speed of growing will be fast too.

But before you jump to the conclusion of starting a tech blog, I would like inform you that the competition is really huge as there are plenty of big and small bloggers. out there.

Things will only work out if you are someone who truly loves technology and feel self driven on this topic. If you are someone who doesn’t have much idea over Tech then lets move on to the next idea.

What are the advantages for Tech blogging Niches?

Well, tech niche has huge market and potential, can generate lot of traffic. And when you have lot of traffics, its easier to make money.

Are there any disadvantages for Tech Niche?

High competition and articles are not evergreen. That means you need to update or write new articles for new products if you select technology niche.

How to make money on Tech Niche?

There are so many ways you can earn money on tech niche. Google AdSense is one of the options to generate money but most popular one is affiliate marketing. You can sign up for Amazon Affiliate program where you can earn commission for every sale you make through you affiliate link.

2. Health & Fitness Niche

Health and Fitness niche ideas

Health and Fitness is another amazing blogging niche ideas to start blogging about. Thousands of people all around the world search for Health and Fitness related content. So the number of audience is huge and it’s keep growing.

So creating a health and fitness blog is a brilliant choice. When it comes to earning, a health and fitness blog is the best ways to make money.

What are the ways to produce income from health niche?

You can generate income by affiliate marketing of Health and Fitness products and getting sponsor will be easy.

But, when writing contents over Health and Fitness, it is really important to have ideas over that lifestyle. So, if you are not a Health and Fitness conscious person, things may not work out. This is one of the best blog niche ideas to pick.

Here are few examples of health and fitness niche ideas:

  • Weight Loss
  • Hair Loss
  • Skin care
  • At home workouts
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Healthy Eating
  • And more

Advantages for health and fitness this niche?

Huge audience as people always want to eat and live healthy. They want to keep their body in shape and lose weight.

On the other hand, Only disadvantage I see is competition in this niche market. But you can do better if you narrow down this niche to micro niche.

3. Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and Beauty niche ideas

After Heath and Fitness, the obvious niche idea should be Fashion and Beauty. In the current world, more or less, everyone has some short of consciousness on Fashion and Beauty.

The industry is also evolving so there are plenty of things to write about and the number of readers is obviously huge. Earning money is easy with such blogs once you build a solid reader base.

There are thousands kind of product you can affiliate with. You will also get sponsor and there are some other ways to make extra money.

So, if you have some short of expertise in Fashion and Beauty related area then you should go for a Fashion and Beauty Blog.

4. Travel Blog Niche

Travel Niche make money blogging

Now, Travel Blog is another ideal type of blog you can start. This is one of the most popular blogging niche ideas. But, for such kind of blogging you need to have the passion of traveling to different places and share the original experience and knowledge.

If you are someone who loves traveling then go for it. The ways of earning money blogging in this niche is also hefty. You will find a lot of potential sponsors and affiliate sales are also possible.

5. Food Review

Food niche to make money

I know you already have understood the concept. It is really easy kind of blogging. The basic requirement for this kind of blogging is love for food. Almost everyone in the world has that love for food.

As food blogger you will basically write review article for various foods and restaurants. There are some very stable ways to earn good amount of money if you can generate the traffic.

6. Food Recipe

Food review Niche to make money

Another cliché idea but believe me, it works. People love to experiment with their taste of food when it comes to find new recipe for they go to online. If you are someone who loves to cook and well learned in the art of cooking then it will enjoyable for you.

Growing big and getting a solid fan base may take time but once you gain it you can earn a good amount of money.

7. Product Review

Product Review niche to make easy money

Rather than calling it a profitable blog niche ideas, I would like to call it a cash cow. Let me explain you the reason. When people finds an honest and original review of any product, most of the time they make a purchase.

And if you have that influencing power in your writings, thousands of people will end up buying product via your affiliate link. As a product reviewer, you can either chose one particular product as niche or you may write about every kind of product you have idea on. This is one of the easy way to make money blogging.

So if you can get the things done properly, you must go for this niche. But the competition is not small so research before you start and think carefully if you are really capable of.

8. Movie Review

Review movie to make easy money

Review is one of the best trends that work on the internet. We all know there are thousands of crazy movie lovers out there. And the number of people who occasionally watch movies is also huge.

And a lot of people rely on online review while choosing which movie they are going to watch next. If you are one who loves movies then start writing about movies.

But remember while writing try to give as little as possible spoilers and be crucially honest. Things might take time but success is huge in this niche.

9. Book Review

Book Review to make money blogging

A very specific kind of niche if you compare with the other niches but it is quite similar to the Movie Review blog. If you are someone who is freak of reading various kinds of books then writing Book Reviews is a very good thing to try on.

Like the previous one, be honest and choose good quality books. Beside the regular banner and you can earn money by affiliate sales.

10. Online Earning Tutorial

Earning Tutorial to make easy money

There are a lot of people who are bored o their regular profession or just for some extra cash trying to earn money online. So teaching that thing will should be profitable niche and it really is.

But only go for this niche if you really have knowledge and have the experience in online earning. Be genuine and always remember that provide the best and authentic knowledge and information. Don’t ever think of providing foolish inauthentic information as it may ruin your brand value and image.

It is best idea to pick the topic which is related to your profession. You will be able to cover more and you know you are a master of that niche.

11. Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Affiliate Marketing niche ideas

When it comes to online earning, Affiliate Marketing is a very profitable way and lots of people are trying to learn it. So, if you are someone who has a potential knowledge then start sharing with people with a blog. Try to create content that will help people to easily understand about the Business. If you work hard, chance of success is huge in affiliate marketing niche.

Learn more about affiliate marketing and how it works in this article.

So guys, this was the list of blogging niche ideas which I think considerable as to make money on blogging. If you are interested making money on your blog, read how do bloggers make money. Once you find the right niche to work with, you need to make that dream come true.


You need to setup your blog by registering a domain and hosting that domain with a hosting provider. Here is an article about how to create a WordPress blog and earn money from it.

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