Will Directory Submission work for SEO

Will Directory Submission work for SEO in 2020? BIG things to Know

All these submissions work better when there is a proper submission takes place. Most of the people don’t know how to submit a blog and articles to the submission sites, and in result, they miserably fail to improve in the rankings.

Most of the SEO experts and bloggers saying that directory submission won’t work now.

Let’s go into the detail explanation about what is directory submission and where you can submit your articles. Let’s get to know that will directory submission work now in SEO?

What is directory submission?

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Directory submission is one of the off page SEO strategies to increase the quality backlinks for your website. Industrial experts and marketers follow this method to increase the popularity of their business.

It is true that if you have quality backlinks the chances of Getting higher rank is faster. But you have to remember that the links you are getting should be natural and high-quality links.

What is Directory submission? The process of adding your website to a web directory is directory submission which will enhance the implementation of Optimization. Directory submission has three types where we can discuss further.

  • Basic directory submission
  • Normal directory submission
  • and Multiple URL directory submission.

Generally, in the basic directory submission, you can submit a single URL with a single title and description.  In normal directory submission, you can submit multiple titles with the URL and also description which will improve the CTR.

CTR is one of the best on-page SEO factors as everyone knows. Multiple directory submission is the way where you can submit up to 10 URLs with multiple titles and multiple descriptions. This will improve the quality of your site and make sure that you are submitting URLs from a single site.

These are the different types of directory submission, and it will boost the knowledge of SEO if you are looking to build your own SEO agency.

Importance of directory submission

  • Directory submission helps in the permanent link in other sites which will be useful for your Search Engine Optimization.
  • It helps in creating the quality backlinks which will increase the reputation of your website in search engine crawl.
  • Your site will be detected and crawled very fast in major search engines. That will be the fast indexing of your website.
  • The next benefit is it will give you to link one is contextual category link and one unit directory listing link which will be the higher linking popularity.

Your website can rank better in all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. It will increase the value of your pages by giving quality links to your website pages.

When you provide the keyword inserted title and description, it will be used in targeting the effective keywords and phrases in directory listing link . It will increase the quality of direct traffic.

Will Directory Submission work for SEO

Does directory submission still work for SEO?

Well, it depends but submitting to directory is not dead. According to Google experts, it won’t affect your site much. But it will boost up the rankings if you are ranking with the competitor strictly.

Now there are so many types of backlinks which will violet the Google guidelines. According to Google experts, bad directory submission will affects site severely.

You don’t have to worry about the quality links because if you can get the quality links from the authority websites, then the chances of increase in authority and pushing the ranks will be higher.

Make sure that you are making the backlinks from the reputed sites otherwise Google will consider it as the spam, and you can’t keep the rankings for a long time. When doing SEO for the website, “don’t make the bad instead of doing the good”.

Especially about the bad backlinks. Low quality backlinks will screw up your hard work. If your website does not provide the real value and information for the reader, then you will not rank for a long time.

People used to use black hat SEO in off-page to rank on google’s first page. But it only works for short period of time. After 2020 Google update, only informative content and index the content is ranking well irrespective of PageRank and domain authority.

How can you submit your blog to the directories? Here are some awesome 26 blog directories to submit your blog. Our conclusion is if the building of backlinks made in the right way then it will boost up your traffic and reputation in the Google other search engines.

Do we Recommend Directory submission?

Directory submission is still valid practice. But the question is if you need to follow this practice.

Yes, you can submit your websites in different good quality directory sites. But don’t waste too much time to do this. For example, if I have 10 hours in the blogging period, I will spend 3 hours in keyword research and 6 hours to write the quality content in depth which is informative the people and the readers who are looking for the exact answer.

I will try to cover up the problems with genuine information. I will spend 50 minutes on promoting my content and the last 10 minutes will be building the quality backlinks. If I have to make some time for the directory submission, then I will spend only 2 minutes.

As you see directory submission is still effective. But there are so many people who are ranking well without building backlinks and without submitting to any directories. It all depends on the content and “on-page SEO” where you can impress the search engines as well as the readers.

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