What is DDoS Attack?

The attempt of overwhelming the service or network is nothing but an attack. Then what is DDoS attack?

Table of Contents

  1. Defination of DDoS Attack?
  2. How does a DDoS Attack work?
  3. How long does a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) last?
  4. Types of DDoS Attacks
  5. What is DDoS Botnet?
  6. What are the Symptoms of DDoS Attack?
  7. How to Protect from DDoS Attack?
  8. Conclusion

What is DDoS Attack?

DDoS stands for distributed denial of service (DDoS). This is a malicious attempt to dispute the normal traffic of a targeted server by utilizing computer systems as the source of the attack. In another words, DDoS is a cyber attack in computing world.

These attacks are attacks a subclass of denial of service (DoS) attacks. It involves multiple connected devices which will lead the fake traffic and will attach the targeted system or server.

General Cyber-attacks and malware attack will target your computer, and instead, these DDoS attacks will target the source of traffic. And it tries to hack the server.

This attack is similar to the DoS attack where the predator targets a single internet connection system. And in DDoS the predator will target multiple devices at a time by distributing the attacking malware.

The DDoS attack will send multiple requests to the attacked web resource with the aim of companies and multiple servers. Predator’s use DDoS attacks to target online shopping sites, online casinos and online services companies.

How does a DDoS Attack work?

First, the predator will create multiple online servers, and he will turn them into bots by sending malware. Moreover, when the multiple systems send the approval as they are bots, the predator will target a server to attack.

This attack requires an attacker to gain control of a network of online servers to carry out the attack. We know that Computers are infected with malware turning each one into a bot. You can call them as zombie. The attacker will control all these bots with the BotNet.

Once a botnet has been installed, the attacker is able to direct the servers by sending instructions to each bot via remote control.

When the attacker decides to target an IP Address, then these bots will send requests to the target which will cause the targeted server to overflow capacity and result in Denial of Service to normal traffic.

Usually, attacker’s ultimate goal is the total prevention of the web, and he can request ransom to stop the attack. In some cases, these attacks are only to destroy the company’s business services. When the attack is intimated, there are so many attacks, and threads happened, and nowadays these type of attacks are reducing each day.

How long does a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) last?

The attack depends on the impact of the entire online user base, and this makes it a popular weapon of choice for hackers. DDoS attacks may last for days, weeks and even for months at a time as their target is to destroy the online businesses.

The known longest network layer attack lasted about 48 hours. On the other hand the longest application layer attack lasted for 67 days.

These attacks can lead to loss of revenues, destroy the customer trust, force businesses and to cause reputation damage to the companies.

Types of DDoS Attacks

The DDoS attacks can be two types. They are Application Layer attacks and Network layer attacks.

A network connection is made of 7 different layers. And these layers are Application layer, Presentation layer, Session layer, Transport layer, Network layer, Data link layer, and Physical layer.

The application layer is a human-computer interaction layer, where applications can access the network services. The network layer decides which physical path the data will take and process.

Application layer Attack

The attack can be either a DoS or DDoS attack that threats twist to overload a server by sending a large number of requests requiring resource-intensive handling and processing. These are the attacks that occurred in the layer 7 type, and these are slow attacks like Slowloris and RUDY.

The goal of these attacks is to exhaust the resources of the target and the attacks target the Application layer where web pages are generated on the server and deliver HTTP requests.

Network Layer Attack

These are Almost DDoS type attacks and clog the connection of the network. The attack in this category includes UDP Flood, SYN flood, and DNS amplification attacks. The network later is just above the data link layer where the data is being transmitted.

The DDoS traffic comes in many forms including social media and external links, and the traffic can vary in design from un-spoofed single source attacks to the complex and adaptive multi-vector attacks.

What is DDoS Botnet?

A DDoS botnet refers to a group of computers which have been infected by malware and have come under the control of the suspicious factor.

This malware is different from the other malware like ransomware which will have a direct impact on the owner of the device. DDoS malware has two levels of attacks. One is designed to attack the total control of the device and another malware level waits till the attacker send instructions.

What are the Symptoms of DDoS Attack?

Following are the symptoms of a DDoS attack which can be identified easily.

  • Unusual slowness of the sites
  • Completely unavailable of a web site
  • Inability of accessing any web site
  • Huge traffic spike all of a sudden
  • Email spam for that site

How to Protect from DDoS Attack?

The DDoS attacks are the most unrecognizable attacks, and most of them are simple and embarrassing attacks. On the other hand, these attacks can highly impact on business organization and may cause huge loss. To prevent from these DDoS attacks, you can buy a DDoS shield online for an affordable price.

It is difficult to know the difference between malicious and general traffic on your website. But you can follow some steps that will help you to protect your system or network from these infections.

These are some of the ways to protect from DDoS attack.

Monitor traffic

A DDoS attack sends thousands of requests to a targeted server, which causes an unusual hike in traffic growth. The normal traffic is mixed with, and it may over lead the server with more traffic than it can handle. Keep an eye on your website analytics and traffic report for suspicious activity.


If you have limited bandwidth with your hosting server, then it’s better to upgrade your bandwidth. The more bandwidth you have for your site or gaming server, the more DDoS needed and it will be challenging to clog your internet connection.

Update Software

You should update your operating systems, security programs, and other important softwares to protect from the DDoS attack. With every update you will get the good security shield and attack will fail to breach your security. Just after receiving the update notification, try to update as fast as you can to protect the server safely.

VPS Hosting

A dedicated VPS will provide strong security for your online business or gaming platform with more resources, bandwidth, and security. You will have your own IP address for your website in the VPS hosting as it is the private type. If you have shared hosting plan, then the chances of receiving attack will be higher.

Use CDN Service Provider

You can use a Content delivery network (CDN) which can radiate DoS or DDoS attack by implementing large amounts of data. All the traffic of your website will be filtered with the CDN providers for WordPress in the event of a DDoS attack. And the networks of servers can shield the security.

Use Strong Firewall

If you use windows system, then you may have known about the Windows Firewall. This security firewall also stops the unwanted network access and keep you protected from the different types of DDoS attacks. For online stores and gaming servers Firewalls protect as best, and they prevent unauthorized access.

Contact hosting company (For websites and blogs)

If you own a site and have a blog, you should contact your web host and ask them for help to protect from the unauthorized traffic and the attacks. Every traffic request will be sent to the web host server, which makes hosting company to look over the attacks easily.

Even if they find the attacks, they may not be able to clean the those. And the only reason would be if the DDoS attack over lead the server.

This is how you can protect your website from the DDoS malware. The attack will make the high risk for the website. Online stores and online business services should buy a strong security shield such as CDN and VPN.

The VPS hosting works best, and besides, you have to arrange a new DDoS shield to your website. You can find many paid shields to protect from these malware attacks.


One of my personal advise is keep backup of your website to protect from DDoS attack. You can regularly create backup using free backup plugins for WordPress if you are using WordPress.

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